21 Spanish Words That Start with X (with Audio)

The letter X is pretty rare in the Spanish language! It mostly appears in loanwords like examen (exam) and expresar (express).

While it’s generally used to represent the sound “ks,” you might also see it used to stand for a few other sounds. In some Spanish-speaking regions, particularly in Mexico, certain words or names originally spelled with “ch” are sometimes spelled with “x” as a shorthand. For example, “chicano” may be written as “xicano.”

In Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mexico, “x” represents the sound [ʃ] (similar to the “sh” sound in English) or [ks] depending on the word.

But in Spanish, you won’t find too many word that begin with the letter X. I’ll cover as many as I can find below!


Spanish Words That Start with X

Spanish Word (with Audio)English WordDescription
Xalapeño JalapeñoType of hot pepper from Xalapa, Mexico.
Xantano XanthanPolysaccharide used as a thickening agent.
Xántico XanticPoetic, grandiloquent, or rhetorical language.
Xantofila XanthophyllYellow pigment found in plant cells.
Xantoma XanthomaYellowish growth on the skin.
Xantoquina XanthocyaninYellow pigment in certain flowers.
Xelhua XelhuaAncient inhabitants of Cholula, Mexico.
Xenoestrógeno XenoestrogenSynthetic chemical with estrogen-like effects.
Xenófilo XenophilePerson attracted to foreign cultures.
Xenofobia XenophobiaFear or aversion towards foreigners.
Xerocopia PhotocopyCopy made using a photocopier.
Xerofítico XerophyticDescribes plants adapted to arid environments.
Xeroform XeroformBrand of medicated wound dressing.
Xeroftalmia XerophthalmiaMedical condition, dryness of the eyes.
Xerografía XerographyPhotocopying process using electrostatic charges.
Xifoideo XiphoidSword-shaped or sword-like.
Xilofón XylophoneMusical instrument with wooden bars.
Xilografía XylographyArt of engraving images into woodblocks.
Xilopodio XylopodiumWoody basal stem or axis in some plants.
Ximenia XimeniaGenus of trees or shrubs.
Xipofago XylophagusOrganism that feeds on wood.

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You might not find these words in use too often, but knowing them is part of expanding your vocabulary.

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