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Amusing Gemüse: How to Say 30+ Vegetables in German

vegetables in german

Do you have Tomaten auf dem Augen (tomatoes on your eyes) when it comes to your German food vocabulary?

In other words, are you wearing the proverbial “rose-tinted glasses” (or in this case, Tomaten) when it comes to your …

Get MOOCing! The Top 8 Resources to Learn German Free Online

learn german free online

What’s the best way to learn German free online?

Why, you have to get MOOCing, of course!

“MOOCing?” you ask. “Is that some sort of slang German expression to mean get moving?”

No, dear reader, I mean that …

Doing Your Reps: 14 German Grammar Exercises to Build German Language Muscle

german grammar exercises

Quick question: is it leg, arm or chest day?

That was a trick question.

We’re not weightlifting today. Instead, we’re strengthening our German grammar skills!

In fact, a German regimen without grammar exercises is like reading about weight-lifting and then

German Dative Pronouns: The Quick and Easy-to-follow Guide

dative pronouns german

Let me give it to you straight: learning German is no picnic.

For English speakers—nay, speakers of many languages—German grammar can be a confusing mixture of three grammatical genders, separable prefix verbs and complex word-building.

Not to mention, there

Let’s Learn Over 60 Animals in German and Stop Horsing Around!


Learning German is the cat’s meow, isn’t it?

You really opened a can of worms the day you decided to start learning German! And at times, you’ve probably felt like you’re on some sort of wild goose chase with all …

How to Actively Learn the German Passive Voice and Wield Objectivity with Confidence


Do you ever feel like you are simply an awe-struck onlooker in your German language-learning journey?

Maybe you have studied so much grammar online that you stand back and admire your hard work from afar. Maybe all the verb forms

Top 16 TV Shows for German Learners (and Where to Stream Them)


sWhat do you need after working a long day at the office, picking the kids up and cooking dinner?

If you’re like me, maybe you jump in front of that Fernseher (television) for some hard-earned Patschen-kino (slipper cinema).…