19 More Terms for Your Business English Banking Vocabulary


Take a look around you.

No matter where in the world you are, there are banks in every city and on almost every street corner!

Some of us go to the bank to make transactions (to take out or put …

30 Easy-to-learn English Terms for Accounting

Are you an accountant or a bookkeeper, or planning to become one soon?

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Step Up Your Business English Vocabulary with 25 Advanced Words and Phrases


Grab your coffee cup and I’ll grab mine.

Let’s make a toast to advanced business English learning!

The fact that you’re here reading this post means you’re ready to move up to mastering advanced business English.

As you know, English …

27 English Phrases Call Center Representatives Can Use Over and Over Again


Do you know what company won the “Worst Company in America” award, given by Consumerist, twice?



Well, a big part of it was due to its call center customer service.

What did the call center representatives …

Business English Basics: 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started


Do more exercise. Stop eating junk food. Stop smoking. Learn to play the guitar. Improve your business English.

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At the start of …

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Some days, it’s one meeting after another.

Other days, there’s a flight to catch and calls to make.

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How will you make room in your …