The Ultimate List of Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Word Lists

Learning Chinese is tough for a lot of reasons.

Pinyin doesn’t sound the way you expect it to.

Failure to use accurate tones can derail a conversation at any moment.

And don’t get me started on Chinese characters.

On top of that, we still have to do learn vocab like anyone learning any other language.

Here’s a simple hack for learning vocab faster: themed Chinese vocabulary word lists.

Why Chinese Vocabulary Word Lists?

A themed Chinese vocab word list is basically a list of words about a certain theme, along with their English translation. Themed Chinese vocab lists can be extremely powerful because:

  • you immediately understand the word through the context
  • your understanding of words is strengthened through their connection to other words in the list

In fact, FluentU as a language learning program offers many audios, videos and flashcard decks to help you learn vocabulary related to a variety of topics.

Further, we’ve written a lot of such vocabulary list posts, and we’ve consolidated them all here for your convenience.

As we continue to write more posts, we’ll keep adding them here as well.

Hope you enjoy! Now, without further ado…

The Ultimate List of Chinese Vocabulary Word Lists

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