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Comment t’appelles-tu ? : The Complete Guide to Introduce Yourself in French



I need your opinion.

What’s the most important first step when learning French?

Is it mastering essential daily French phrases? Is it memorizing travel vocabulary?

And what did you say your name was again?

What do …

Want a Vocabulary Boost? 250 Easy French Words to Add to Your Speech


What’s the fastest way to learn French?

Should you invest in an expensive French course?

Splurge on high-end French wine and cheese?

Consult the nearest psychic?

What if I told you that you needed none of those things?!

It’s true—…

The Best Way to Learn French Online: One Program for All Your Learning Needs

learn french online

The English word “immersion” comes from the 16th century Latin verb immergere meaning “to plunge into” or “to dip into.”

It’s only fitting, then, that those wishing to learn French—a language that developed from Latin in the 9th century—would …

16 French YouTube Resources That Will Make Other Learners Jealous


“And now presenting… you!”

Welcome to your French Debutante Ball.

You and the other French learners stand in a line on stage. It’s time to introduce yourselves to the world—in fluent French, I might add.

“I’ve taken a French …

You Just Hit the French Learning Tools Jackpot: 17 Resources to Learn French Effectively


I hear you’ve been wearing some haute couture (high fashion) and eating some haute cuisine (fancy meals)…

But are your French learning tools of haute qualité (high quality)?

We all know that learning French effectively requires total dedication. However, you …

How to Speak French Better: Improve French in 14 Easy Steps


What does a French life look like?

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself living la vie française (the French life). Are you walking cobblestone streets in the wine country of Côte-d’Or in Bourgogne? Are you eating Bouillabaisse in …

Frantastique Review: What’s Frantastic and What Could Be Improved?

frantastique review

Learning French online is a luxury that previous generations could only dream about.

In fact, our ancestors might say that all these new technological advances in French learning are practically otherworldly.

Especially when you consider a program like Frantastique …