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German Grammar Checkers: 6 Online Tools to Build Your Writing Confidence


You know the feeling…

You’ve just sent off an email in German. Or submitted a paper to your German professor. Or sent your translated resume to a hiring manager.

You’re communicating in another language, and you’re on top …

The 2 Biggest German Level Tests You Need to Know About

german level test

Can you actually speak German?

How well?

Would you say you’re conversational, a beginner, advanced, or…?

If you don’t have a good answer, you might consider signing up for a real test of your German level.

Once you’ve made …

Conquer the Basics and Learn German Grammar Online


German grammar has some tricks up its sleeves! But if you know what those tricks are, German won’t be able to fool you!

Surprisingly, you don’t actually need a whole lot of German grammar knowledge to start understanding the language. …

German Verb Conjugation: All You Need to Know to Master the Past, Present and Future


Are you quaking in your boots at the thought of German grammar?

Did you take French or Spanish in school and barely escape the grammar tables with your life?

Breathe easy.

German conjugation, well, we won’t say it’s easy, …

New to Learning German? 60+ Useful Phrases for Beginners


You’re at a party, looking for people to chat with.

Suddenly you hear your friend’s voice from across the room.

“German? Hey, I know someone who’s learning German!” he says.

You look over and see him gesturing toward you.…

How to Learn Authentic German with 13+ Rad Resources

authentic german resources

Want your German to sound more authentic?

Worried you sound like one of those silly Google Translate mistakes when you speak German?

The solution is pretty simple.

You just need authentic German resources to get familiar with the language as …

German Article Anxiety? The Cure Is This Guide to Using and Remembering the Right Articles


The beer hall in Munich is dazzling.

High ceilings soar over crowded tables of patrons chatting enthusiastically with tall steins of beer.

You go up to the counter and say, in German, “I would like a beer.”

Simple, right?

But …