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6 Ways to Say Hello in Chinese Like a Native

say hello chinese greetings

Do you know that awkward moment that every Chinese learner experiences?

When you realize that “nǐ hǎo” is actually not how Chinese people say …

Learning Chinese Pinyin? The 10 Tips You Need to Hear

learn chinese pinyin

I remember my first college Chinese class.

There were more than 50 of us, eager, optimistic and bright-eyed.

By the second semester, half of …

Chinese Idioms Like a Boss: 15 Common and Useful Chinese Idioms


Is it a pattern destined to repeat itself?

A new student of Chinese discovers Chinese idioms (aka Chengyu).

She becomes enamored.

She goes to …

A Gentle Introduction to Mandarin Chinese Sentence Structure

chinese sentence structure

Is Mandarin Chinese as difficult as everyone says?

For beginners whose native language is English, I would say that it is as difficult as …

How to Speak Chinese Fluently: A Foolproof Method

How to Speak Chinese Fluently: A Foolproof Method

Chinese people can’t tell that I’m not Chinese.

You might think that if I speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, it must be because I have …

9 Useful Ways to Say Goodbye in Chinese

say goodbye chinese

Perhaps you know how to say “nǐ hǎo,” but not goodbye.

Or perhaps you already know how to goodbye in Chinese – “zài jiàn” …