Ein, Eine and Einen: Understanding the Cases for German Indefinite Articles


A cat.

An apple.

That’s basically all there is to English indefinite articles!

But how can a word be so simple in English and yet so complicated in another language?

German is notorious for difficult grammar, and the …

The Nostalgic’s Guide to the German Past Tense


Ever wanted a glimpse of the past? Watching old movies should satisfy your fix.

Black and white or fully in color, these films show us what came before.

Because without the past, there wouldn’t be a future—or a present.

The …

German Verb Conjugation: All You Need to Know to Master the Past, Present and Future


Are you quaking in your boots at the thought of German grammar?

Did you take French or Spanish in school and barely escape the grammar tables with your life?

Breathe easy.

German conjugation, well, we won’t say it’s easy, …

Seize the Day! 10 Brilliant Ways to Improve Your German


Wer rastet, der rostet is a German proverb that means, “He who rests, rusts.”

Basically, it expresses that those who don’t take action won’t improve their skills, which may then stagnate or fade away.

It’s a simple saying that couldn’t …

The Secret to Asking Questions in German


“The important thing is never to stop questioning.”

This quote comes from the famous Albert Einstein, according to Creating Minds, a site dedicated to promoting creativity.

Of course, having been born in Württemburg, Einstein would have said it …

New to Learning German? 60+ Useful Phrases for Beginners


You’re at a party, looking for people to chat with.

Suddenly you hear your friend’s voice from across the room.

“German? Hey, I know someone who’s learning German!” he says.

You look over and see him gesturing toward you.…

Expert Advice on Learning German: Our Top 7 Tips on How to Learn the German Language Outside of the Classroom


Didn’t take German in college, but now wish you did?

Don’t have the time or money to take an evening course?

Have too many bad memories of high school to ever want to sit in a classroom again?

Good news:…