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175 Practical Spanish Words That Start with H (With Audio)

Some letters are more mysterious than others. Such is true of the Spanish H.

This is because the H in Spanish is always silent when it begins a word. So every word from hola (hello) and hombre (man) to hogar (place) and hambre (hunger) would sound exactly the same without the H.

So why is it there? Well, for one, so you know the critical difference between hola (hello) and ola (wave) when reading.

The Spanish H does get pronounced sometimes, when it’s combined with C, like in chica (girl) and cheque (check), but in this post, we’re focusing only on words that begin with H.

Keep on reading to discover over 175 Spanish words that start with H.


Spanish Nouns That Start with H

Spanish Word (With Audio)English Word
Haber Asset
Habitabilidad Habitability
Habitante Inhabitant
Habitación Room
Habilidad Ability
Hacienda Estate
Hambre Hunger
Hambruna Famine
Hamburguesa Hamburger
Hampa Underworld
Harina Flour
Harén Harem
Hato Herd
Hazaña Feat
Hebilla Buckle
Hebra Strand
Helada Frost
Heladería Ice cream shop
Helado Ice cream
Helicóptero Helicopter
Hélice Propeller
Helio Helium
Hembra Female
Hemisferio Hemisphere
Hemorragia Hemorrhage
Héroe Hero
Herradura Horseshoe
Herrería Blacksmith shop
Herrero Blacksmith
Hervidor Kettle
Hidrante Hydrant
Hidroavión Seaplane
Hidrocarburo Hydrocarbon
Hidroeléctrica Hydroelectric power plant
Hidrología Hydrology
Hierba Herb
Hierro Iron
Hígado Liver
Hija Daughter
Hijo Son
Hilo Thread
Hogar Place
Hombre Man
Hombro Shoulder
Hombría Manhood
Homosexualidad Homosexuality
Hongo Mushroom
Honradez Honesty
Honor Honor
Honorario Honorary
Horario Schedule
Horca Gallows
Horizonte Horizon
Hormiga Ant
Hormigón Concrete
Hormona Hormone
Hornacina Niche
Horneado Baking
Horquilla Fork
Horno Oven
Horóscopo Horoscope
Hortelano Gardener
Hortensia Hydrangea
Hospital Hospital
Huelga Strike
Huevo Egg
Hueso Bone
Huerta Orchard
Huésped Guest
Humanidad Humanity
Humanismo Humanism
Humanista Humanist
Humedad Moisture
Humildad Humility
Húmerus Humerus
Hundimiento Sinking
Huraño Unsociable
Hurgón Chest of drawers
Hurón Ferret
Husillo Spindle
Huerto Vegetable garden
Hule Rubber
Hurlería Screaming
Huevo Egg
Huéco Hollow
Huella Print/Trace
Huérfano Orphan
Huerto Vegetable garden
Hueso Bone
Huésped Guest
Hule Rubber
Humedad Moisture
Huracán Hurricane
Hurgón Chest of drawers

If you want to learn even more about Spanish nouns, here’s a great blog post to start with:

Spanish Verbs That Start with H

Spanish Word (With Audio)English Word
Hablar To Speak
Hacer To Do / To Make
Hallar To Find
Hartar To Satisfy / To Fill
Helar To Freeze
Herir To Injure / To Hurt
Hervir To Boil
Hilar To Spin
Habitar To Inhabit / To Live
Hallarse To Find Oneself
Hediondo To Stink
Heredar To Inherit
Hincar To Stick
Hollar To Tread
Honestar To Praise
Honrar To Honor
Horadar To Drill
Horar To Forecast
Horrorizar To Horrify
Hospedar To Host
Hostigar To Harass
Huir To Flee
Hundir To Sink
Hurgar To Poke
Hurtar To Steal
Husmear To Sniff

To learn more of the most common Spanish verbs, check out this post:

Spanish Adjectives That Start with H

Spanish Word (With Audio)English Word
Habilidoso Skillful
Habitual Habitual
Hambriento Hungry
Harinoso Floury
Harto Fed up
Hechizado Bewitched
Helado Cold / Iced
Helado Frozen
Hereditario Hereditary
Heterogéneo Heterogeneous
Hidalgo Noble
Hilado Spun
Hipnótico Hypnotic
Hiriente Hurtful
Hirviente Boiling
Histórico Historical
Holgazán Lazy
Holgazán Idle
Homogéneo Homogeneous
Honesto Honest
Hondo Deep
Hondo Profound
Honorable Honorable
Horrible Horrible
Hortera Tacky
Hospitable Hospitable
Hostil Hostile
Hueco Hollow
Hueco Empty
Huele Smelly
Huerco Shrunken
Huesudo Bony
Huevero Vain
Huevero Conceited
Huevero Egotistical
Humorístico Humorous
Huraño Unsociable
Hurtadillas Stealthy
Hurtado Stolen
Húmedo Wet / Humid
Humeante Smoking
Humeante Steaming
Humilde Humble

Learn more Spanish adjectives at this post:

Spanish Adverbs That Start with H

Spanish Word (With Audio)English Word
Habladoramente Talkatively
Habilidosamente Skillfully
Habitualmente Habitually
Hacia Toward
Hasta Until
Hastiadamente Angrily
Hidroeléctricamente Hydroelectrically
Historiográficamente Historiographically
Historicamente Historically
Hogareñamente Homely
Horriblemente Horribly
Humanamente Humanly
Humedamente Damply
Humildemente Humbly
Humorísticamente Humorously
Hurtadamente Stealthily

To get the basics on Spanish adverbs and learn even more to use, go here:

Spanish H Words Quiz: Test Yourself!

What is the Spanish word for "place"?
Correct! Wrong!

What does the Spanish word "hasta" mean?
Correct! Wrong!

What's the Spanish word for "moist"?
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To make an omelet in Spain, you would need __________.
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What's the Spanish word for "to freeze"?
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What does the Spanish word "Horar" mean?
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How do you say "to steal" in Spanish?
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What's the Spanish word for "noble"?
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What does "hondo" mean?
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What does "hombro" mean?
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After this post, you should be pretty well covered with the letter H in Spanish. Go out and try saying hola (hello) to someone today!

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