120+ Useful Spanish Words That Start with U (with Audio)

In English, the letter U has a number of readings, but in Spanish there’s just one: “oo” like in “moon.”

Sometimes, you might skip pronouncing the letter, in words like queso (cheese) and guitarra (guitar). It might also appear in diphthongs, such is in words like bueno (good).

But when the letter appears at the beginning of a word, you don’t need to guess about how to pronounce it—it’s just “oo.”

Compared to other consonants and vowels in Spanish, the letter U is less common at the beginning of words. That just means that you have fewer words to learn here!

Keep reading to discover over 120 words in Spanish that begin with U.


Spanish Nouns That Start with U

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Ubicación Location, Position
Ubicuidad Ubiquity, Omnipresence
Ufología Ufology
Ufólogo Ufologist
Ufomanía UFO mania
Ufotografía UFO photography
Úlcera Ulcer
Último Last, Latest
Ultraje Outrage, Affront
Ultrasonido Ultrasound
Ultrasonografía Ultrasonography
Umbráculo Shade, Shelter
Umbral Threshold
Uña Fingernail, Claw
Unanimidad Unanimity
Uñero Ingrown toenail
Uñeta Plectrum, Guitar pick
Unicameralidad Unicameralism
Uniciclo Unicycle
Unicidad Uniqueness
Unicorno Unicorn
Unidad Unit
Uniforme Uniform
Unigénito Only begotten
Unilateralidad Unilateralism
Unión Union
Universidad University
Urraca Magpie
Urbanidad Urbanity, Politeness
Urbanización Urbanization
Urbano Urban, Urbane
Urbe City
Urdidor Warper (in weaving)
Urdimbre Warp (in weaving)
Urdir To warp (in weaving)
Urea Urea
Uretra Urethra
Uretroscopia Urethroscopy
Urgencia Emergency, Urgency
Urinario Urinary
Urinoterapia Urine therapy
Urnas Ballot boxes
Urogallo Capercaillie (bird)
Uroginecólogo Urogynecologist
Urología Urology
Urólogo Urologist
Urticaria Urticaria, Hives
Urtiga Nettle
Usabilidad Usability
Usanza Custom
Uso Use
Usuario User
Usurpación Usurpation, Seizure
Utensilio Utensil
Utensilios Utensils
Útero Uterus
Útil Useful
Utilidad Utility, Usefulness
Utilización Utilization
Utopía Utopia
Utopismo Utopianism
Utopista Utopianist
Uva Grape

If you want to learn more about nouns (and study more of them), here’s a beginner-friendly blog post:

Spanish Verbs That Start with U

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Ubicar To locate, place
Ubicarse To be located
Ufananarse To pride oneself
Ulular To howl, hoot
Unificar To unify
Unir To unite
Untar To spread, smear
Urgir To press, push
Urinarse To urinate
Urticar To sting, urticate
Usar To use, utilize
Usurear To wear out
Usurpar To usurp
Utilizar To use

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with U

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Ubicuo Ubiquitous
Ucraniano Ukrainian
Último Last, final
Ultra Ultra
Ultramarino Overseas, Ultramarine
Ultravioleta Ultraviolet
Umbrío Shady, shadowy
Unánime Unanimous
Único Unique, only
Unidimensional One-dimensional
Unido United
Unificado Unified
Uniforme Uniform, even
Unilateral Unilateral
Uníparo Uniparous
Unitario Unitary
Universal Universal
Unívoco Unambiguous, unequivocal
Urálico Uralic
Urbanizado Urbanized
Urbano Urban
Urgente Urgent
Úrico Uric
Uroginecológico Urogynecological
Urológico Urological
Úrsido Ursid, bear family
Urticante Stinging, urticant
Usable Usable
Usual Usual
Usufructuario Usufructuary
Usurario Usurious
Uterino Uterine
Útil Useful
Utilitario Utilitarian
Utilizable Usable
Utópico Utopian
Utricular Utricular
Uveítico Uveitic
Uvular Uvular

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with U

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Ucualquiera Whichever, any
Ufananamente Proudly, proudly
Últimamente Lately, recently
Unánimemente Unanimously
Únicamente Only, solely
Unidamente Uniquely, singly
Uniformemente Uniformly
Unísonamente In unison, together
Universalmente Universally
Unívocamente Unambiguously
Urgentemente Urgently
Usablemente Usably, in a usable manner
Usualmente Usually
Uterinamente Uterinely
Utópicamente Utopically
Utricularmente Utricularly
Uvularmente Uvularly

Adverbs are easy to spot in Spanish, thanks to their -mente ending. Check out more information here:

More Spanish Words That Start with U

Spanish Word (w audio)English WordPart of Speech
Un One, a, anArticle
Una A, an, oneArticle
Usted You (formal)Pronoun
Ustedes You all (formal)Pronoun

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Spanish U Words
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