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The SOS to Saying “Yes” in German: 20 Different Ways to Agree

yes in german

Everyone likes a go-getter. And the benefits of saying “yes” are well documented.

Saying “yes” leads to more opportunities, more rich experiences and more surprises in life. It’s exciting to find out what’s behind the next door and be involved …

Ein, Eine and Einen: Understanding the Cases for German Indefinite Articles


A cat.

An apple.

That’s basically all there is to English indefinite articles!

But how can a word be so simple in English and yet so complicated in another language?

German is notorious for difficult grammar, and the …

Expert Advice on Learning German: Our Top 7 Tips on How to Learn the German Language Outside of the Classroom


Didn’t take German in college, but now wish you did?

Don’t have the time or money to take an evening course?

Have too many bad memories of high school to ever want to sit in a classroom again?

Good news:…

Improve Your German with 6 Exceptional Sites Offering Online Tutorials


Ever feel like the world is moving too fast and you’ve got a lot on your plate?

Sometimes we can’t seem to find the time to do the things we want, such as taking an in-person German class.

Maybe your …

SmarterGerman Course Review: The Structure, Pros and Cons of Everyday German

smartergerman course review

If you have a busy schedule (and who doesn’t?), taking advantage of online resources is a convenient way to learn German.

You can practice grammar and build vocabulary at a pace that suits you, and even when you are on

How to Improve German Speaking with Nothing but Your Phone


The average American checks their phone more than 50 times a day.

Studies have shown similar patterns around the world. Suffice it to say: we’re addicted to our phones.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. So much time gets wasted on…


How to Learn German Colors the Creative Way: 20 Vibrant (and Bizarre) German Sayings with Colors


Can you imagine a world without colors?

It’d be pretty drab, don’t you think?

So could the process of learning the colors in German—but it doesn’t have to be.

Not only are colors a basic descriptive tool but this is …