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The Ultimate Guide to Months in German: Tips, Vocabulary and More!

months in german

Think about the last conversation you had in German.

I’m sure somewhere in that conversation, you or the other person named at least one thing you did that day. Or maybe you talked about something you love doing. Or something …

Sit, Stay and Speak! 15 German Dog Commands for Both You and Spot to Learn

german dog commands

Are you the proud owner of a furry little friend?

And are you learning German?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, then we have great news for you—and Rex or Fido too!

You can learn

Get Your German Video Fix! Where to Learn German on YouTube with the Best Channels and Lessons


Did you know German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union?

What’s more, there are over 15 million people learning German around the world.

If you want to count yourself among them, dann leg los

5 German Translation Apps for Android That Bring the Language Within Reach


So you’ve booked your dream trip to Berlin, Vienna, Zurich…

Or maybe you’re still just dreaming about it.

Either way, you want to be prepared for German interactions when you arrive.

Otherwise, you’ll get totally lost trying to order 

Deal Me In! 7 Fun, Popular German Card Games (Solitaire and Group)


Sick of “Go Fish?”

“Uno” deck completely worn out?

No problem!

Take your love of cards to a whole new level with some unique and popular German card games.

They won’t just get you strategizing and swiping cards in …

12+ Distinctly German Holidays and a Few Done Differently in Deutschland


Is there a German Thanksgiving?

What does Santa Claus do in Germany?

And what’s with all the tipsy dads on Ascension Day?

German holidays may not be so different from what you’re used to—especially the biggies like Easter, Christmas and …

Stop Translating Stat! How to Start Thinking in German (And Get Fluent Faster!)


Something magical happens when you learn a new skill.

It’s the difference between your first day at the wheel and a breezy cruise along the highway. Or between an accidental cannonball and a polished dive into the pool.

Everything just …