Spanish Grammar Worksheets with Answers for Practice, Practice, Practice

“Cuando era niño soñaba con conquistar el mundo, ahora me doy cuenta que tú eres mí mundo y me has conquistado.” (“When I was a kid I dreamed of conquering the world, now I realize that you’re my world and you have conquered me.”)

This Spanish quote is heartfelt, meaningful and just a tad romantic.

But more importantly, it’s well-constructed with beautiful vocabulary and proper grammar that’s completely on point.

Had the author used a poorly constructed sentence with hard-to-follow language, it just wouldn’t be quotable.

If you want to speak and write with the same finesse, you’ll need to work hard.

It’s important to study Spanish grammar so you can get your points across and feel empowered and ready to tackle anything—even romance, if you wish. (Yes, I’m still smitten with the sweetness of this author’s declared love!)

But how can you perfect your Spanish grammar?

You might already be studying different aspects of grammar using whatever language program you’ve chosen.

Let’s take things a step further with a low-budget, time-tested method of learning.

That’s right: I’m talking about worksheets!

They really help with language learning, no matter what the topic is.

Even better, there are plenty of Spanish worksheets with answers out there for the self-guided learner, so you can practice your Spanish and learn from your mistakes—which is a great way to target your learning.

Let’s find some fabulous worksheet resources so you can conquer that Spanish grammar!

Why Using Grammar Worksheets with Answers Improves Your Spanish

Grammar is the backbone of any language. It’s essential for all other aspects of the language.

Want to write well? Check your grammar.

Practicing your listening and speaking skills? Don’t expect to understand or convey much unless you know at least basic grammar.

As you can see, grammar is muy importante (very important).

The good news is that the more you practice your grammar, the better your skills will become.

That’s where worksheets come in.

It isn’t enough to read about a grammar concept or see it in action—with worksheets, you can actually practice grammar concepts in a structured and effective way.

There are worksheets out there that cover practically every grammar topic you’ll ever need to know.

But that’s not all: With the answers in hand, you’ll be able to instantly check if a grammar point has been mastered. If it has, move on to the next!

This is a super way to gradually build up to more complex grammar concepts.

And if you pair up those worksheets with another learning program? Even better!


For instance, you can use FluentU to study a particular topic or grammar concept by cherry-picking a great video from the hundreds of authentic options available.

Once you’ve watched the videos, use FluentU quizzes and flashcards to remember the vocabulary and the worksheets below to reinforce the grammar concepts. That way, you’re working on your reading, listening and writing skills all at once!

Spanish Grammar Worksheets with Answers to Help You Conquer the Language

Spanish Grammar Lessons


This website is a fabulous resource for language learners and their assortment of worksheets covers many topics.

Get your skills in shape by choosing to work on adjectives, basic communication, conjugation, prepositions and pronouns or Spanish verbs.

Each of these topic headings are broken down even further, so if you’re looking for a lesson and worksheets on a particular point, they’ve got you covered.

Simply choose a topic and then a subtopic from the worksheets page. You’ll see a lesson on the subject, along with examples. Scroll down to the bottom for further options, including some helpful online worksheets in the form of quizzes, fill-in-the-blank exercises, matching questions and more that review the topic covered by the lesson.

These worksheets do supply the correct answers but this works in a peculiar way: If you answer a question correctly, nothing happens and you move on to the next one; if you answer incorrectly, a popup informs you of this and of the correct answer.

Once you finish, you can click on “score” to see how you did, or reset the entire worksheet to try again.



This resource has many grammar lessons with worksheets for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. Simply use the drop-down “Resources” menu at the top of the page to access any level as well as a useful Spanish level test in case you don’t know where to begin.

The topics cover a variety of concepts, including tenses, how to use specific common words and much more. About halfway through the intermediate lessons, all explanations switch to full Spanish, making this an incredibly useful resource for learners who want to be immersed in the language.

The website indicates that even more lessons are coming soon!

To access the worksheets, just click on a topic and scroll down to the end of the lesson. Each lesson’s worksheet is located right on the same page.

These worksheets instantly indicate whether you answered correctly. Type in “?” if you don’t know the answer and the worksheet will supply you with it.

Conjuguemos (Let’s Conjugate)


Conjuguemos offers lots of Spanish language grammar learning as well as some really detailed worksheets. They’re difficult enough to be a challenge but not so difficult that you’ll be discouraged. As Goldilocks would say, they’re just right!

Their grammar section has plenty of options to choose from, including adjectives and nouns, direct pronouns and past participles. Beneath those subject headings are subtopics; click on a subtopic and the option for graded practice (worksheets!) pops up, led by a friendly looking frog, who explains the instructions.

As you’re typing, the option to add accent marks pops up for easier typing. Once you complete the worksheet, click on “Check Answers” to see your score.

To see the correct answers, you’ll need to make an account. Once you do that you can even save your score so you can track your progress.

The colorful background and cute frog companion turn worksheets into a fun experience! 

Easy Teacher Worksheets


Despite the name, Easy Teacher Worksheets is a resource that’s free and accessible to anyone, not just teachers. That means Spanish language learners can download the worksheets for their own use.

An answer key is included with each worksheet so it’s a breeze to check your answers!

The topics are fairly basic but important ones for all learners to nail down, like types of verbs, descriptive adjectives and forming plurals. Although they’re geared toward absolute beginners, more advanced learners might benefit from these as refreshers.

You can find more worksheets that focus on verbs, numbers and even reading comprehension via the blue menu on the left.

PRACTIQUEMOS (Let’s Practice)


This resource has a limited selection of grammar worksheets but what they do offer covers important topics such as verb conjugations and stem-changing verbs. These are common grammar concepts that can pose issues with beginning learners so practicing them will be helpful for beginners.

To access the worksheets, scroll down to the bottom of the page. For more topics, look for the “You may also be interested in…” section near the top of the page.

An answer button is located next to every item on the worksheets so checking answers is almost too easy: Just hover over the button to see the correct answer!


This site provides a massive Spanish language grammar worksheet assortment, which you can access with a free account. There are over 1,000 worksheets to choose from!

Much of the material is basic and meant for teaching children but it can be used by learners of any age. Spanish is Spanish—and Spanish grammar care how old you are!—so choose topics that are appropriate to your level or that address your problem areas.

There are many different kinds of worksheets, from sentence writing practice to traditional word-fill or multiple-choice quizzes. Each worksheet is rated by users so it’s easy to see at a glance how useful a sheet might be.

Most of the worksheets come with an answer key but you’ll need to sign up for a membership to access these. At $6.50 per month, it’s not a bad investment considering how many worksheets you get!


If you add just one (or maybe two) worksheets to your study schedule every day, you’ll quickly see an improvement in your Spanish skills.

And not just in grammar, either. Remember: Grammar is a component of every facet of language learning, so your overall Spanish fluency will benefit from this extra attention!

And don’t be discouraged if your scores aren’t 100% every time. Redo the worksheets, learn from your mistakes and keep trying. You’re bound to improve!

So get set to conquer Spanish grammar—then conquer the world?

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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