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5 Fun and Easy Jokes in Chinese to Impress Your Friends


How good are you at keeping a conversation going?

Holding a conversation is a social skill that doesn’t come naturally for all of us. Sometimes even chitchat in our native tongue can be a real challenge.

But the real question …

Learn the Trickiest Chinese Vowel Sounds to Make Your Mandarin Vroom!


If you’re used to understanding difficult concepts the first time around, you’re in luck.

We’ve got one just for you!

Chinese vowels.

But, don’t worry if you’re not that type of person.

If understanding Mandarin Chinese vowels doesn’t come easily …

5 Tools to Practice Your Chinese Writing and Master the Art of the Written Word


If I randomly asked you to write (shū) could you do it?

Without giving you the definition “to comb,” I’m afraid the odds are against you.

Several Chinese characters share the same pinyin (shū).

If it makes you …

How to Remember Chinese Tones and Sound Like a Native


Conversation is a lost art.

If you don’t understand the importance of tones when speaking Mandarin Chinese, odds are everyone will be lost after your conversation.

Have you ever wondered what Chinese would be like without them?

In one …

How to Say No in Chinese: Denying, Declining, Rejecting and Denouncing


How many ways can you say, “no”?

Let’s see. You could say, “I’m all right, thanks,” “I’d rather not” and “that’s wrong.”

There are also the colloquial variations, such as “nah” and “nope,” and some indirect forms like “we’ll …

Chinese Pinyin Pronunciation: Overview + Practice Guide


Afraid to try out your Chinese pronunciation?

Some say that Mandarin Chinese is so hard to learn.

They say the phonetic system pushes you so far from your comfort zone that it makes pronunciation a nightmare.

It’s true that …

Be the Barista’s Favorite: How to Perfectly Order Coffee in Chinese


You’ve got a busy day ahead.

The baristas at your local coffee joint do, too.

They’re running around grinding beans, steeping tea, taking orders, cleaning counters…

Neither of you really have time to play charades for every item on their …