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German Cooking Vocabulary: Top Ingredients, Tools and More


Cooking and baking are a crucial part of any culture.

And German-language culture is no exception.

From bratwurst to black forest cherry cake, it offers a variety of sweet, salty and savory foods.

Whether you enjoy cooking or …

Ich Muss! The 6 German Modal Verbs You Need to Know Now


Do you know how to ask to go to the bathroom in German?

It’s okay if the answer is no.

Maybe you know how to introduce yourself, and you can tell everyone how old you are and where you …

Double Whammy: Learn How to Conjugate Haben and Sein in One Lesson


Language is all about expression.

What’s the use of speaking if you can’t say how you feel?

Whether you’re trying to say, “I’m tired,” “I’m stressed,” or “I’m having a bad day,” you need the verbs “to be” and “to …

0 to Fluency in 7 Steps: How to Learn Every German Skill Step by Step


Sometimes we need a little spontaneity in our lives.

You know—buying a jacket you don’t really need. Taking a long drive for no reason. Maybe even booking a last-minute trip to Berlin.

But then there are times for planning …

Bring Your German Stories to Life with 3 Types of German Adverbs


I tried hard not to laugh, I really did.

You might not believe that and you probably won’t believe what I’m about to tell you—but it happened.

I went for my morning coffee, as usual, at my favorite coffee shop—you …

Your Ultimate German Vocabulary List: 100 Most Used Words


Hey, German learners: are you up for a challenge?

Want to flex those memorization muscles and take your vocabulary skills up a weight class?

We’ve got just the thing.

More than 100 of the most commonly used German …

Got Plans? Here’s How to Express ‘Em with the German Future Tense


I will jog a mile today.

I will finally write that novel.

I will drop off my shirt at the dry cleaners and get the car serviced and deep clean the attic and…

We’ve all got our own ideas of …