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10 Powerful Sites for the Best Advanced French Lessons Online

Every day, you exercise your French language muscles, training yourself to flex them at will.

As you grow stronger and more agile, you’re better able to follow the language’s various twists and turns and to avoid its common pitfalls.

At an advanced level, you probably still need some guidance, but you also need to make your own way.

There are some great resources out there to learn advanced French online, though, and many of them can be found simply by typing in a web address.


Using the Internet as an Advanced French Learner

When you were at a beginning or intermediate level, you were spoiled for choice. Quizzes, podcasts and online French lessons had to compete for your attention.

Now you’re lucky if you can find a guided exercise that truly tests your knowledge.

The fact is, there are actually a lot of advanced French lessons online. They’re just not always labeled as such. It’s also sometimes not clear the best way to make use of them.

One reason for this is that a lot of language programs are marketed toward those who are struggling.

Also, at a certain point in the language-learning process, traditional methods start to collapse. As the language you’re learning becomes more comprehensible, you naturally begin to integrate it into your daily life and it starts to become just another part of your personality.

It’s important not to fight this process, but to nurture it. This can be hard, though. In the advanced stage, you face the challenge of not just finding new learning material, but also fitting it into a regular routine.

Important Goals to Have as You Learn Advanced French Online

To stay on your toes, here are a few things to strive for as you explore advanced French lessons online:

Take Advantage of Your Freedom

At an advanced level, you need to get comfortable with using native content as your primary means of practicing French. This might sound scary, but really, it’s cause for celebration. Since you’ve mastered the basics, you can now refine your understanding of the language by exposing yourself to native material on a daily basis.

This means all the hard work you’ve put into learning French thus far is already paying off. So listen to whatever music you want, read whatever book you want, and watch whatever movie you want—even an action film!

But don’t let your new-found freedom intimidate you! You can take safe steps into completely native French content without overwhelming you.

In fact, using French subtitles can be a crucial way to understand native content when learning new advanced vocabulary, especially if you regularly mine the subtitles for French words you don’t know. When using subtitles, it’s crucial to be able to get in-depth definitions and example sentences of the words you’re learning so that you gain context. These features are available on a program such as FluentU, as seen in this video on FluentU French’s YouTube channel.


Keep Your French Active

Simply exposing yourself to native content is already a big deal, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Since you’re not going to be primarily using guided tests and exercises, you need to make sure you’re actively engaging with the material.

That means you’ll need reliable reference resources to look up words you don’t know or check on your pronunciation. It also means you’ll occasionally still need someone looking over your shoulder, if only in the form of native speakers who can correct your language or clear up a usage issue.

Stay Disciplined

Whether you’ve been learning French on your own or with a teacher, you’ve probably fallen into the habit of letting your practice habits be determined by a structure someone else has created. Now it’s time for you to be the boss! You need to take time every day to practice, and you need reliable resources that will help you do so.

With all that in mind, here are some sites that can be used to actively improve your French as an advanced learner.

Top Sites for Online Advanced French Lessons 

Pure Native French Content, Piping Hot

As an advanced French learner, you need fresh, reliable content daily. Learning from native content is the best way to improve your French in a natural way, and you need authentic resources to do it. Here are six of the best sites for finding that content out in the world.

1. France24

5 native french podcasts advanced french learners

When it comes to watching French TV online, you have a lot of options, but none as consistently reliable as France 24. True to its name, France 24 broadcasts French (and international) news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can tune in at any time for the full experience of watching French TV, commercials included. This is truly the best resource for finding native content online, any time of day. 

2. FluentU

Native content teaches you the subtleties of everyday French, so it is an integral part of boosting your French at an advanced level. But it can sometimes be difficult to find relevant content on the web that you can actually learn from.

The videos on FluentU’s website and app are selected for their language learning potential, and they have words and phrases you will actually use. The videos are sorted by difficulty level and subject, letting you quickly find the advanced videos that will benefit you most.

FluentU’s video player also has interactive subtitles, making it easy to hover over any unknown word to see the definition or click the word to add it to a personalized vocabulary list you can study later.

Plus, the FluentU platform has a built-in flashcard system and video dictionary, as well as speaking questions on the app that let you practice French pronunciation.

3. French BuzzFeed

advanced french online

Okay, so this is actually a good resource for all levels, but an advanced learner will be able to make especially good use of it by getting through a lot of material in a short period of time. Like its English counterpart, French BuzzFeed taps into specific facets of modern culture and reveals examples of current, real-world language in easily-digestible lists and news bites.

While you may be under the impression that reading BuzzFeed in English is junk food for your brain, reading it in French may just be the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.


advanced french online

You may be familiar with France Culture primarily as a radio station, but there’s also ton of content to be found on their website, both in audio and text formats. You can search their page by category (literature, art, history, science, etc.), read articles and listen to clips or full episodes of previously broadcast programs.

If you’ve been learning French with audiobooks (and if you haven’t been, you really should start!), make sure to check out “Les bonnes feuilles” in the “Littérature” section, a series that features recently published authors reading their books out loud.

5. Popular on YouTube – France

advanced french onlineAnother resource for narrowing down the vast ocean of French content created by native speakers, this YouTube channel will help you keep up with the biggest, freshest videos from France.

The channel only displays a few of the most popular videos at a time, so you won’t get overwhelmed. On the flip side, if you’re hungry for more, YouTube will recommend related French videos after you start watching this channel regularly.

You may have already heard about some popular French YouTubers like Cyprien and Norman. Another fun one is Studio Bagel, a channel that releases funny material on a regular basis, including parodies of movies and pop culture.


advanced french online

Le Monde is one of the leading newspapers in France, and one of the leading providers of news content online. Their site doesn’t just feature articles, but also captioned slideshows and videos. It’s updated frequently, and on every visit you’ll be presented with fresh material.

The key to getting from an advanced level to fully fluent is immersing yourself in native French content every day. No matter how you choose to do this, it’s important to do it regularly.

Advanced French Lessons and Support

As an advanced learner, you’ll be much more independent, but you’ll need some help and structure, too. The following site for advanced French lessons online provide just that. They also allow you the freedom and flexibility of making decisions about your learning process, and to experience how French is used by native speakers firsthand.

7. HiNative

On HiNative, you can have your writing corrected by native speakers who will catch not just outright errors, but other potential problems with your French—even if it’s just awkward phrasing. This retains some of the comfort factor of knowing you’re not entirely on your own, but it’s still you who decides what to write and how often. You’ll get varying perspectives on French from those who speak it every day. The platform also has a speaking feature in which you can get your pronunciation checked by a native speaker as well. 

French Reference and Quick Refreshers

These last three sites make up the ultimate online French reference trifecta! You can use them to find answers to questions about vocabulary, word usage, pronunciation and grammar. While reading or listening to native French content, it’s always best to figure out meaning and usage from existing context, but if you’re confused, it’s good to have backup. So keep these sites bookmarked to consult whenever the need arises!

8. WordReference

advanced french online

WordReference is an online dictionary that provides examples of word usage, as well as forums in which people can discuss usage in specific contexts. The forums require users to follow strict rules in order to keep the topics helpful and easily searchable.

Each word or phrase you type into the dictionary automatically draws up a list of forum discussions pertaining to that word or phrase. Besides being a reference tool, WordReference has the added bonus of creating a whole community of French learners like yourself. Even if you go there for help, you might end up helping someone yourself, and making some new friends while you’re at it!

9. Forvo

advanced french online

Forvo is a site that lets people all over the world provide native pronunciations in their own languages, along with information about precisely what region they’re from. This means not only can you check the pronunciation of a French word, but you can also hear how that word is said in different parts of France or in other countries.

18. Bon Patron

advanced french online

Bon Patron is a French spelling and grammar checker that allows you to paste in a paragraph of French text and see if it contains any obvious mistakes. It highlights the incorrect parts of the text, and you can hover above each part for a quick explanation or suggestions for changes.

Like any automated tool, it has its limits, but it’s a good resource for advanced learners who will quickly be able to recognize their errors without a lengthy explanation.


See how simple it really is to learn advanced French online? By exposing yourself to new lessons and material all the time, you’ll be staying engaged and training yourself to interact with the world from a French point of view. Check the above resources frequently, and you can rest assured that your well of advanced French language content will never run dry!


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