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12+ Distinctly German Holidays and a Few Done Differently in Deutschland


Is there a German Thanksgiving?

What does Santa Claus do in Germany?

And what’s with all the tipsy dads on Ascension Day?

German holidays may not be so different from what you’re used to—especially the biggies like Easter, Christmas and …

Stop Translating Stat! How to Start Thinking in German (And Get Fluent Faster!)


Something magical happens when you learn a new skill.

It’s the difference between your first day at the wheel and a breezy cruise along the highway. Or between an accidental cannonball and a polished dive into the pool.

Everything just …

How to Find Endless German Songs on Spotify with 5 Search Terms


When was the last time you caught yourself belting out a song in the shower or singing along to a tune on the road?

Come on, don’t be shy.

Everyone does it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were practicing