The 6 Best Conjugation Apps for Powering Through German Verbs

Verb conjugations are a basic part of learning how to read, write and communicate in German.

Although verb exercises are handy for honing your skills, I recommend keeping a German conjugation app on your phone or tablet to constantly have practice at your disposal.

From clicking through quizzes during your bus ride home to checking in on a correct conjugation when traveling in Europe, these apps are sure to get you running in the right direction.


German Verb Conjugation


The German Verb Conjugation app comes on both the iPhone and iPad, though no Android apps are available at this time. Several in-app purchases are available for new tenses, features, verbs and pronunciation tools. You can test yourself with different verbs and view your results after going through all of the subjects that modify a verb. The personalized tests are useful for when you fully understand which parts of the verb conjugation game you need to focus on.

What are the primary features that help out German learners?

  • The detailed reference links reveal verb definitions.
  • The session review tool explains where you went wrong, or if you should move on to a different level.
  • The progress tracking improves how often you practice your verbs.
  • The over 500 verbs have different tenses, and you can hear pronunciations through the app.

German Verb Conjugator – Lite


Try out the German Verb Conjugator – Lite app if you’d like a way to quickly test out a premium app without having to pay for it. The app linked in the header is for the iPhone and iPad, but an Android version is also available for you to download. We especially like the interface, because searching for a verb can be done in seconds. Around 16 tenses are provided for you to test your skills, so you shouldn’t run out of options that soon.

What are the primary features that help out German learners?

  • Over 1,500 verbs are packed into the app.
  • Copy, email and print verbs after you’ve conjugated them. This is a rather unique feature for bringing a hard copy to school or when you need to practice elsewhere.
  • Export your conjugations to places like Dropbox.
  • The audio button is right next to every verb if you don’t know how to pronounce it.

German Verbs


Here’s a highly rated Android app that delivers browse and search functionality for the most common German verbs in the dictionary. The design may not be the absolute slickest, but it works well for those on Android phones, and the functionality is pretty simple. English definitions show up when you search for a German verb, and each tense is covered as well.

What are the primary features that help out German learners?

  • Hear audio clips of the conjugations.
  • Look at grid-based lists of conjugations for a quick cram session before a test.
  • The app works offline.
  • A pro version is available if you’re looking for more verbs.

German Verbs Trainer


The German Verbs Trainer app is available through the iTunes store. It has a flashcard-like design for the ultimate practice experience. Adding a bookmark is a nice feature for the verbs you’re having trouble with, while the conjugation charts are there for quickly skimming over all of the verbs in the dictionary.

What are the primary features that help out German learners?

  • Browse and search for over 300 German verbs.
  • Create your own custom lists of verbs for reference later.
  • Tense and mood explanations are given with detailed examples.
  • Listen to audio pronunciations with the click of a button.
  • Use the multiple choice quizzes to quickly memorize and test yourself on the verb forms.

Learn German Verb Conjugations


Okay, none of these app titles are all that creative, but that’s pretty much reminiscent of the entire app world. This one from the iTunes store, however, does have a unique algorithm to repeat conjugations in the optimal pattern for learning. The repetition strengthens your memorization and only stops once you’ve truly learned the conjugations.

What are the primary features that help out German learners?

  • Over 2,200 flashcards are given through the app.
  • View English translations and what happens to each of the verbs for each tense.
  • Browse and search to find the verbs you want to practice.
  • Stats and visualization tools are provided for seeing how you progress.

Conjugator (A web browser app)


The Conjugator app does not actually come in smartphone-app form, but it’s a great study tool for those who want to work on desktop computers. Simply type in the German verb you want to see, and view every possible tense needed. A translation button is given, and you can print out a list of the conjugations. The only drawback is that the page doesn’t have pronunciations.

What are the primary features that help out German learners?

  • Save a printed version of the conjugations.
  • Check out simple and compound verb forms.
  • Conjugate other languages like French and Spanish.

What Can You Do with a German Conjugation App?

Similar to any mobile app, it’s going to provide a versatile study tool, with options for audio, video, imagery and extra downloads when you run out of items to work with.

However, let’s dig a little deeper to understand what you can specifically do with a German conjugation app:

  • Conjugate any verb in an instant. If you’re struggling with a sentence with a cab driver or a waiter in Germany, this can come in handy quite often.
  • Test yourself on how well you know your verb conjugations. The conjugation app should not just be a crutch for when you’re having trouble. It’s needed for evaluating where you stand as a German learner.
  • Hear pronunciations of the conjugations. Listening is your first step to conversational German.
  • Memorize the base verb forms for future conjugations on your own. Learning a verb like laufen is the bedrock of switching between conjugations in your head.
  • Quickly run through exercises to change around conjugations with different subjects. These apps are far more fun than running through a bunch of lessons in school. Let’s take a closer look at how.
  • Supplement the conjugation apps with flashcard apps. Conjugation apps on their own? Pretty nifty. But pair them with flashcard apps, and you’ll have a well-rounded powerhouse of verb learning.

    You can use apps like Anki or Quizlet for easy and customizable flashcard creation. Or, use an app like FluentU to create various flashcards decks and see all the words used in context in authentic German videos. This way, you’ll know what each verb means, how to conjugate it and how to actually use it in conversation.


It’s up to you to select the best German conjugation app that fits your own needs, so give them all a try and start using them today to express yourself more clearly!

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