Learning a Language by Reading Books: 5 Super Strategies

learning a language by reading books 5 super strategies

Wish you were fluent last week?

You’ve seriously got to slow your roll.

But, hey, I get it — most language learners want to hit fluency as fast as possible.

Nobody likes floundering around in basic linguistics like a toddler.…

How to Learn a Language at Home: 9 Fun and Practical Activities

how to learn a language at home

Where are you right now?

At the instant that you’re reading this very statement, where are you on God’s green Earth?

If you’re not on your coffee break, commuting or out at a cafe with friends, you’re at home.…

An Amazing Way to Find the Perfect Video to Learn Vocabulary Words

similar words

Let’s say you’ve got 10 words to learn by tomorrow.

And you don’t want to go through the drudgery of making your own flashcards.

Instead, you want to see those words in action.

If only you could find the perfect …

5 Tips for Creating a Rock Solid Foreign Language Reading Habit

5 tips for creating a daily foreign language reading habit

Wanna get hooked on phonics?

It’s easier than you might think!

Reading in a foreign language can be intimidating at first.

That’s understandable.

The good news is that once you start reading in your target language every day, you won’t …

The Secret to Making Your Brain Learn a New Language Fast

one secret to making your brain learn a new language faster

You’ve always wanted to learn a new language. In fact, it’s top three in your bucket list. You were originally encouraged because everybody selling “language products” said it was easy.

Then reality hit. Boom!

You were getting nowhere. You …

More Efficient Vocab List Management and Paypal Payments

We’re excited to announce 2 new updates that our users have been asking for.

More Efficient Vocab Management

Many of you are already using FluentU as your go-to tool for learning vocab.

After all, you can already import words into …

The 14 Best Polyglot YouTube Channels to Inspire Your Language Learning

14 best polyglot youtube channels

Trying to learn a second language?

Or maybe you’re tackling your third or fourth?

How about your tenth or eleventh?

No matter where you’re at in the language learning process, you’ve got grammar, vocabulary, slang and idioms

6 Tips for Effortless Language Learning with Foreign Movies

6 tips for effortless language learning with foreign movies

We all love movies.

And finding foreign language movies poses no problem in the modern world.

We’re not cavemen — we’ve got Netflix and Redbox.

That means you’ve probably heard all the buzz about learning a foreign language through movies.

9 Imaginative Tips for Absorbing Vocabulary Like a Sponge

8 imaginative tips for absorbing vocabulary like a sponge

Language learners of all levels share one thing in common.

Every last one of y’all needs to learn more vocabulary.

That’s right—even you, Ms. Almost Fluent.

Whether you’re still stumbling over putting a sentence together or you’re pretty much speaking

The 30 Best Online Language Courses for Any Budget or Level

30 of the best online language courses

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just recently decided to throw caution to the wind and learn a foreign language, traumatic high school Spanish finals be damned.

Or maybe you’re in the midst of learning a new language online