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How to Learn German with Audio: 30 Powerful yet Convenient Tools


Hey, can you hear that?

The best audio to learn German is hiding right under your ears.

Listen closely to this amazing little secret: if you have internet access, headphones and a pen and paper, you’re all set to find …

The 6 Best Conjugation Apps for Powering Through German Verbs


Need to tell someone you’re running to the store in German?

The verb laufen is a good place to start when expressing “to run/walk.”

But is it good enough?

Well, someone who’s fluent in German would most likely understand you, …

Need a German Quiz for Beginners? Here Are 9+!


How far have you come on your German language journey?

If you still consider yourself a German beginner, you may be wondering how much progress you’ve made.

Or you may just be looking for a sign that you’re on the …

8 Practice Resources for Fast and Accurate German Verb Usage


“John ran to the gym.”

“Susie will fly through the book.”

“Melody stinks up the elevator.”

All of these sentences include different verb forms.

Regardless of what tense a verb is in, and whether it’s being used literally or …

7 Lifesaving German Audio Dictionaries for Learning out Loud


So, you’re finally getting a chance to visit Germany.

A trip to Berlin to check out the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie.

You might even snap a picture by the old Berlin Wall.

Hours of your time prior to …

Do You Know How to Tell Time in German? Here’s Your Beginner’s Guide to Quick Learning


Time is on your side.

While you need time itself for consistent German practice, actually knowing how to tell time in German can also help you become fluent.

It may seem rudimentary at first, but this skill actually …

Test Your German Level with 9 Quick Quizzes


Confession: I like blowing through episodes of “Better Call Saul.”

But afterwards, I start to realize that some of those hours could have been better spent improving my German.

Will all that binge watching leave me feeling shaky about