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French Exams for Beginners: 7 Quick Online Tests to Bone Up the Basics


In the dream, I’m driving to a university exam.

I feel frantic and upset.

I’m not wearing any pants, I can’t find a parking space and when I arrive to the exam, I don’t recognize the professor.

What’s worse, when …

8 Inspiring Steps to Build French Learning Motivation That Lasts


Put down that cheesy motivational calendar.

You don’t need it.

Motivation to learn French won’t come simply from reading inspirational quotes.

Instead, you have to cultivate your own language learning motivation.

You have to find a way to keep …

How to Learn the French Irregular Subjunctive (Without Memorizing a Million Verb Forms)


Subjunctive mood got you in a bad mood?

We’re here to bring back your smile.

If you’ve been studying the subjunctive—one of the most notorious French grammatical moods—you might not be feeling that sunny.

Especially if you’ve run into …

This Super Simple French Reflexive Verb Conjugation Guide Practically Teaches Itself


In French, you can’t even get out of bed without reflexive verbs.

Think about your morning routine.

Je me lève (I get up), je me lave (I wash myself), je m’habille (I get dressed), je me brosse les dents

French for the Whole Famille: 8 Lovely French Apps Designed with Kids in Mind


Mom! Dad! When is dinner going to be ready?

I’m hungry!

It’s one of the phrases that parents dread the most.

But what if your child wasn’t hungry for mac and cheese or hotdogs and instead was craving some appetizing

The 6 Best Sites for Qualified French Homework Helpers and Resources


“Au secours! Au secours!”

Do you ever find yourself mentally screaming this phrase (“help!”) while you’re attempting to complete your French homework?

Ever get overwhelmed with your assignments and wish that someone—anyone!—would just step in and make the French murkiness …

Être vs. Avoir: A Complete Breakdown of 2 French Superverbs


It seems like the ultimate showdown.

The ultimate standoff.

A neverending struggle.

An ongoing battle of wills between French verbs être (to be) and avoir (to have).

However, it doesn’t take long to find out that this battle, …