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Top 16 TV Shows for German Learners (and Where to Stream Them)


What do you need after working a long day at the office, picking the kids up and cooking dinner?

If you’re like me, maybe you jump in front of that Fernseher (television) for some hard-earned Patschen-kino (slipper cinema).…

Learn German with the Top 7 Video Instructors on YouTube


Can German learning videos really stand up to classroom learning?

Well, think about what makes a German course so great.

You get structured learning from a knowledgable instructor and tons of opportunities to practice.

Now think about what makes …

Deutsch Online! Where to Find the Best Advanced German Lessons on the Web


Entschuldigung, wie ist der Weg?

“Excuse me, what’s the way?”

While this may be a common phrase to ask for directions while traveling in Germany, it’s also a question that you may find yourself asking as an

Learn German Online: The FluentU Method for Real German Language Skills


What would make German learning easier for you?

I know—a more dense and boring textbook, right?!


How about instant access to authentic, entertaining German content—with the tools to understand and learn from it?

That’s more like it.

Learn …

Get Hours of German Listening Practice (with Exercises!): 7 Top Tools to Improve German Listening Comprehension


The right German listening practice can help you avoid every German learner’s nightmare.

You know the one.

You’ve arrived in Berlin, buying a Fahrkarte (train ticket) to your hotel.

You reach the ticket counter and the employee says something to …

German Learning for Tech Lovers: How to Learn German with Alexa Devices


What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen Alexa do?

Did you know she can play a fake conversation to scare off burglars when you’re not home?

Or give you a wine recommendation based on what you’re eating?

Yeah, that stuff is …