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How to Actively Learn the German Passive Voice and Wield Objectivity with Confidence


Do you ever feel like you are simply an awe-struck onlooker in your German language-learning journey?

Maybe you have studied so much grammar online that you stand back and admire your hard work from afar. Maybe all the verb forms

Top 16 TV Shows for German Learners (and Where to Stream Them)


sWhat do you need after working a long day at the office, picking the kids up and cooking dinner?

If you’re like me, maybe you jump in front of that Fernseher (television) for some hard-earned Patschen-kino (slipper cinema).…

Learn German with the Top 7 Video Instructors on YouTube


Can German learning videos really stand up to classroom learning?

Well, think about what makes a German course so great.

You get structured learning from a knowledgable instructor and tons of opportunities to practice.

Now think about what makes …

Deutsch Online! Where to Find the Best Advanced German Lessons on the Web


Entschuldigung, wie ist der Weg?

“Excuse me, what’s the way?”

While this may be a common phrase to ask for directions while traveling in Germany, it’s also a question that you may find yourself asking as an

Learn German Online: The FluentU Method for Real German Language Skills


What would make German learning easier for you?

I know—a more dense and boring textbook, right?!


How about instant access to authentic, entertaining German content—with the tools to understand and learn from it?

That’s more like it.

Learn …

Get Hours of German Listening Practice (with Exercises!): 7 Top Tools to Improve German Listening Comprehension


The right German listening practice can help you avoid every German learner’s nightmare.

You know the one.

You’ve arrived in Berlin, buying a Fahrkarte (train ticket) to your hotel.

You reach the ticket counter and the employee says something to …

German Learning for Tech Lovers: How to Learn German with Alexa Devices


What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen Alexa do?

Did you know she can play a fake conversation to scare off burglars when you’re not home?

Or give you a wine recommendation based on what you’re eating?

Yeah, that stuff is …