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Case Closed: The Ultimate Guide to German Cases and How to Learn Them

german cases

“It was Professor Plum, in the billiard room, with the candlestick!”

Do you remember playing Clue?

The name of the game was figuring out whodunnit, but it was fun just to move around the board and take those secret passageways. …

Prost! Seasons in German: The Vocabulary, Culture and Climates You Need to Know

seasons in german

Pepper, chili powder, Italian herbs, tamarind, salt and ginger.

Do you know what these seasonings have in common?

You can use them all year round! And just like the seasons we all experience, they come and go in our …

German for Nurses: An Hour of Study a Day Keeps the German Blues Away!

german for nurses

A stethoscope and a white coat do not a doctor make.

And fluency in German isn’t just about knowing how to say “Danke” or “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

In fact, there’s much more that goes into specializing in medicine—and mastering the

Learn German Through Shadowing: Super Resources to Get Fluent Faster

german shadowing

Can you “stick it” with your German?

Gymnasts use this term to describe what happens after they perform their stunts. You execute your routine, you land and then you raise your hands in victory.

In order to “stick …

Dialects and Languages Spoken in Germany: Multiculturalism auf Deutsch

languages spoken in germany

You know how to say “hello” in German.

But do you know how to say it in all the other languages spoken in Germany?

In Turkish, you would say “Merhaba,” Polish speakers use the word “cześć,” the Kurds greet you …

Bitte, Can I Have Some More? What Does Bitte Mean in German (and How to Use It)

bitte in german

Proper etiquette dictates we say “bless you” (or in German, “Gesundheit,”) after someone sneezes. In return, they say “danke” (thank you). Did you know that practice is based on fear of The Plague?

To this day, we …

How to Talk About Hobbies in German and Express Yourself in Your Free Time

hobbies in german

Duck herding, extreme ironing or even Hikaru Dorodango (dirt polishing): you’ve probably never participated in any of these activities, but did you know they’re actual hobbies?

Yes, it’s true.

See, the great thing about hobbies is that it doesn’t really …