640+ Spanish Words That Start with E (with Audio)

The letter E is the second most common letter in the Spanish language, just barely losing out to the letter A. In most cases, it’s pronounced as a close-mid front unrounded vowel, similar to the “e” sound in the English word “bet.” But unlike in English, every time you see the letter in Spanish, it should be pronounced.

You might see an accent mark above the letter E sometimes: This is done either to indicate word stress (such as in the word teléfono, telephone) or to differentiate between homophones. For instance, él (he) is different from el (the), where the accent on the former distinguishes it from the latter.


Spanish Nouns That Start with E

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
economía economy
edad age
edición edition
edificación construction
edificio building
educación education
efervescencia effervescence
eficiencia efficiency
ejecución execution
ejecutivo executive
ejemplar copy/specimen
ejemplo example
ejército army
elección election
elefante elephant
elegancia elegance
elemento element
elogio praise/compliment
embajada embassy
embajador ambassador
embellecimiento embellishment
emboscada ambush
embriaguez intoxication
emoción emotion
emperador emperor/empress
emperatriz empress
empresa company
encantamiento enchantment
enchilada enchilada
enciclopedia encyclopedia
encuentro meeting/encounter
encuesta survey
enemigo/a enemy
enemistad enmity
énfasis emphasis
enfermedad illness/disease
enfermera nurse
enfoque approach/focus
engaño deception
enigma enigma/mystery
enmienda amendment
ensalada salad
ensayo essay/rehearsal
enseñanza teaching/education
entierro burial/funeral
entorno environment
entrevista interview
entusiasmo enthusiasm
enunciado statement
envidia envy
envío shipment
épico epic
epidemia epidemic
época era
epopeya epic poem/epic
equilibrio balance
equipaje luggage
equipo team
equivocación mistake/misunderstand
ermita hermitage/chapel
error error
erupción eruption
escala scale
escalera staircase
escalofrío shiver/chill
escándalo scandal
escapada getaway/escape
escaparate shop window
escarabajo beetle
escarcha frost
escasez shortage
escena scene
escenario stage
esclavo slave
escolaridad schooling
escombro rubble/debris
escote neckline
escritor writer
escritorio desk
escritura writing
escuela school
escultor/a sculptor
escultura sculpture
esencia essence
esfera sphere
esfuerzo effort
eslogan slogan
esmalte enamel
esmeralda emerald
espacio space
espada sword
especialidad specialty
especie species
espectáculo show/spectacle
espectador spectator
espectro spectrum
especulación speculation
espejismo mirage
espejo mirror
esperanza hope
esperma sperm
espía spy
espiga spike
espionaje espionage
espiral spiral
espíritu spirit
espiritualidad spirituality
esplendor splendor
esponja sponge
espontaneidad spontaneity
esposa wife
esposado/a handcuffed
esposo husband
espuma foam
esqueleto skeleton
esquina corner
estabilidad stability
establecimiento establishment
estación station/season
estadía stay
estadio stadium
estadística statistic
estalactita stalactite
estalagmita stalagmite
estallido burst/explosion
estampa print/stamp
estampida stampede
estancia stay
estandarte standard/banner
estanque pond
estanquillo kiosk/small store
estatua statue
esterilización sterilization
estetoscopio stethoscope
estilo style
estimación estimation
estocada thrust/stab
estorbo hindrance
estratagema stratagem
estrategia strategy
estrella star
estrellato stardom
estreno premiere/debut
estropajo scrub brush
estructura structure
estuario estuary
estudiante student
estudio study/studio
estufa stove/heater
etapa stage/phase
eternidad eternity
eucalipto eucalyptus
euforia euphoria
euro euro
evangelio gospel
evaporación evaporation
evidencia evidence
evolución evolution
exageración exaggeration
examen exam
excentricidad eccentricity
exceso excess
excursión excursion
excusa excuse
exfoliante exfoliant
exhibición exhibition
exilio exile
expansión expansion
expedición expedition
expediente record/file
experiencia experience
experimentación experimentation
experimento experiment
explicación explanation
exploración exploration
explorador explorer
exportación export
exposición exhibition
expositor exhibitor
extensión extension
extinción extinction
extracción extraction
extranjero foreigner
extraño stranger
extremidad extremity

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Spanish Verbs That Start with E

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
ebullicionar to boil
echar to throw
echar de menos to miss
echarse to throw oneself
eclipsar to eclipse
economizar to economize
ejecutar to carry out, to execute
ejercer to exercise, to practice
ejercitar to exercise
elaborar to elaborate
elegir to choose
elevar to elevate, to raise
eliminar to eliminate
elucubrar to speculate, to ponder
eludir to elude
emanar to emanate
emancipar to emancipate
embadurnar to smear
embalsamar to embalm
embarazar to impregnate, to get pregnant
embarrar to smear
embellecer to beautify
embestir to charge, to attack
embocar to lead, to channel
embolsar to pocket, to bag
emborrachar to get drunk
embotar to blunt, to dull
embotellar to bottle
embriagar to intoxicate
embutir to stuff, to cram
emerger to emerge
emigrar to emigrate
emitir to emit, to broadcast
empacar to pack
empadronar to register, to enroll
empalmar to join, to splice
empañar to tarnish, to stain
empantanar to bog down
empapar to soak, to drench
empaquetar to package
empeñar to pledge, to pawn
empeñarse to insist, to strive
empeorar to worsen
empequeñecer to diminish, to shrink
empezar to begin
empinar to raise, to lift
emplear to employ, to use
emplearse to work
empollar to hatch, to cram
emprender to undertake
empujar to push
emular to emulate
enaltecer to exalt, to praise
enamorar to make someone fall in love
enamorarse to fall in love
enarbolar to hoist, to raise
enardecer to inflame, to ignite
encajar to fit, to slot
encallar to run aground
encaminar to direct, to guide
encanar to twist, to braid
encandilar to dazzle, to blind
encantar to enchant, to captivate
encantarse to be enchanted
encaprichar to become infatuated
encaramar to climb up
encaramarse to climb, to ascend
encarar to confront
encarcelar to imprison
encarecer to emphasize, to raise the price
encarrilar to put on track
encasillar to pigeonhole
encender to light, to turn on
encestar to score, to basket
encharcar to flood, to soak
enchufar to plug in, to connect
encoger to shrink, to contract
encogerse to shrink, to contract
encomendar to entrust
encontrar to find
encubrir to cover up, to conceal
enderezar to straighten, to make upright
endosar to endorse
endulzar to sweeten
enfadar to get angry
enfadarse to get angry
enflaquecer to become thin
enflaquecerse to become thin
enfocar to focus
enfriar to cool, to chill
enfurecer to anger, to infuriate
engañar to deceive
enganchar to hook, to hitch
engatusar to sweet-talk, to coax
engordar to gain weight
engrandecer to magnify, to enlarge
engrasar to grease, to lubricate
engrosar to thicken
engullir to gulp, to devour
enjabonar to soap, to lather
enjuagar to rinse, to gargle
enlazar to link, to connect
enlodar to muddy, to soil
enmarcar to frame
enmascarar to mask
enmendar to amend
enmohecer to rust
enmudecer to become silent
enojar to make angry
enraizar to root
enrarecer to rarefy, to make rare
enredar to tangle
enrejar to fence, to grill
enriquecer to enrich
enriquecerse to get rich
enrojecer to redden
enroscar to screw
ensamblar to assemble
ensanchar to widen
ensayar to rehearse
ensuciar to dirty
entablar to establish
entender to understand
enterrar to bury
entonar to sing, to intone
entorpecer to hinder, to slow down
entrar to enter
entrecerrar to half-close, to squint
entregar to deliver, to hand over
entrelazar to interlace
entrelazarse to intertwine
entrenar to train
entretejer to interweave
entretener to entertain
entretenerse to entertain oneself
entrevistar to interview
entristecerse to become sad
entrometerse to interfere, to meddle
entronizar to enthrone
entumecer to numb, to stiffen
entusiasmar to excite, to thrill
enumerar to enumerate
enunciar to enunciate
envainar to sheathe, to scabbard
envalentonar to embolden
envejecer to age, to grow old
envejecerse to age
envenenar to poison
enviar to send
envidiar to envy
envolver to wrap, to involve
equipar to equip
equivocar to mistake
equivocarse to be mistaken
erigir to erect
erosionar to erode
erradicar to eradicate
errar to make a mistake, to err
eructar to burp
esbozar to sketch, to outline
escabullir to slip away
escabullirse to slip away
escalar to climb
escanciar to pour, to decant
escandalizar to scandalize
escapar to escape
escarbar to dig, to scratch
escarmentar to learn from experience
escasear to be scarce
escatimar to skimp, to withhold
escoger to choose
escoltar to escort
esconder to hide
escozorar to burn, to sting
escribir to write
escuchar to listen
escudriñar to scrutinize, to search
esculpir to sculpt
escupir to spit
escurrir to drain, to leak
esforzarse to make an effort
esfumar to fade, to vanish
esmerar to be meticulous
esmerilar to grind, to polish
esparcir to scatter
esperanzarse to hope
esperar to wait, to hope
espetar to spit out, to impale
esquiar to ski
esquivar to dodge, to evade
estabilizar to stabilize
establecer to establish
establecerse to settle, to establish
estafar to swindle, to cheat
estallar to burst, to explode
estampar to stamp
estancar to stagnate, to stop
estar to be
estilizar to stylize
estimar to estimate
estimular to stimulate
estipular to stipulate
estirar to stretch
estorbar to hinder, to obstruct
estrangular to strangle
estrangularse to choke
estrechar to narrow, to tighten
estrellar to crash, to smash
estremecer to shake, to shiver
estremecerse to shudder, to tremble
estrenar to debut, to premiere
estriar to groove
estriñir to constipate
estriñirse to constipate oneself
estropear to damage, to spoil
estudiar to study
eternizar to eternalize, to immortalize
evacuar to evacuate
evadir to evade
evadirse to escape
evaporar to evaporate
evaporarse to evaporate
evolucionar to evolve
exagerar to exaggerate
examinar to examine
excavar to excavate, to dig
exceder to exceed
excepcionar to except
excitar to excite, to arouse
excluir to exclude
excusar to excuse
exhalar to exhale
exigir to demand
exiliar to exile
existir to exist
exonerar to exonerate
expandir to expand
expedir to issue, to dispatch
experimentar to experiment
explicar to explain
explotar to explode
explotarse to exploit oneself
exponer to expose
exportar to export
expresar to express
expropiar to expropriate
expulsar to expel
extasiar to delight, to thrill
extender to extend
extenderse to spread, to extend
extraer to extract
extrañar to miss, to be surprised
extraviar to lose, to misplace
extraviarse to get lost

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with E

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
educado educated
eficiente efficient
egoísta selfish
eléctrico electric
elegante elegant
embarazado pregnant
embriagador intoxicating
emocionado excited
emocional emotional
emocionante exciting
empapado soaked
empático empathetic
empírico empirical
empobrecido impoverished
empoderado empowered
empolvado dusty
emprendedor enterprising
emprendido ambitious
empujado pushed
enajenado alienated
enamorado in love
encantador charming
encendido lit-up
encerrado locked
encolerizado enraged
enconado bitter
encubierto covert
endémico endemic
endiablado devilish
endulzado sweetened
energético energetic
enérgico energetic
enfadado annoyed
enfermizo sickly
enfermo sick
engañado deceived
enigmático enigmatic
enojado angry
enorme enormous
enormemente enormously
enredado entangled
enrojecido bloody
ensangrentado overshadowed
ensombrecido dreamy
ensoñador deafening
ensordecedor buried
enterrado entertaining
entretenido excited
entusiasmado enthusiastic
entusiasta aged
envejecido addicted
enviciado envious
envidioso wrapped
envuelto epistolary
epistolar balanced
equilibrado wrong
equivocado bristling
erizado wandering
errante erroneous
erróneo slim
esbelto rough
escabroso scandalous
escandaloso scarce
escaso skeptical
escéptico scholastic
escolar hidden
escondido scrawny
escuálido succinct
escueto essential
esencial spherical
esférico careful
esmerado special
especial specialized
especializado thick
espeso spiritual
espiritual splendid
espléndido spongy
esponjoso spontaneous
espontáneo sporadic
esporádico stable
estable established
establecido seasonal
estacional stagnant
estancado static
estático esteemed
estimado stimulating
estimulante quirky
estrafalario strategic
estratégico narrow
estrecho starry
estrellado noisy
estrepitoso stressed
estresado damaged
estropeado structured
estructurado student
estudiantil studious
estudioso stupendous
estupendo stupid
estúpido ethereal
etéreo eternal
eterno ethical
ético euphoric
eufórico eurocentric
eurocentrista European
europeo evasive
evasivo evident
evidente evolved
evolucionado exaggerated
exagerado exalted
exaltado exasperating
exasperante excellent
excelente exceptional
excepcional excessive
excesivo exciting
excitante exclamatory
exclamativo exclusive
exclusivo exhausted
exhausto existing
existente exotic
exótico expansive
expansivo expeditious
expeditivo quick
explosivo explosive
expuesto exposed
exquisito exquisite
extendido extended
extenso extensive
extra extra
extraño strange
extravagante extravagant
extremo extreme
extrovertido extroverted
exuberante exuberant
exultante exultant
enriquecido enriched
enrojecido reddened

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with E

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
ecológicamente ecologically
efectivamente effectively
eficazmente effectively
eficientemente efficiently
eléctricamente electrically
electrónicamente electronically
elegantemente elegantly
emocionalmente emotionally
emocionantemente excitingly
empíricamente empirically
enamoradamente lovingly
energéticamente energetically
enérgicamente energetically
enormemente enormously
enseguida immediately
enteramente entirely
entonces then
equilibradamente evenly
equitativamente equitably
equivocadamente mistakenly
ergonómicamente ergonomically
erróneamente erroneously
escandalosamente scandalously
escasamente scarcely
escuetamente succinctly
especialmente especially
espléndidamente splendidly
espontáneamente spontaneously
esporádicamente sporadically
estéticamente aesthetically
estimadamente estimably
estimulante stimulatingly
estratégicamente strategically
estrechamente closely
estrepitosamente noisily
estrictamente strictly
estructuralmente structurally
estúpidamente stupidly
eternamente eternally
etimológicamente etymologically
eufóricamente euphorically
eventualmente eventually
evidentemente evidently
exactamente exactly
exageradamente excessively
excepcionalmente exceptionally
excesivamente excessively
exclusivamente exclusively
exhaustivamente exhaustively
existencialmente existentially
exitosamente successfully
expedientemente expediently
expertamente expertly
explícitamente explicitly
exponencialmente exponentially
expresamente expressly
expresivamente expressively
extensamente extensively
exteriormente externally
externamente externally
extrañamente strangely
extraordinariamente extraordinarily
extremadamente extremely

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