5 Sites with Exciting French Quizzes for Beginners

What’s even better than learning French?

Putting your French knowledge to the test!

There are already a ton of resources online for better French learning, but online quizzes in particular help you understand where your weaknesses lie, so you can tweak your French learning formula to perfection.

It can also build your confidence by giving you a chance to use the language.


Why Take French Quizzes as a Beginner?

So, let’s backtrack for a moment.

You’re just a beginner in French, right? Why should you worry about taking French quizzes right now? Isn’t that something that can wait a bit until you’re a little more sturdy on your French-language feet?

Short answer: no.

There are a few reasons why you should start taking quizzes as soon as possible:

  • Quizzes help reinforce what you’ve learned so far. You’re just working through regular verbs in the present tense? Take a quiz. Not only will it give you practice, but it will also help you to understand where you may be deficient and need more practice.
  • Secondly, taking French quizzes from as early as possible is extremely beneficial because quizzes have an element of “stress” to them. While their goal may not actually be to stress you out, it’s good to be able to use your French knowledge under pressure.

Why? Well, most of your interactions with French speakers will involve spontaneous usage of the language and a certain feeling of pressure. Quizzes get you ready for that, and if you’ve used French in spontaneous, stressful situations in a quiz, you’re more likely to excel when interacting with native speakers.

  • Quizzes don’t have to be all about testing your vocab and grammar. You can get some of the above benefits through the quiz format even if the quizzes you’re taking aren’t specially designed for learners.

In other words, you can think outside of the box: Online quizzes about subjects like television and pop-culture are big in English and French alike, and they’re an interactive format that involves actually using the language they’re written in, meaning they’re great for practicing your French. So don’t be afraid to experiment with your quiz-taking!

5 Mind-blowing French Quiz Sites for Beginners to Visit

Get your French-typing fingers ready! Here are 5 of the best online resources for beginner French quizzes.



Bescherelle is one of the oldest names in the French-learning game, but it has been able to adapt to modern learners. In fact, its French language website may be a little intimidating for learners, but once you figure it out, you’ll see that it offers great vocabulary, grammar and spelling quizzes for beginner learners of French.

Starting with “Quiz juniors,” learners can find quizzes to help with grammar aspects like the present and past tenses as well as the irregular verbs être and avoir (“to be” and “to have”).

Further, there are some great quizzes on French punctuation (yes, there are a few differences) and a number of quizzes for common spelling conventions in the French language. Try any one of these quizzes, and test your beginner French knowledge in no time.

In the section “Quiz pour tous,” you can find more advanced French quizzes. While there are a number of quizzes that are definitely not for beginners, you can still find quizzes here that are at the beginner level. For example, quizzes on adjective agreement and even guessing the gender of French nouns.



In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Duolingo is a hugely popular online program that currently has around 50 million learners of French.

For starters, Duolingo is a free app that’s accessible on tablets and phones as well as your computer. In short, the entire Duolingo program is a series of hundreds of quizzes that get more and more difficult as learners advance. Learners complete quizzes to advance in their language learning tree as well as to advance their knowledge and competency in the French language.

The quizzes are vocabulary- and grammar-based, but they test learners on their skills in all four areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Quizzes start with topics such as “Basics” and “Food” and work up to things like “The Present Tense,” “The Past Tense” and so much more!

Best of all, each group of quizzes is accompanied by explanations of grammar and vocabulary as well as in-depth explanations of wrong answers should the learner answer incorrectly. Should you need further support, Duolingo has a great language learning community with a forum to get all your questions answered.


Think of like the Sporcle of the French world!

While this website has no proper grammar or vocabulary quizzes, their fun quizzes help you learn French nonetheless. There are quizzes to do with the French language, but the rest range from simply true and false to questions about celebrities, music and television. With over 320,000+ quizzes on the site, you can take a quiz in French on any given topic, such as geography or history.

While English translations are not available on the site, is a great way for beginner French learners to take their vocabulary to the next level. You can take a quiz on something you already know a lot about (for example, a favorite TV show) and acquire words effortlessly. By already knowing a lot about a topic in English, you can easily grow your vocabulary while testing your trivia knowledge.



If Sporcle and Buzzfeed had a French love child, it would be Topito.

Topito offers fun quizzes to test trivia and to figure out your place in the world! For example, take a quiz called “Quel dictateur es-tu ?” (What dictator are you?) to learn or “Quel personnage de ‘Friends’ es-tu ?” (What character from “Friends” are you?). Because these are pieces of must-know information, right?

All kidding aside, these quizzes are a great way to learn vocabulary and get used to French media. While there are no English translations, any familiarity with worldwide cultural trends, no matter how small, will help you improve your French and learn useful (and colloquial) French vocabulary.

Besides, if you tire of the quizzes, you can always head over to Topito’s selection of lists! For example, take a look at the humorous “Top 10 des positions pour dormir avec ton chat” (Top 10 positions for sleeping with your cat)!

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So, get quizzing, French learner.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be all about grammar.

You can test your pop-culture knowledge, too!

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