Chevere! 340+ Spanish Words That Start with “ch” (with Audio)

The “ch” sound is similar in Spanish and English. Can you say the word “chocolate”? Then you’re all good!

The sound came to the Spanish language from Native American languages, particularly Nahuatl, which is the language of the Aztecs.

When Spanish explorers and settlers encountered Nahuatl words like “chocolatl” (meaning “bitter water” or “chocolate”), they adopted the “ch” sound into the Spanish language.

Read on to check out more than 340 words that begin with “ch” in Spanish!


Spanish Nouns That Start with Ch

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Chabacano Apricot
Chacal Jackal
Chacarera Folk dance
Chacarón Sausage
Chachachá Cha-cha-cha (dance)
Chachalaca Chachalaca (bird species)
Cháchara Chitchat
Chacharero Odd job laborer
Chachay Chachay (plant)
Chaco Chaqueta
Chacolí Chacolí (wine)
Chacota Joke
Chacra Small farm
Chafa Fake
Chahuistle Chahuistle (plant)
Chajá Chajá (bird species)
Chal Shawl
Chalaco Person from Callao, Peru
Chalán Horseman
Chale Dwelling
Chaleco Vest
Chalina Scarf
Chalupa Canoe
Chamariz Decoy
Chamarra Jacket
Chamba Job
Chambelán Chamberlain
Chambón Clumsy
Champa Hairpin turn
Champaña Champagne
Chancaca Chancaca (food)
Chanchullo Dirty trick
Chancleta Flip-flop
Chancro Ulcer
Chango Monkey
Chapa License plate
Chape Smooch
Chápiro Blonde
Chaque Poncho
Charcha Charcha (bird species)
Charrán Tern
Chasca Splinter
Chasco Disappointment
Chasis Chassis
Chasquido Snap
Chasquilla Bangs
Chata Short-nosed
Chatarra Scrap
Chato Flat
Chaveta Keyseat
Chavista Chavista (supporter of Hugo Chávez)
Chévere Great, fantastic
Chibolo Kid (Peruvian slang)
Chica Girl
Chicharra Cicada
Chichemela Womanizer
Chichigua Kite
Chichón Bump
Chicle Chewing gum
Chico Boy
Chiflado Crazy
Chiflador Whistler
Chifladura Whim
Chiflido Whistle
Chiflidura Whistle
Chifón Chiffon
Chilango Someone from Mexico City
Chileno Chilean
Chilero Hot sauce
Chimbote Chimbote (city in Peru)
Chinchero Weaver
Chincheta Thumbtack
Chinchibira Chinchibira (plant)
Chinchinero Street performer
Chinchoso Sensitive
Chingar Screw
Chingol Finch
Chingón Skilled
Chintete Forelock
Chipote Bump
Chiquilín Little boy
Chiquillada Child's play
Chiquillo Little boy
Chiquitín Tiny
Chiquitito Tiny
Chiquito Small
Chireta Chireta (food)
Chiribita Gleam
Chiriboga Tilt
Chirigota Satirical musical group
Chirimbiso Bauble
Chirimbolo Trinket
Chirimía Shawm
Chirimiri Drizzle
Chirimoya Custard apple
Chiringa Kite
Chiringuito Beach bar
Chiripa Stroke of luck
Chiripá Indigenous garment
Chiripazo Stroke of luck
Chirivía Parsnip
Chirle Caper
Chirleo Screech
Chirlería Chirlería (plant)
Chirlo Hit
Chirriante Squeaky
Chirriar Screech
Chirrido Squeak
Chirrión Screech owl
Chisguete Squirt
Chisme Gossip
Chismorreo Gossip
Chismoso Gossipy
Chispa Spark
Chispazo Spark
Chisporroteo Sizzle
Chiste Joke
Chistera Top hat
Chistoso Funny
Chitiva Chitiva (plant)
Chitón Hush
Chiva Goat
Chocante Shocking
Chochera Memory loss
Choclo Corn on the cob
Choco Sweet made from corn
Chocolatero Chocolatier
Chófer Driver
Cholito Lad from the Andean region
Chollo Bargain, steal
Cholo Cholo
Cholula Cholula
Chongo Ponytail
Choriceo Sausage fest
Choricero Chorizo maker
Choricillo Small chorizo
Chorizo Chorizo
Chorlito Dunlin
Chorrada Nonsense
Chorreador Coffee filter
Chorrera Waterfall
Chorro Jet
Chotear Tease
Chubasco Squall
Chuchería Trinket
Chuches Sweets
Chuchillo Knife
Chuchoca Chuchoca (food)
Chuchumeco Trifler
Chueca Crooked
Chueco Crooked
Chula Cute
Chulada Gorgeous thing
Chulapo Native of Madrid
Chulapona Flirty girl
Chuleta Chop
Chulito Checkmark
Chulo Cool, pimp
Chumacera Pillow block bearing
Chumbeque Peruvian cookie
Chupacabras Goat sucker
Chupada Sucking
Chupar Suck
Chupete Pacifier
Chupón Sucker, hickey
Churrasco Grilled meat
Churre Furrow
Churrería Churro shop
Churri Darling
Churrita Tiny
Churro Churro
Churumbel Kid
Churumbela Trinket
Chusma Rabble
Chuspa Pouch, bag
Chusquea Bamboo
Chuzo Skewer

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Spanish Verbs That Start with Ch

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Chacharear To chatter
Chacolear To swindle
Chacotear To joke around
Chafarotear To make fun
Chafurdrear To frolic
Chaladear To obsess
Chalanejar To swindle
Chalchiar To mix
Chalequear To cajole
Chalotear To cry out
Chalquear To argue
Chambear To work hard
Chambiar To work
Chambonear To work hard
Chamequear To coax
Chancletear To shuffle
Chapear To panel beat
Charlar To chat
Charlotear To wander aimlessly
Charolar To shine
Charquear To jerk
Charrar To prattle
Charrascarse To scratch
Charrasquear To snap
Charriar To bellow
Chascar To tickle
Chascarrillar To tease
Chascarse To tickle, to giggle
Chascaslear To snigger
Chasquear To snap
Chasquearse To flick, to pop
Chibatear To chibatear
Chicharrear To show off, to play trumpet
Chichear To point
Chiflar To whistle
Chiflarse To become infatuated
Chifletear To jingle
Chillar To scream
Chillequear To make noise
Chillonar To whine
Chilrear To chirp
Chiltepear To make fun
Chinar To curl
Chingar To screw
Chinglar To glide
Chintinear To tinkle
Chirimboliar To tinkle
Chirlear To chirp
Chirrear To chirp
Chirriar To screech
Chirriarse To creak
Chiscar To snap
Chisgarabear To be bright
Chisgarabiarse To spark
Chisgarabís To sparkle
Chismear To gossip, to whisper
Chismorrear To gossip
Chismosear To gossip
Chispar To flash
Chispear To sparkle
Chispearse To spark
Chisquear To sizzle
Chistear To gnaw
Chivarse To joke
Chiviar To tell on someone
Chocar To drink goat milk
Chocarrar To crash
Chocarrear To yell
Chocarriar To show off
Chochear To sniff
Choclotear To dote
Chocolatear To gobble
Chocolatinar To flavor with chocolate
Chocotear To eat greedily
Chorrear To dribble
Chorrusquear To sputter
Chotear To tease
Chuchear To murmur
Chupar To suck
Chupetear To have a pacifier
Chuponear To eavesdrop
Churrar To fry
Churrascar To char
Churrear To shout
Churretar To move awkwardly
Churretear To break off
Churriar To squeak
Chuscar To crackle
Chusquear To swish

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with Ch

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
jade jade
jamaicano Jamaican
japonés Japanese
jaranero festive, fun-loving
jarocho from Veracruz, Mexico
jaspeado speckled, spotted
jocoso funny
jorobado hunchbacked
joven young
jovial jovial
jubilado retired
jubiloso jubilant, joyful
judicativo judicial
judio Jewish
jugoso juicy
juguetón playful
jumillano from Jumilla, Spain
juncáceo pertaining to rushes
junco made of rushes
junino pertaining to June
juntito close together
juntos together
jurado sworn
jural relating to the law
juramentado sworn, having taken an oath
jurásico Jurassic
jurídico legal, juridical
jurisdiccional jurisdictional
jurisperito expert in law
justiciable justiciable
justiciero righteous, just, fair
justificable justifiable
justificado justified
justificante justifying, justificatory
justo just, fair

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with Ch

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Chabacano Vulgar
Chalaco Person from Callao, Peru
Chalaco/a From Callao
Chalado Mad, crazy
Chaleque Flirtatious
Chambón Clumsy
Charro Cowboy
Chato Snub-nosed, flat
Chévere Great, fantastic
Chibolo Young, kid
Chicharrero Chicharrón-related
Chichón Bump, swelling
Chico Small, boyish
Chido Cool, great
Chiflado Crazy
Chilango From Mexico City
Chileno Chilean
Chiloso Spicy
Chinchudo Grumpy, grouchy
Chingón Skilled
Chino Chinese
Chiquis Small, little
Chiquitín Tiny
Chiquitito Very tiny
Chiquito Tiny
Chirle Irresponsible
Chirriante Squeaky
Chirrión Miserable
Chismoso Gossipy, chatty
Chispeante Sparkling
Chistoso Funny
Chito Small
Chocante Shocking
Chocarrero Crude, rude
Chocarriento Shiny, glistening
Choricero Chorizo-related
Chucaracha Cockroach
Chúcaro Ugly, dirty
Chuchumeco Trifler
Chuchurrío Twisted, warped
Chula Charming, lovely
Chulito Cutesy
Chulo Cool, pimp
Chulón Attractive, handsome
Chupacabras Goat sucker
Chupado Shriveled, thin
Churro Greasy, oily
Chusco Funny, amusing

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Spanish Ch-Words Quiz: Test Yourself!

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