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24 Mandarin Chinese Slang Phrases Every Learner Should Know

The Importance of Chinese Slang

For intermediate Chinese learners, the goal is no longer simply survival Chinese.

The goal shifts towards not only communicating …

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As you know, FluentU is the way to learn a language with the web’s best authentic videos.

But until now, we’ve only covered Chinese …

Chinese Idiom For Invisible Artist

Chinese Idiom Invisible Artist

Just a picture of New York city?

Look again – there’s been a man in the middle staring at you the whole time!


Chengyu for World’s Biggest Parking Lot


You probably know Hangzhou for its beautiful and historic West Lake.

But if a Chinese netizen has his way, it may also be known …

SRS For the Rest of Us


Top language learners swear by it.

It’s scientifically proven to be the best way to memorize anything.

So why hasn’t spaced repetition learning gone