5 Fun Ways to Learn German with Music and Get Your Studies Stuck in Your Head


As the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

We could not agree more, and this idea has even been confirmed by science (as we shall see in the next section).

Music gets us …

Love “Risk?” 4 Strategy-heavy German Board Games to Add to Your Collection


Remember Battleship, Chutes and Ladders and Operation?

Put those right out of your mind.

Board games around the world these days are detailed, sophisticated and endlessly re-playable.

And nowhere is that more true than in Germany.

German board games are …

5 German Translation Apps for Android That Bring the Language Within Reach


So you’ve booked your dream trip to Berlin, Vienna, Zurich…

Or maybe you’re still just dreaming about it.

Either way, you want to be prepared for German interactions when you arrive.

Otherwise, you’ll get totally lost trying to order 

The Easiest Way to Learn German for Beginners: 5 Resources That Fit into Everyday Life


Got lots of errands to run today?

Calendar packed back-to-back?

There’s still time to learn German.

Look, we get it.

Finding space in your schedule for German practice is one of the hardest parts of getting started.

But many beginner

59 Ready-to-use Phrases to Ace Your German Oral Exam


How would you like to sound during your German oral exam?

You probably want speech that’s as smooth as peanut butter and a demeanor that’s cool as a cucumber.

But most of us can barely seem that suave in our …

Deal Me In! 7 Fun, Popular German Card Games (Solitaire and Group)


Sick of “Go Fish?”

“Uno” deck completely worn out?

No problem!

Take your love of cards to a whole new level with some unique and popular German card games.

They won’t just get you strategizing and swiping cards in …

Extr@ Fans, You’ll Love This 5-episode Study Guide to “Deutsch Lernen Extra”


It’s good to be extra!

Everyone loves a little drama.

The folks behind the language learning sitcom “Extr@” definitely agree.

Their characters are always getting into silly situations and miscommunications as they grapple with language barriers and cultural exchanges