170+ Spanish Words That Start with L (with Audio)

When L is the first letter in a Spanish word, its pronunciation is pretty similar to the English L. But L and LL sound very different in Spanish. Until 2010, L and LL were actually considered separate letters in the Spanish alphabet.

Even though the LL is now just a variation of L, I’ll be treating them as separate letters. This post only covers L-words in Spanish, but you can check out this post for all the LL ones. 


Spanish Nouns That Start with L

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
liga league
ligamento ligament
ligereza lightness/swiftness
lima lime
límite limit
limón lemon
limosna alms/charity
limpieza cleanliness
limusina limousine
lince lynx
lindero boundary
línea line
linfa lymph
lingote ingot
lino linen
linterna flashlight
líquido liquid
lirio lily
lista list
lisura smoothness
litera bunk bed
litro liter
lividez pallor/lividness
loción lotion
locura madness/craziness
logia lodge
logro achievement/success
lombriz worm
lona canvas/tarpaulin
longevidad longevity
longitud length
loro parrot
lucha struggle/fight
luchador fighter
lucidez lucidity
luciérnaga firefly
lucro profit
lugar place
lujuria lust/lasciviousness
lumbre blaze
luna moon
luto mourning
luz light

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Spanish Verbs That Start with L

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
laberintear to wander/navigate through a labyrinth
labrar to till/to work
ladrar To bark
lamentar to lament/regret
lamentarse to lament/regret oneself
lamer to lick
lanzar to throw/launch
lanzarse to throw oneself
largar to release/to let go
lastimar to hurt/injure
lastimarse to hurt oneself/to injure oneself
latear to beat (heart)
latir to beat/pulse
latonear to tile with slates
lavar to wash
lavarse to wash oneself
leer to read
legar to bequeath
legitimar to legitimize
leudar to ferment
levantar to lift/raise
levar To raise
liar to tie/bind
licenciar to license
licuar to liquefy
liderar to lead/to guide
lidiar to fight/battle
ligar to bind/tie
limar to file (e.g., nails)
limentar to liment (rust)
limitar to limit
limpiar to clean
lindar to border
liquidar to liquidate/settle
lisonjear to flatter
listar to list
llamar to call/to name
llenar to fill
lloviznar to drizzle
lobear to lob (in sports)
lograr to achieve
luchar to fight/struggle
lucir to shine/show off
lucrar to profit
ludir to mock
lustrar to polish
lustrarse to shine (shoes, etc.)

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with L

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Lacerante Lacerating
Lácteo Milky
Lamentable Regrettable
Largo Long, large, tall
Lastimoso Piteous
Latente Latent, hidden
Laureado Laureate
Leal Loyal
Lechoso Milky
Legal Legal
Legendario Legendary
Legítimo Legitimate
Lejano Distant
Lenitivo Soothing
Lento Slow
Lérrimo Very slow
Letal Lethal
Leve Light
Léxico Lexical
Liberal Liberal
Ligero Light
Límite Limited
Limpio Clean
Lindo Pretty
Líquido Liquid
Liso Smooth
Lisonjero Flattering
Lituano Lithuanian
Liviano Light
Lívido Livid
Loco Crazy
Lógico Logical
Lúcido Lucid
Lucrativo Profitable
Lúdico Ludic
Lúgubre Lugubrious, gloomy
Lujoso Luxurious
Lujurioso Lustful
Luminoso Luminous, bright
Lustroso Lustrous

Here are some more Spanish adjectives, perfect for beginners:

Spanish Adverbs That Start with L

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Lamentablemente Unfortunately, regrettably
Largamente Lengthily
Lastimosamente Piteously
Latentemente Latently
Lateralmente Laterally
Laxamente Laxly
Lealmente Faithfully
Legalmente Legally
Lentamente Slowly
Levantadamente Upwards
Levemente Slightly
Liberalmente Liberally
Ligeramente Slightly
Limpidamente Clearly
Linealmente Linearly
Líricamente Lyrically
Literalmente Literally
Livianamente Lightly
Lívidamente Lividly
Lóbregamente Murkily
Localmente Locally
Locamente Madly
Lógicamente Logically
Loosely Loosely
Lucidamente Lucidly
Lúcidamente Clearly
Luctuosamente Mourningly
Lúdicamente Playfully
Lúgubremente Somberly
Lujosamente Luxuriously
Lujuriosamente Lustfully
Luminosamente Brightly

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More Spanish Words That Start with L

Spanish WordsEnglish TranslationsPart of Speech
¡Lástima! Oh, what a pity!Interjection
¡Lo siento! I'm sorry!Interjection
¡Larga vida! Long live!Interjection
Luego ThenConjunction
Luego de AfterPreposition
La The (feminine)Article
Las The (feminine, plural)Article
Los The (masculine, plural)Article
Le Him/Her/You (indirect object pronoun)Pronoun
Les Them/You all (indirect object pronoun)Pronoun
Lo Him/It/You (direct object pronoun, masculine)Pronoun
Lo que What/ThatPronoun + Conjunction

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Spanish L-Words Quiz: Test Yourself!

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Which word represents "wolf" in Spanish?
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What does "lindo" mean in English?
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What does "luchar" mean in English?
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Which Spanish pronoun means "them" (masculine) in English?
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Quiz: Spanish Words That Start with L
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