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9 German Visual Dictionaries to Put Your Eyes on the Prize


Uh oh. A thing just popped up that you’ve never seen before.

Whether it’s a type of sausage or goofy-looking street sign, these complicated situations arise purely because of a country’s unique culture.

Anyone who has traveled will find that …

German Readers: 8 Bilingual Starter Books to Get You Up and Reading


Imagine yourself reading a riveting mystery story about a washed up detective who lost his wife, and is now seeking vengeance on the people who took her away from him.

Now, imagine reading it in German.

What happens when …

Do You Know How to Count in German? Get Started Easily Now!


On your mark, get set, go!

Whether taking a break from checking out the Neuschwanstein Castle during your travels or while pausing between your German classes, a footrace with friends is a great way to pass time. But for …

9 Awesome German Phrasebooks for Roaming the Streets with Confidence

german phrasebook

Wanna learn how to swear in German?

Here’s a secret: Most people do.

Okay, okay. Phrases with swears in them are not sound options when learning or traveling around Germany, but you may need them in your back pocket …

Shortcut to Fluency: 5 German Short Stories for Beginners


The short story.

What a beautiful thing.

From “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” to “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” short stories pack beautiful writing into a smaller amount of pages, enabling readers to get their fix without forcing them …

Game-ify Your German: 8 Sweet Sites for Online German Games


Any gamers out there?

Can you imagine sitting down for a game of “FIFA” or “Call of Duty” and playing as the announcers and characters spoke in German?

Well, that would certainly be a perfect world and you can actually …

9 Rocking, Rolling German Music Videos You’ve Got to See

german music videos post

Remember when MTV was cool?

You know, when they actually played music videos instead of shows about teenage pregnancy?

Ah, those were the days.

That is, the days in which the music video quickly became an art form, …