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15 Ways to Say Congratulations in Chinese: Common Phrases and What They Mean (With Examples)

Life is too short not to celebrate.

An engagement, landing a new job, acing your driver’s test, becoming a homeowner—it would be rude not to say congratulations when someone shares their good news with you!

In China, praising others is just a tiny portion of a larger cultural concept known as 关系 (guān xì), literally meaning “relationship.”

So in this post, you’ll learn 15 ways to say congratulations in Chinese and how to use them in various situations.



1. 祝贺(你) zhù hè (nǐ)

English: Congratulations (to you); I congratulate you

You can say 祝贺 on its own or add 你 meaning “you” at the end to say “congratulations (to you).”


zhù hè nǐ huò dé zhè ge jiǎng xiàng!
Congratulations on winning this award!

2. 恭喜(你) gōng xǐ (nǐ)

English: Congratulations (to you); I congratulate you; Greetings (to you)


gōng xǐ nǐ kǎo qǔ jià zhào!
Congratulations on passing your driving test!

3. 恭贺(你) gōng hè (nǐ)

English: Congratulations (to you); I wish you well


gōng hè nǐ jìn shēng wéi tuán duì lǐng dǎo!
Congratulations on your promotion to team leader!

4. 恭祝(你) gōng zhù (nǐ)

English: Congratulations (to you); I wish you good luck and success

For congratulatory verbs like 恭贺 and 恭祝, you can tack on 你 at the end to say, “Congratulations (to you),” just as we did with the first two words. 恭祝 is a quite formal expression, so you will less likely use it when talking to your friends.


gōng zhù nín xīn nián kuài lè!
Wishing you a happy new year!

5. (我向你)祝贺 – (wǒ xiàng nǐ) zhù hè

English: Congratulations (to you); I congratulate you


nǐ bèi niú jīn lù qǔ le, wǒ yāo xiàng nǐ zhù hè!
You’ve been accepted at Oxford. I want to congratulate you!

6. (我向你)道喜 – (wǒ xiàng nǐ) dào xǐ

English: Congratulations (to you); I congratulate you


wǒ xiàng nǐ dào xǐ, xī wàng nǐ de hūn yīn xìng fú měi mǎn!
I offer my congratulations and wish you a happy and blissful marriage!

7. (我向你)贺喜 wǒ xiàng nǐ hè xǐ

English: Congratulations (to you); I congratulate you

For congratulatory verbs like 致贺, 道喜, 道贺 and 贺喜, you can add 我向你 in front to turn them into full sentences.

This would literally translate to “I towards you congratulate,” but it really just means “congratulations.”


(Wǒ xiàng nǐ) hè xǐ, zhù nǐ shìyè shùnlì!
Congratulations and best wishes for success in your career!

8. 开张大吉! kāi zhāng dà jí!

English: Auspicious beginning of a new enterprise (literally); Congrats on the new business!


zhù nǐ kāi zhāng dà jí, shēng yì xīng lóng!
Best wishes for the grand opening; may your business prosper!

9. 你真棒! nǐ zhēn bàng!

English: You are (so) awesome!


nǐ zhēn bàng, rèn wù wán chéng de chū sè yòu dé tǐ!
You’re amazing; (you) completed the task with excellence and grace!

10. 太好了! tài hǎo le!

English: That is great; Great news!


tài hǎo le, wǒ men de jì huà jìn xíng de hěn shùn lì!
Fantastic, our plan is proceeding smoothly!

11. 非常好! fēi cháng hǎo!

English: Well done!


fēi cháng hǎo, nǐ de biǎo xiàn chāo chū le yù qī!
Very good, your performance exceeded expectations!

12. 我相信你 – wǒ xiāng xìn nǐ

English: I have always believed in you


wǒ xiāng xìn nǐ yí dìng néng gòu kè fú yí qiè kùn nán!
I believed that you can overcome any obstacle!

13. 我(真)为你骄傲 wǒ (zhēn) wèi nǐ jiāo ào

English: I am proud of you


nǐ chéng gōng bì yè le, wǒ zhēn wèi nǐ jiāo ào!
You managed to graduate and I’m proud of you!

14. 我(早)就知道你能行的 wǒ (zǎo) jiù zhī dào nǐ néng xíng de

English: I knew (early on) that you could do it.


wǒ (zǎo) jiù zhī dào nǐ néng xíng, nǐ de biǎo xiàn shí fēn yōu xiù!
I knew (early on) that you could do it, and you were excellent (lit. your performance was excellent)!

15. 我真替你高兴 – wǒ zhēn tì nǐ gāo xìng

English: I’m happy for you


wǒ zhēn tì nǐ gāo xìng, nǐ zhōng yú zhǎo dào mèng xiǎng zhòng dì gōng zuò le!
I am happy for you; you finally got your dream job!

Non-verbal Ways to Say Congratulations

Give Gifts

For some occasions—especially celebrations with a gathering—it’s customary to give a gift. Certain events may call for certain gifts, but the money-stuffed red envelope or 红包 (hóng bāo) is always a safe bet.

How much you put in depends on the age of the recipient and the milestone. For example, an engaged couple would receive a heftier amount than a kid graduating from elementary school.

Present Fruits and Nuts

According to modern Chinese wedding customs, you can also present fruits and nuts as a gift for the couple, such as dates, longan, chestnuts and peanuts.

Give Lucky Animal Paintings and Figurines

To celebrate a new business or office space, some people give paintings or figurines of lucky animals as a wish for prosperity and wealth. Decorative pieces like those can also be housewarming gifts to bring health and safety into the home.

Of course, you don’t need to wait for a big party to give gifts to your loved ones. You’re more than welcome to do so when they accomplish something major or minor.

The Cultural Significance of Commending Success in China

Maintaining Good Relationships

关系 (guān xì) is all about your personal, familial, social, business and even political connections.

As Forbes puts it, “[Guanxi] implies trust and mutual obligations between parties… Having good, bad or no guanxi impacts one’s influence and ability to get things done.”

Networking is obviously how one would expand and diversify their relationships, and a huge part of making and maintaining good relationships, regardless at what level, is by giving “face” or 面子 (miàn zi).

What It Means to Gain and Lose Face

Gaining and losing face is something that exists across many cultures, but the definition and gravity of the concept vary from country to country.

In China, it’s about respect, honor and social standing.

Some ways of giving and gaining face include gift-giving, greetings on holidays, wishing others well, providing encouragement and saying sorry and recognizing people’s achievements.

On the other hand, losing face happens when you humiliate someone or make them lose their dignity somehow. You’re basically tarnishing their reputation.


As you progress in your language studies, you’ll learn that this is just a snippet of all the ways to say congratulations in Chinese.

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