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The Cool Way to Say Help or Support: 顶

Whether stuck in some kind of trouble or on the road towards success, it’s always nice to be able to have a bit of help or encouragement that will get you through and keep you going.

Each presidential candidate has a huge campaign and tons of supporters. Top singer celebrities have excellent managers, producers and a swarm of die-hard fans that believe in them.

On top of just not giving up, without supporters, the road to success would be a lot bumpier.

The Cool Way to Say Help or Support: 顶

In Chinese, besides help (帮 - bāng) or encourage (鼓励 - gǔ lì), here’s a new slang word: 顶 (dǐng)

顶 (dǐng): to support something, be encouraging, helpful 

It all started with support for website or headline, and from this, 顶 appeared on the headlines of internet articles and posts all over.

Literally, this word as a noun means top and as a verb means to carry someone on one’s head or to withstand. Most would imagine a vivid image of two hands pushing something up or holding it up.

It’s like giving that little bit of oomph. It makes sense that this would be used in headlines or top posts since it cannot “sink” to the bottom since it’s on top.

Let’s take a look at some examples in the wild!

1. Example A:


shí jiān bǎ wò de hǎo, nèi róng yě hǎo, wǒ dǐng yī gè.

Great time management, the contents are also great, I support this!


2. Example B:


rú guǒ nǐ shì yī gè zhēn zhèng de zhōng guó qiú mí, qǐng dǐng

If you’re really a Chinese fan, please support this!


3. Example C:


bù guǎn nǐ huǒ hái shì bù huǒ, shèn zhì luò nàn de shí hou, wǒ dōu huì dǐng

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