Your Ultimate German Vocabulary List: 100 Most Used Words


Hey, German learners: are you up for a challenge?

Want to flex those memorization muscles and take your vocabulary skills up a weight class?

We’ve got just the thing.

More than 100 of the most commonly used German …

18 Essential German Words and Phrases for a Spooky Halloween


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Modern German: The Best German Software for Complete Immersion at Home


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Just wishing, wishing that I was back in Deutschland.

All I had to do was step out into the …

German Halloween Vocabulary: 25+ Freaky, Fun Words


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How to Conjugate Strong and Weak German Verbs Like a Pro


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If you’re in the …

Helpful German Words and Phrases That Make You Sound Superpolite


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Little did we know, this is a set …

How to Describe Your Daily Routine in German: 10 Must-know Verbs


What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

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