220+ Spanish Words That Start with J (with Audio)

The letter J is one of the least frequently used letters in the Spanish language, appearing in about 0.5% of Spanish words. It was also one of the last letters to be added to the Spanish alphabet. 

Unlike the hard “jay” sound in English, J in Spanish is more like a hard “ch” sound—like the “ch” in “Loch Ness monster.” 

There are some words that start with J in Spanish, but most of them are borrowed from another language—usually Arabic. And yet, the letter J is often used for traditional Spanish names like Juan, José and Julia.


Spanish Nouns That Start with J

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
jabalí wild boar
jabalina javelin
jabón soap
jaboncillo soapberry
jabonera soap dish
jabonero soapmaker
jaca mare
jacarandá jacaranda (tree)
jacinto hyacinth
jacuzzi jacuzzi
jade jade
jaguar jaguar
jaima tent
jalapeño jalapeño
jamaca hammock
jamaica hibiscus
jamaiquino Jamaican
jamba door jamb
jambo rose apple
jamelgo nag
jamón ham
jamuga jewel
japón Japan
jarabe syrup
jarana revelry
jarcia rigging
jardín garden
jardinería gardening
jaro man
jarocho person from Veracruz, Mexico
jarra pitcher
jarrito small jar
jarro jug
jarrón vase
jaspe jasper
jaula cage
jauría pack of dogs
jazmín jasmine
jazminero jasmine plant
jeep jeep
jefa boss (female)
jefatura leadership
jefe boss (male)
jengibre ginger
jerarquía hierarchy
jerga slang
jerigonza jargon
jeringa syringe
jeroglífico hieroglyph
jet lag jet lag
jibión squid
jicama jicama (Mexican yam bean)
jícara small cup
jilguero goldfinch
jinete horseman
jirafa giraffe
jirón shred
jobo jobo (fruit)
jocote jocote (fruit)
jolgorio merrymaking
joroba hump
jorobado hunchback
jorongo poncho
jota J (letter)
joya jewel
joyería jewelry
juanete bunion
jubilación retirement
jubilado retiree
jubileo jubilee
júbilo jubilation
juchitano person from Juchitán, Mexico
juego game
juerga spree
juez judge
juglar troubadour
juglaresa female troubadour
jugo juice
juguete toy
juicio judgment
julio July
junco reed
jungla jungle
junio June
junta meeting
juntura joint
jura oath
jurado jury
juramento oath
jurásico Jurassic
jurídico legal
jurisprudencia jurisprudence
jurista legal expert
justa tournament
justicia justice
justiciero avenger
justificación justification
justificar to justify
justificativo justificatory
justiprecio appraisement
justo just
juventud youth
juzgado court
juzgador judge
juzgamiento judgment

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Spanish Verbs That Start with J

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
jactar to boast, brag, show off
jactarse to pride oneself on
jadear to wheeze
jalar to pull, tug or drag
jalear to praise, cheer
jaranear to revel, celebrate
jerrar to make mistakes in speech
jillar to twist
jinetear to ride, especially a horse
jitar to shave or remove hair
joder to bother, to f*** (vulgar)
jornadear to work
jorobar to pester
jovenear to act young
jubilar to retire
jubilarse to retire
jugar to play
juglar to sing or play like a minstrel
juntar to gather or join
juntarse to get together or gather
jupiter to jupiter
jurar to swear or take an oath
justar to justify
justificar to justify
justipreciar to appraise
juzgar to judge

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with J

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
jade jade
jamaicano Jamaican
japonés Japanese
jaranero festive, fun-loving
jarocho from Veracruz, Mexico
jaspeado speckled, spotted
jocoso funny
jorobado hunchbacked
joven young
jovial jovial
jubilado retired
jubiloso jubilant, joyful
judicativo judicial
judio Jewish
jugoso juicy
juguetón playful
jumillano from Jumilla, Spain
juncáceo pertaining to rushes
junco made of rushes
junino pertaining to June
juntito close together
juntos together
jurado sworn
jural relating to the law
juramentado sworn, having taken an oath
jurásico Jurassic
jurídico legal, juridical
jurisdiccional jurisdictional
jurisperito expert in law
justiciable justiciable
justiciero righteous, just, fair
justificable justifiable
justificado justified
justificante justifying, justificatory
justo just, fair

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with J

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
apenas barely
jamás never
jamón ham
jerárquicamente hierarchically
jocosamente humorously
jornada daily
jornalmente daily
jovialmente jovially
jubilosamente joyfully
judicialmente judicially
juguetonamente playfully
juiciosamente judiciously
juntamente jointly
jurídicamente legally
justamente justly
justificadamente justifiably
juvenilmente youthfully

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