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Learn Spanish for Free with These 49 Budget-friendly Resources

So, there’s this crazy myth that you must be rich to learn a language fluently.

Another myth argues that the only possible way to learn fluent, native-level Spanish is to quit your job, buy a plane ticket and physically immerse yourself in SpainMexico or Peru for a year.

And it’s just plain silly to think that these myths are true, especially when there are tons of places where you can learn Spanish for free.

Here are 49 resources with free Spanish lessons to get you started.


Free Spanish Learning Apps

Mobile apps have made it easy to learn Spanish online for free for beginners and beyond. This makes it much easier to squeeze in some Spanish practice every day wherever you are, and do it without spending a cent.

1. Duolingo


Duolingo is practical, visually clean and intuitive to use, providing a variety of exercises for beginners to upper-intermediate language learners.

The entire learning app is free and organized by modules, allowing you to progress at your own pace and unlock more special features as you conquer the language.

There’s a premium version available for purchase, but you can still get the best features of the app from the free version.

2. Busuu


The greatest feature that Busuu offers is Spanish conversation practice with native users! 

There are also other great features that surround vocabulary, but I think that having that real-time conversation and feedback from a native speaker is extremely valuable and really is what makes the app worth it!

3. Memrise


Memrise is all about flashcards but offers a bit more than other flashcard apps. It gives you the option to choose between basic and advanced Spanish, as well as between regional varieties like Castilian Spanish, Mexican Spanish and Argentinian Spanish.

There’s even a wide range of flashcard-based courses that you can choose from. 

This app is great for working on your vocabulary, reading and writing skills!

4. Mondly


This program provides new Spanish lessons every day that focus on real-life Spanish! 

You’ll learn phrases you’ll actually use, listen to native speakers and practice actually speaking Spanish. Mondly uses speech recognition software and spaced repetition to really enhance your language journey. 

Mondly does offer a free plan, but there’s even more available with the premium memberships!

5. SpanishPod101

learn spanish for free

SpanishPod101 builds its lessons around audio and video clips. Each clip lasts just three to 15 minutes.

With a free membership, you’ll receive a new lesson every week and vocabulary lessons every day. You can also skip ahead in a lesson if it’s too easy, or slow down the lesson if it’s too difficult.

You will have to pay to access features like one-on-one conversations with teachers, lesson notes and study tools.

Free YouTube Spanish Lessons

YouTube lessons allow you to pause and rewind whenever you need to, focus on a particular topic of your interest, play with different levels of fluency and choose a teaching style that best suits your needs.

Here are some of the best Spanish YouTube channels out there.

6. Butterfly Spanish

learn spanish for free

Butterfly Spanish is the most adorable channel to motivate you on your quest for fluency, no matter what level you’re at.

Ana will guide you with her charming lessons about essentially any topic you’d want to hear about. Her lessons are incredibly helpful for daily usage of the language.

She frequently focuses on particular Spanish letters and syllables, with the goal of teaching you how to pronounce them like a native Spanish speaker.

7. Practiquemos

The channel Practiquemos (let’s practice) is definitely the way to go if you love the traditional classroom vibe.

The somewhat motherly touch Professor Catalina Escobar brings to her distinctive Spanish channel is warm yet professional and polished. She’s got more than enough video content here to get you interested and keep you around long-term, from beginner to advanced topics.

8. Maria Español

Perhaps the coolest aspect of Professor Maria’s YouTube channel is the fact that she categorizes classes according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, so you can choose content from levels A (beginner’s level) to C (fluency).

She also provides a variety of lesson styles, from dialogue translation to listening exercises, vocabulary lessons, everyday expressions, conversation for advanced students and even reading practice for beginners.

9. HolaSoyGerman

While the lessons on this channel are far from traditional, the hilarious Chilean YouTuber German Garmendia will take you for a ride with videos such as “Como encontrar trabajo” (How to find work), “El gimnasio” (The gym), “Los matapasiones” (The passion-killers) and “Los vecinos” (Neighbors).

Needless to say, his content focuses on comedic situations of daily life, feeling more like entertainment rather than education.

And guess what? All of it is in fast-paced, slang-filled, super-challenging Spanish! It’s perfect for students who feel they’re reaching an advanced level of the language and would like a new challenge to spice things up.

10. Señor Jordan

learn spanish for free

Señor Jordan was one of the most popular Spanish-teaching YouTubers out there! Unfortunately, this channel no longer updates but his short videos are still known for being engaging and sometimes even hilarious.

Somehow, Jordan finds a way to make dull topics like grammar interesting as his teaching style is very conversational. 

My favorite thing about Señor Jordan is that he provides links to teaching materials in the description to accompany his videos. Use these materials to quiz yourself on the vocab and grammar in each clip.

11. Tu escuela de español


Fully immersing yourself in a language is usually the best way to become fluent, making this an ideal channel to learn Spanish. The lessons in Tu escuela de español (Your Spanish School) are held entirely in Spanish.

You won’t actually see the teacher in these videos. However, the lessons still resemble the ones in a typical Spanish classroom setting. 

While the videos give you the feeling of being in a classroom, the teacher manages to keep things interesting. 

12. El Blog para Aprender Español


El Blog para Aprender Español (The Blog to Learn Spanish) is another YouTube channel with videos set up like real classrooms. And, just like Tu escuela de español, each video is entirely in Spanish.

My favorite thing about El Blog para Aprender Español is that the creators make a clear effort to help learners build multiple language skills.

El Blog para Aprender Español isn’t quite as engaging as Tu escuela de español, but the videos are still efficient in teaching you what you need to know.

13. Learn How to Speak Spanish Online Fast!

learn spanish for free

This YouTube channel, hosted by the Learn Spanish Live Online Network, teaches Spanish with puppets, cartoons and memes. So even though you’ll be focusing on grammar and vocab, you’ll also be getting in touch with your inner child.

This channel is great for tackling grammar concepts but it also tackles things like vocab and pronunciation.

Videos are short, and you can tell the creators have a lot of fun making them—which makes learning with the videos all the more fun!

14. Learn Spanish with Rodrigo

learn spanish for free

Learn Spanish with Rodrigo is an extensive language program that addresses every level from beginner to advanced.

There are nearly 500 lessons to access on so many topics! All facets of Spanish grammar and key vocabulary are covered, including things like “the rolling r” and counting to a billion. The program also includes course notes and quizzes for each lesson.

15. Dreaming Spanish

learn spanish for free

This channel has over 1,500 videos to teach you Spanish from beginner all the way through advanced. Videos include different teachers from various regions that will help you learn different accents.

The videos are completely in Spanish so if you’re serious about learning Spanish in a quick, effective and engaging way, this channel is the free treasure you were looking for.

Free Spanish Podcasts

Podcasts will help you start blurring the line between Spanish learning and your interests, hobbies and daily activities.

We’ve collected some podcasts with different levels of difficulty, countries of origin and topics of interest, so you can start listening right away.

16. Audiria

Audiria was created by two brothers from Málaga. But nowadays, it’s supported by other members of the same family living in Madrid. 

This podcast is perfect for the eclectic Spanish student, meaning you’re interested in a wide range of topics and want to learn how to talk about pretty much anything.

Here you’ll find discussions about the economic crisis, Christmas gifts, trips to the pharmacy, meal recipes and even the Spanish constitution.

17. A Hombros de Gigantes

learn spanish for free

The title of this podcast means “on the shoulders of giants,” and it addresses big science topics such as the evolution of the human race, the science of earthquakes, the universe and the relationship between science and the internet.

All recordings are presented by a native Spanish speaker, author and science connoisseur Manuel Seara Valero. If you’re at the intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish, your ears will be thankful you found this podcast!

18. Futuro Abierto

learn spanish for free

Ready for tougher material? If you’re concerned with society and politics, Futuro Abierto (open future) is the podcast for you, discussing matters related to education, sexuality, mental health, marriage and divorce, animal rights and even the digital economy.

This podcast is the place to be if you’re approaching an advanced level of Spanish and want to study the ways in which you can express political views and perspectives on society.

19. Notes in Spanish

learn spanish for free

Notes in Spanish offers podcasts that are interesting and engaging, and listening to them hardly feels like studying!

The site provides material for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. The podcasts are free but you have an option to buy worksheets that go with the podcasts. 

A variety of topics are offered, including household items, holidays, places, customs and much more. The podcasts are short—most are under 30 minutes long—so they’re bite-sized lessons.

20. Coffee Break Spanish

learn spanish for free

Coffee Break Spanish is an excellent starting point for complete beginners since the podcasts are very casual, conversational and practical.

In fact, they almost sound like you’re listening in on a class, which makes it very approachable for learners that may feel slightly intimidated by structured courses.

The bulk of the material is meant for beginners, but there are extra podcasts available surrounding various topics.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the instructor mainly teaches Spanish that’s spoken in Spain

21. Language Transfer Spanish

learn spanish online free

Language Transfer is a nonprofit project that uses a strategy called the Thinking Method. Rather than spewing grammar rules and vocabulary terms, the lessons focus on the similarities and differences between Spanish and English

With this method of learning, the instructor encourages you to just listen to the content rather than diverting your attention to note-taking. 

22. Unlimited Spanish

learn spanish for free

These lessons are completely in Spanish, though the instructor speaks slowly and clearly enough for beginners to follow along. This immersion technique, together with the inclusion of short stories and accompanying exercises in the lessons, allows beginner and intermediate learners to think in Spanish.

It might be a bit jarring to dive into Spanish-only lessons. Thankfully, each podcast has downloadable transcripts that will help you follow along with the audio. 

Free Spanish Games

If you love gaming in your free time, a great way to work on your Spanish is to switch the language settings of your favorite game. This way you can have fun but also be passively working on your language skills.

There are also some games out there that are already in Spanish.

23. Spanish-Games.net


From the nostalgic hangman to spelling games and mix-and-match types of games, you can practice Spanish grammar and vocabulary related to different topics.

You may switch between Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish, as well as your level of fluency (from beginner to intermediate) in order to adapt to the type of games, tutorials and topics that are displayed onscreen.

24. Digital Dialects

learn spanish for free

A great option for both Spanish learners and dedicated polyglots, this platform offers free games for a total of 80 languages and dialects.

Here, too, you may choose your page according to where you’re at with Spanish, selecting advanced vocabulary-building games or simple exercises to start counting or greeting people in Spanish.

Additionally, you may choose between testing your reading skills or listening skills according to the game you choose to play.

25. Scholastic

An American publishing company for children’s books, Scholastic has launched an edition of “Maggie’s Earth Adventures” with a section for Spanish-language games only.

Limpia tu gramática (Clean up your grammar), for instance, is a great game to help you make a distinction between substantives and verbs, with a simple drag and drop system.

Although this platform targets children as its main audience, older Spanish students can also benefit from its challenges by refreshing basic vocabulary and solidifying foundational skills.

26. OnlineFreeSpanish

learn spanish for free

Online Free Spanish was created especially for kids, but anyone who wants to have fun while learning Spanish is more than welcome to try it.

It’s divided into 20 lessons which include different topics (from the alphabet to vocabulary words about toys, fruits and numbers), and it guarantees hours of fun and learning.

Each lesson contains many different games to practice the topic and printable coloring pages with the vocabulary covered.

Free Spanish Forums

Foros (Forums) are another way to learn Spanish for free online since they’re incredibly useful for learning common idioms and colloquial discourse related to your hobbies. They also allow you to practice writing questions and answering other users.

Takes notes on recurring expressions that you haven’t seen before and use them in your own messages when appropriate. You’ll start sounding like a native in no time!

27. Foro Coches


Originally a forum dedicated to vehicles and inherent issues, it’s still the go-to place if you’re interested in discussing technical matters, mechanics, car and motorbike brands, vehicle insurance or even graphic design.

The largest amount of users will be found in the general category, where you’ll be able to find topics as distinct as politics, sports, internet phenomena, entertainment and even employment.

28. Burbuja

learn spanish for free

Spanish learners interested in politics and economy should head directly to Burbuja (bubble), a forum dedicated to discussion around real estate, investments, entrepreneurship, stock exchange and, of course, the way politics impact these areas.

If you study or work in the field of economics or finance, you’ll be happy to know there is a particular group titled temas calientes (hot topics), where you’ll be able to put your Spanish skills to the test with the latest trends and news that affect economic growth and development, from wars and election results to social phenomena.

29. ForoBeta

learn spanish for free

Internet lovers, unite! Whether you’re creating your own online business or blog, are interested in web development, are a social media aficionado, are attempting to specialize in SEO or can’t wait for particular software to be released, this forum is for you.

Spanish-speaking users come together to discuss content management, SEO optimization, social media management and other topics of interest for those pursuing a web-related hobby or career.

30. Foro de Vandal

learn spanish for free

Do you love video games? Then this forum is for you!

Active discussions address a surprisingly wide range of topics, from actual soccer games and teams to gaming software, bugs, fan art, voice-over experiences, game design, game-inspired films and overall opinions and frustrations related to gaming—all written in Spanish!

Free Online Spanish Courses 

Last but not least, we have a selection of courses to learn Spanish online for free. Most of these courses are catered to beginners in the language.

31. Iversity

learn spanish for free

Iversity is an online learning platform that offers a free Spanish for beginners course. What makes this course stand out is its approach to introducing you to the basics of Spanish. It’s playful but practical.

It’s worth giving a try if you’re interested in an easy-going learning experience.

32. StudySpanish.com

learn spanish for free

This site offers a variety of online lessons that pertain to specific aspects of the Spanish language.

It’s perfect for all levels of proficiency. Plus, if you’re interested in improving a specific area of your Spanish, there are grammar courses and vocabulary courses that you can focus on.

33. Khan Academy

learn spanish for free

For more advanced learning, why not take a course in Spanish? Khan Academy has a variety of online classes taught in Spanish.

You’ve already immersed yourself in Spanish at home, now you can start challenging yourself, too!

34. Practical Spanish Online


Practical Spanish Online offers a complete grammar course in three levels.

Each level is divided into many different categories that are further divided into individual topics. Each topic contains grammar explanations, vocabulary with translations, audio and even video!

35. The Spanish Experiment


This course is divided into different topics that are explained in English but include hundreds of examples in Spanish read by a native speaker.

The content, the explanations and the examples with audio are all excellent.

You can also find different Spanish stories you can listen to and read at the same time! 

36. Spanish Listening

learn spanish for free

Spanish Listening is a great place to practice your listening skills from the very beginning. It contains over 400 audio lessons on so many different topics that it would be impossible to include them all here.

You can view lessons by level, topic, country, lesson number and more. Each lesson contains a video with a script, some audio questions for you to answer, a vocabulary section with examples and a quiz for the lesson video.

37. University of Texas


Don’t be fooled by the simplistic design of this website. The University of Texas’ Spanish course is every Spanish learner’s dream!

It’s divided into different levels, each one containing several tasks. Each task includes videos on the topic, grammar explanations, vocabulary, phrases with translations and a podcast!

If you enjoy a compact, fast-paced way of learning, this is where you should start. The beginner section could be a little more comprehensive, but the material that is available is simply awesome.

38. SpanishTutoring.com

learn spanish for free

SpanishTutoring.com is an excellent resource for beginning learners. Spanish lessons are free and divided by topic.

Topics include grammar issues, conversational etiquette, seasons, places and standard greetings—just to name a few. The lessons include exercises and quizzes to assess skills learned.

The audio is clear, concise and perfect for modeling pronunciation. Learners should take advantage of this feature to sharpen their conversational skills.

39. 123TeachMe


123TeachMe is yet another great website full of learning materials for beginners.

Divided into groups (or lessons), it starts with the basics of the Spanish language and builds all the way up to intermediate-level material.

Each lesson contains grammar explanations, vocabulary and sentence exercises and review quizzes, and all the Spanish examples are read by native speakers!

40. The Open University

learn spanish for free

The Open University has a beginner’s course that emphasizes communication skills so beginning learners are prepared to navigate Spanish-speaking locations and situations.

These online Spanish lessons teach learners to engage in conversations about transportation, places, buildings and directions.

The lessons include conversations, quizzes that learners can instantly check for results, vocabulary, grammar and photographs.

41. Todo-Claro.com

learn spanish online free

This site has lessons for every level from beginner to advanced that cover grammar and vocabulary.

This is an excellent resource to use to build a foundational vocabulary—and I suggest using these vocabulary lists to make personalized lists or even flashcards.

There are also plenty of conversational exercises to help you practice your reading and writing skills.

42. Alison

learn spanish online free beginners

This free course covers all of the essentials including basic vocabulary and grammar, introductions, counting, pronunciation and much more.

Anyone who wants to learn Spanish free should consider using the course as an introduction to Spanish. The site offers additional Spanish courses—so as your skills increase you’ll have material waiting to help you level up!


learn spanish online free beginners

This free Spanish video course is designed for absolute beginners but is being supplemented to cover intermediate and advanced levels, as well.

There are three weekly lessons that teach vocabulary and grammar. Topics are introduced and explained. Exercises follow the lessons and are instantly checked to assess skills.

Use these video lessons as an additional resource for your Spanish language program. The extra vocabulary and grammar practice is useful—and since the course is taught by professional Spanish instructors, pronunciation and content are on point!

44. edX

learn spanish for free

edX’s learning platform offers thousands of free online courses from some of the best institutions across the globe. 

Basic Spanish 1: Getting Started is offered by the University of Valencia as a free online course designed to teach conversational Spanish skills. The course runs for seven weeks, is totally self-paced and covers all conversational basics.

Coursework includes the alphabet and numbers, basic conjugation, conversation vocabulary and more. It includes cultural information that’ll be beneficial to any learner, but especially anyone who’s considering traveling to a Spanish-speaking location.

45. Spanish Cactus 


Spanish Cactus is just one of many Spanish-learning courses on Udemy

Of the free Udemy courses, Spanish Cactus probably offers the most material. When you sign up, you’ll have full access to four total hours of content, with 120+ Spanish lessons.

This course is perfect for beginners. There are eight levels spread across the 120+ lessons, covering vocab, grammar and audio. Each lesson is composed of multiple audio clips and short quizzes to help you memorize information along the way.

46. Tandem


Tandem keeps things moving, just as any good Spanish teacher would. Each lesson includes introductory materials, downloadable text, audio clips, sample sentences and an example conversation.

Tandem’s course for beginners has 12 lessons. You’ll start with the alphabet, then move through basic topics like nationalities, numbers, family and interrogatives.

47. BBC Spanish

learn spanish for free

BBC Spanish is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning Spanish. 

The lessons are perfect for beginners because the basics are covered in depth. 

Despite its lessons’ archived state, BBC Spanish provides links to news, cultural issues, Spanish tests and more.

48. Languages 247

Languages 247 gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish for free from the beginner level to upper-intermediate.

With 60 lessons divided into four levels (A1-B2), this course has everything you need to really learn the language. Each lesson includes five main sections: Reading practice, vocabulary, grammar, speaking practice and exercises.

Everything in the whole course—from the dialogues and readings at the beginning of the lessons to the grammar explanations—is in both Spanish and English.

49. LightSpeed Spanish

learn spanish for free

This program features podcasts and videos for learners of any level, from beginner to advanced.

Once you pick your level, you can browse through the many lessons, each of which comes with an informative video or audio file.

Videos are conversational and use a mix of English and Spanish to teach concepts in a friendly and approachable way.

At each stage, there are worksheets called “help sheets” that are available for purchase if you want to do some extra learning.


Hopefully, this has provided all the resources you need to start speaking, writing, reading and understanding Spanish.

The beauty of these free tools is that you can mix and match them or pair them with premium language programs to create your own study routine.

For example, the resources above can teach you the everyday grammar used by native speakers in FluentU Spanish media clips. You can also the program to practice vocabulary picked up from your free study materials, with features such as personalized quizzes and multimedia flashcards.

Next time you doubt whether you’ll ever be able to learn Spanish with an aching wallet, remember that we’ve got your back!

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