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German Adjectival Nouns: 6 Examples to Start You Off


I’ll take the usual.

No, wait, the special.

And some wine to go with it—the best one you’ve got.

Have you ever ordered at a restaurant with this sort of lingo?

If you have, then you …

Just Ask! Everything You Need to Know About German Question Words


“He who doesn’t ask questions remains dumb.”

Sounds a little harsh, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, that’s from the theme song for “Sesamstraße,” the German version of “Sesame Street.”

This line was even parodied by oddball German electronic musicians …

4 Winning Factors for Catching Up with German Adjectives

german adjectives

red car. The red car. A red skirt. The red books. The book is red.

English may have a reputation for being tough to learn, but at least “red” is always just “red.”

In German, on the …

5 German Command Styles for Getting What You Want Without Being Rude

german commands

Mach schnell! Halt! Achtung!

Lots of people don’t know any German beyond what they’ve heard in movies and shows about World War II.

“Hurry up!” “Stop!” and “Attention!” might indeed be the extent of their knowledge.

Needless to say, this …

Deutsche Dialekte: Can You Understand These 7 Different Types of German?

different types of german

When I started learning German, people offered a million reasons why I shouldn’t.

When would I ever use such a thing? Why not something more in-demand? (Speaking of which, here’s why you should start!)

These questions would always …

Explore the Impossible with the Marvelous German Conditional Tense

german conditional tense

Imagine you’re digging out in your yard, when all of a sudden—Bam! You hit something hard.

You dig around it a bit more until you can pull it out.

Much to your disbelief, it looks like a treasure chest.

You …

15 Advanced German Phrases That Get Straight to the Poodle’s Core

advanced german phrases

Guten Tag. Danke schön. Auf Wiedersehen.

From the very beginning, you’ve been memorizing key German phrases.

But you’re way past those now. You’re an advanced learner.

Advanced German isn’t all about nailing your adjective endings, perfecting your cases