Learn Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary with These 12 Catchy Songs

Yes, learning Spanish through songs and music is totally a thing.

Many songs have hidden Spanish lessons in their lyrics. Whether those songs are pop, rap, alternative or even Disney songs, they’re a great way to remember even the most tricky grammar rules.

Spanish learning songs teach you grammar rules and vocabulary in the easiest way possible, with earworms you’ll never get out of your head (not that you’d want to).


Why Listen to Spanish Learning Songs?

Spanish learning songs are specifically designed for learners. This means that they’re designed to address your concerns, needs and the things you struggle with most (as long as those concerns, needs and things you struggle with are related to learning Spanish and not fitting an entire pizza in your mouth at once—no one can help you with that).

Spanish learning songs are also catchy, so it’s easy to remember grammar and vocabulary. Having a catchy tune helps you remember even the most complicated rules and terms.

Finally, listening to Spanish learning songs is more fun than just memorizing the grammar and vocabulary. Memorizing things can feel tedious, but listening to music doesn’t. You can study without the cold sting of boredom and/or the inexplicable desire to shove an entire pizza in your mouth.

How to Use Spanish Learning Songs

Find songs that teach the grammar and vocabulary you struggle with the most. This targeted approach to learning will help ensure that you have the memorable song you need to help you finally nail down that tricky grammar or vocabulary.

Memorize the songs through repetition. If you listen to these songs frequently, you’ll never forget them, which leads us to our next point…

Whenever you need to remember the grammar rule or vocabulary, replay the song in your head. It’s that easy! Sometimes you won’t be able to remember a word or rule even if you’ve studied it a lot. The good news is that once you know a song, it’s easy to run through it in your head until you find the information you need.

Spanish Songs for Beginners 

1. “Los meses del año” by mindymarissa

Los meses del año” (“The Months of the Year”) is intended for children, but it’s also great for adults.

The song will teach you the months of the year, while the video shows animations to indicate what each month is like. The lyrics also appear on the screen so you can connect the written and spoken words.

Additionally, the soothing tune might help you achieve a zen-like state—ideal for learning!

2. “¡Colores, colores!” by Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

¡Colores, colores!” (“Colors, colors!”) is a catchy song that’ll help you learn not only the colors but also some professions, how to use me gusta (I like) and basic question structure.

Each verse offers animation to help you understand any words you’re not familiar with. All the words also appear on the screen to help you along.

This song might be designed for kids, but don’t let that fool you. Anyone will fall for its enjoyable, upbeat melody.

3. “La granja” by Calico Spanish Songs for Kids

La granja” (“The Farm”) is another children’s song. The video offers animations of animals to go with the song, along with the corresponding names and sounds they make. Additionally, all the lyrics appear on screen for easy learning.

This is a great option because even if you know a good amount of Spanish, there’s a strong chance you haven’t learned animal noises. Yes, animal noises are different in each language, and they’re easy vocabulary words to overlook. For example, did you know the dog says, “¡Quiquiriquí” instead of “Cock-a-doodle-do!” in Spanish? Well, this is something you should learn quickly. You don’t want toddlers showing you up, now do you?

4. “Spanish Verb Conjugation Song with Basho & Friends” by Basho & Friends

“Spanish Verb Conjugation Song with Basho & Friends” is a song that sounds vaguely like rap.

It may seem repetitive, but you’ll never forget these common present tense verb conjugations. Additionally, all the lyrics appear on screen so that you can see the conjugations.

5. “Learn Spanish Questions – Interrogative Pronouns with Basho & Friends” by Basho & Friends

Basho & Friends are back at it again, but this time the song has a more jazzy vibe.

This number will help you remember interrogative pronouns, which are the words we use to ask questions (in English, who, what, where, when, why and how). There are also example questions to help you see the words in context.

All the lyrics appear on screen along with animation to illustrate meaning.

6. “¡Buenos días! Greetings and Daily Routines” by Rockalingua

“¡Buenos días! Greeting and Daily Routines” (“Good morning! Greetings and Daily Routines”) is a rock song. It’s offered as an audio file along with the lyrics and cartoon images of their meanings.

The song focuses on basic greetings and daily activities. This is a great way to get down these common and very useful phrases.

Songs for Intermediate Learners

7. “Learn Spanish Vocabulary with Songs” by WORDPIE

“Learn Spanish Vocabulary with Songs” is a helpful video to assist you in building your vocabulary.

WORDPIE offers a lot of vocabulary videos. A lot. This one is number 22, and there are still more.

However, number 22 is particularly useful. It focuses primarily on adjectives. This will help you build up your vocabulary with more specific descriptors, which is important if you’re ever going to become fluent.

The song has a sort of Latin hip-hop vibe. The lyrics move pretty quickly, but they do all appear on the screen. Due to the speed, though, you’ll probably need to listen to it a few times to catch everything. It’s alright, though—the tune will make it enjoyable!

8. “Spanish Por vs. Para Rap” by SlusionProductions

Sure, the video was made by students as a project for Spanish class—that doesn’t make it any less helpful.

This rap is primarily in English with a few Spanish examples throughout. It can be hard to tell when to use por and when to use para (for), but this rap can help you get it down.

The video is mostly captioned to help you follow along. And if you enjoy a little humor mixed in with your Spanish lesson, this is a great option.

9. “Spanish Preterite vs. Imperfect Rap” by SlusionProductions

SlusionProductions provides this, their final Spanish grammar rap.

Again, the rap is in English with some Spanish examples. The lyrics are pretty fast, but the video is captioned so that you can read along.

“Spanish Preterite vs. Imperfect Rap” will help you learn when to use the preterite and when to use the imperfect. It will also teach you the basic conjugations.

And again, SlusionProductions infuses some humor into the video, so this is probably the most fun you’ll have conjugating.

10. “Irregular Spanish Verb Songs: Participles for Perfect Tenses” by Common Ground International

This calm, soothing song to the familiar tune of “Alouette will help you remember the irregular participles for perfect tenses.

That’s a mouthful.

If you don’t follow tense names, perfect tenses are the verb forms we use with haber (to have). These are the irregular participles, meaning the conjugations that don’t quite follow standard rules.

The song is simple and short, and the words appear on screen, so this is an easy, low-stress learning option in spite of its intimidating name.

11. “Spanish Lesson – Preterite – Irregulars – Song!” by Señor Jordan

“Spanish Lesson – Preterite – Irregulars – Song!” is a simple song to the tune of “La Cucaracha” (“The Cockroach”) that will help teach you the irregulars (words that don’t follow standard conjugation patterns) in the preterite.

Since you generally need to memorize these irregulars and can’t just rely on common patterns, this song is a helpful way to remember which verbs act a little differently in the preterite.

12. “Irregular Spanish Verb Songs: Conditional Tense” by Common Ground International

This song to the tune of “The Mexican Hat Dance” is a short, easy way to remember which verbs have irregular conjugations in the conditional tense.

The words appear on screen to aid your studying. With any luck, you’ll get this stuck in your head and have no trouble conjugating these tricksters when you need to.


With these great songs, learning Spanish will be your forte!

Once you feel confident with these tunes, go ahead and start jamming out to others, including ones that aren’t necessarily tailored for learners. But note that learning from songs that are made to be consumed by native speakers can be pretty challenging.

If you need some help learning from such music, you can start first with FluentU. It has a curated library of authentic videos, which include music videos of both popular and lesser-known songs. The clips are combined with interactive captions, a comprehensive dictionary and personalized quizzes to help you learn Spanish in context.

There’s a whole world of music that can serve as your Spanish study material. So let your ears ring and your voice belt!

Once you feel confident with these tunes, go ahead and start jamming out to others, including ones that aren’t necessarily tailored for learners. But note that learning from songs that are made to be consumed by native speakers can be pretty challenging.

There’s a whole world of music that can serve as your Spanish study material. So let your ears ring and your voice belt!

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