The Ultimate List of Body Parts in German: From Your Head to Your Toes!


What has a head and a tail but no body?

Did you guess a coin?

You’re right!

Past presidents and leaders might have their faces plastered across various types of currency, but in this article, we’re going to …

ß Is for… What?! Cracking the Code to the German Double S


Can you decipher this secret code?

“Kdzqmhmf Fdqlzm hr etm!”

(Hint: We substituted each letter for the previous letter in the alphabet.)

Did you crack the code?

If you decode it correctly, you can read the secret message: “Learning

How to Actively Learn the German Passive Voice and Wield Objectivity with Confidence


Do you ever feel like you are simply an awe-struck onlooker in your German language-learning journey?

Maybe you have studied so much grammar online that you stand back and admire your hard work from afar. Maybe all the verb forms

Love Everlasting: How to Say “I Love You” in German and Win Hearts


German is a beautiful language, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

You just have to hear it spoken by the right people.

Even Martian or gobbledegook spoken by a beautiful person would sound charming to the ear.…

Learn German for Beginners: Resources, Courses and Tips for Mastering the Language

german for beginners

So, you’ve decided to learn German? Congratulations!

A wonderful world awaits, full of fascinating articles, amazing documentaries, stupendous literature and just plain interesting people.

It’s possible, even probable, that you have some stereotypes about the German language. Perhaps you …

Beyond Nein: How to Say “No” in German, from “Nah” to “Absolutely Not!”


The word “no” in German is nein.

Almost anybody familiar with pop culture depictions of Germany has seen somebody angry shouting “Nein!” in a movie, TV show or even commercial.

So you might think you know enough about how to …

German Grammar Checkers: 6 Online Tools to Build Your Writing Confidence in 2020


You know the feeling…

You’ve just sent off an email in German. Or submitted a paper to your German professor. Or sent your translated resume to a hiring manager.

You’re communicating in another language, and you’re on top …