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German Verb Conjugation: All You Need to Know to Master the Past, Present and Future


Are you quaking in your boots at the thought of German grammar?

Did you take French or Spanish in school and barely escape the grammar tables with your life?

Breathe easy.

German conjugation, well, we won’t say it’s easy, …

New to Learning German? 60+ Useful Phrases for Beginners


You’re at a party, looking for people to chat with.

Suddenly you hear your friend’s voice from across the room.

“German? Hey, I know someone who’s learning German!” he says.

You look over and see him gesturing toward you.…

How to Learn Authentic German with 13+ Rad Resources

authentic german resources

Want your German to sound more authentic?

Worried you sound like one of those silly Google Translate mistakes when you speak German?

The solution is pretty simple.

You just need authentic German resources to get familiar with the language as …

German Article Anxiety? The Cure Is This Guide to Using and Remembering the Right Articles


The beer hall in Munich is dazzling.

High ceilings soar over crowded tables of patrons chatting enthusiastically with tall steins of beer.

You go up to the counter and say, in German, “I would like a beer.”

Simple, right?

But …

6 Must-download Android Apps for 6 Approaches to German Learning


We’d all love to install the German language straight into our brains.

But I’m not holding my breath for that leap in technology.

We don’t even really have self-driving cars yet.

In the meantime, installing quality German learning apps to

Love “Risk?” 4 Strategy-heavy German Board Games to Add to Your Collection


Remember Battleship, Chutes and Ladders and Operation?

Put those right out of your mind.

Board games around the world these days are detailed, sophisticated and endlessly re-playable.

And nowhere is that more true than in Germany.

German board games are …

hdl! 11 Fresh German SMS Abbreviations for Fluent Texting

free travel apps

8ung! 8ung! (Achtung! Achtung!)

Attention! Attention!

There’s a faster, more fluent way to text in German.

Just like in English, you wouldn’t want your text messages to sound like they came out of a textbook or a formal letter.

You …