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Get the Ball Rrrrolling: How to Pronounce “R” in French!

how to pronounce r in french

“How does your throat feel?”

Wait a second… what does that have to do with French?

It’s not a typical question to ask unless someone has a cold, but when it comes to learning French, you might find you’ve wound …

How to Talk About Seasons in French: The Complete Guide

seasons in french

What are the ingredients for a good base in French proficiency?

Start with some high-quality online French lessons and then mix in some grammar fundamentals.

But what about seasoning?

Well, that’s the vocabulary you’re going to acquire, and you …

“C’est le Fun!” The Top 42+ Quebecois Slang Words and Phrases

quebecois slang

You know what’s le fun (the cool thing) about the French language?

For starters, there are many varieties of French to choose from.

What increases le fun?

Each variety of French has its own slang for you to learn …

Comment t’appelles-tu ? : The Complete Guide to Introduce Yourself in French



I need your opinion.

What’s the most important first step when learning French?

Is it mastering essential daily French phrases? Is it memorizing travel vocabulary?

And what did you say your name was again?

What do …

Want a Vocabulary Boost? 250 Easy French Words to Add to Your Speech


What’s the fastest way to learn French?

Should you invest in an expensive French course?

Splurge on high-end French wine and cheese?

Consult the nearest psychic?

What if I told you that you needed none of those things?!

It’s true—…

The Best Way to Learn French Online in 2021: One Program for All Your Learning Needs

learn french online

The English word “immersion” comes from the 16th-century Latin verb immergere meaning “to plunge into” or “to dip into.”

It’s only fitting, then, that those wishing to learn French—a language that developed from Latin in the 9th century—would want …

Should You Use FrenchPod101? We Review the Premium Program


Have you ever sat down at a restaurant feeling incredibly hungry, and everything on the menu seemed great?

Then the waiter came by and told you all the specials, and those sounded amazing, too.

Finally, it was time to give