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The Ultimate List of Body Parts in German: From Your Head to Your Toes!


What has a head and a tail but no body?

Did you guess a coin?

You’re right!

Past presidents and leaders might have their faces plastered across various types of currency, but in this article, we’re going to …

ß Is for… What?! Cracking the Code to the German Double S


Can you decipher this secret code?

“Kdzqmhmf Fdqlzm hr etm!”

(Hint: We substituted each letter for the previous letter in the alphabet.)

Did you crack the code?

If you decode it correctly, you can read the secret message: “Learning

Master the Selves: A DIY Guide to German Reflexive Verbs


Everyone talks to themselves.

It’s okay, you can admit it. Whether you voice your thoughts aloud or keep them confined to the space between your ears, you participate in a lot of self-talk.

We all do it!

But did you …

To Each Their Own: Take Ownership of German Possessive Pronouns


Things that aren’t for the faint of heart:


Deep-sea diving.

Ice swimming.

And… German possessive pronouns.

Do you have what it takes to own this tricky part of speech?

Possession is nine-tenths of the law in the …

The Nostalgic’s Guide to the German Past Tense


Ever wanted a glimpse of the past? Watching old movies should satisfy your fix.

Black and white or fully in color, these films show us what came before.

Because without the past, there wouldn’t be a future—or a present.

The …

The Secret to Asking Questions in German


“The important thing is never to stop questioning.”

This quote comes from the famous Albert Einstein, according to Creating Minds, a site dedicated to promoting creativity.

Of course, having been born in Württemburg, Einstein would have said it …

Learn German Anywhere with These Awesome Online Practice Resources

practice german online 3

Here’s something to make you feel old.

Did you know that online learning has been around for over 20 years already?

These days, you’re just not getting a full education unless you’re on the internet.

That definitely includes your