Over 60 Spanish Words That Start with “LL” (with Audio)

You’ve been saying “llama” wrong this whole time—depending on where in the Spanish-speaking world you are, the animal’s name is pronounced as either “yama” or “jama.” This is called yeísmo

When you stick two L’s together in Spanish, you get the digraph LL. It was actually considered a separate letter until 2010, when it was officially removed from the Spanish alphabet. Spanish still has plenty of words that use LL, though words that start with this combination are slightly less common. 


Spanish Nouns That Start with LL

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Llama Flame
Llamada Phone call
Llamador Door knocker
Llamarada Blaze
Llamativo Striking
Llanada Grassland
Llanca Yarn
Llanta Tire
Llantera Tire shop
Llanto Weeping/Crying
Llanura Plain
Llave Key
Llavero Keychain
Llavín Small key
Llegada Arrival
Llegar To arrive
Llenado Filling
Lleno Full
Llenura Fullness
Llevar To carry
Llovioso Rainy
Llovizna Drizzle
Lloviznar To drizzle
Lluvia Rain
Lluvioso Rainy

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Spanish Verbs That Start with LL

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Llagar To get injured
Llamar To call
Llamarar To blaze/to ignite
Llanar To plain/to level
Llanear To level/flatten
Llantear To whine/cry loudly
Llavear To crank/to wobble
Llegar To arrive
Llegar a ser To become
Lleguear To bargain/haggle
Llenar To fill
Llevantar To lift/to raise
Llevar To carry
Llevarse To take away
Lloquear To lock
Llorar To cry
Lloviznar To drizzle
Llovorear To rain gently

Check out some more common Spanish verbs below:

Spanish Adjectives That Start with LL

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Llano Plain, flat
Lleno Full
Llevadero Manageable
Llevado Carried away
Llevar Worn
Llorón Whiny, crybaby
Llovedizo Rainy, rainy weather
Llovento Rainy
Llanura Flat, plain
Lloroso Tearful, weepy
Lloviznoso Drizzly, showery
Llovioso Rainy

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with LL

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Llámente Plainly, simply
Llana mente Plainly, simply
Llanamente Frankly, candidly
Llegamente Moderately, decently
Llenamente Fully
Llevaderamente Manageably, easily
Llevarmente Wearily
Lloviznando Drizzlingly

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Spanish LL-Words Quiz: Test Yourself!

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Spanish LL Words
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