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The Ultimate List of Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary Word Lists


Learning Chinese is tough for a lot of reasons.

Pinyin doesn’t sound the way you expect it to.

Failure to use accurate tones can derail a conversation at any moment.

And don’t get me started on Chinese characters.

On top …

17 Best Classic Movies for Learning Chinese


Learning Mandarin Chinese comes with tons of perks.

The best of these may just be your newly found ability to access Chinese cinema.

As they say, watch what you love and the language will follow (or something like that).…

Learn Mandarin Chinese with 12 Viral YouTube Channels


So you want to learn Chinese.

You’re probably using most of the tools that people use to improve their listening. and you might already be reading most of the popular blogs.

And you might even be watching Chinese

10 Famous Chinese Actors You Oughta Know

top famous Chinese actors

Chinese fluency is about more than just chengyu, grammar, or even pinyin and tones.

It’s also about learning Chinese culture.

After all, learning Chinese is about establishing a connection.

And there’s no better way to do that …

11 Awesome Chinese Blogs for Chinese Learners

chinese blogs

Learning Chinese can feel like climbing up a cliff.

You’ve got to learn pinyin and Chinese tones, not to mention Chinese characters.

But there are a lots of resources you can use to make it enjoyable.

For example, you …

13 Mandarin Chinese Grammar Patterns and Structures We Love to Hate

mandarin chinese grammar patterns structures

The conventional wisdom is that Mandarin Chinese grammar is easy.

After all, the hard parts are Chinese tones, characters, and chengyu, right?

If you’re no longer a newbie, you might be cursing that conventional wisdom right now.

Because we …

How to Learn to Speak Perfect Mandarin Chinese Tones


They’re the most notoriously difficult part of learning to speak Chinese.

They stop many would-be Chinese learners dead in their tracks.

They’re the bane of every first-year Chinese student’s existence.

They’re the hefty price of admission for learning Mandarin Chinese…