Presenting… Our New FluentU Demo Video!

We’re proud to present our new FluentU demo video!

(If you are having trouble watching the video above, then you can watch it here.)

We made FluentU to improve on traditional tools for language learning, which too often are boring, stiff, and not personalized.

We think you’ll like it because FluentU is based on many principles related to this blog:

Another way to put it is that FluentU helps you learn Chinese by actually engaging words through memorable experiences.

Sign up now at our homepage if you’re interested in getting free, early access during our beta!

  • The earlier you sign up, the earlier you get access (official launch will be near the end of this year).
  • When you sign up, you will get a referral link – the more people you refer, the earlier you get access.
  • You have free access during the duration of the private beta.
  • Your feedback will have a major impact on the development of the site. Tell us what you want and there’s a high chance we’ll make it.

Though it’s still early, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive (this is real feedback from strangers, not our moms):

  • “Alan – as you know, first impressions are massive. In only 10 seconds I realized FluentU is a fantastic product! Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it and would strongly consider using it”
  • “I am impressed with the creative thought that went behind developing the website and the quality and functionality of what is still a beta product.”
  • “I love it!   I think you really have something here!”

We’ve got a lot planned. Stay tuned!

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