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The German Coffee Drinker’s Guide: How to Order a Cup of Joe in German


Sometimes, before you can even start to think of speaking German…

…you just need that cup of coffee.

Which can be a cruel irony if you need to speak German to get it.

But don’t despair!

By knowing only a …

Study Tips for German Students: 7 Ways to Get More out of a German Class


Don’t ever let anyone call you Streber (nerd) like it’s a bad thing.

After all, there are those who merely take language courses, and those who crush them.

If you’re already enrolled in a German course, you may be looking …

Hallo Help: 20 Simple Sentences for Making a Phone Call in German


For some people, speaking on the telephone can be awkward.

When you’re still learning a language, it can be terrifying.

Nevertheless, for those living in Germany or doing business with those in the country, having to use the language …

Playing the Insulted Sausage, Having Pig and More: 17 Funny German Sayings


If Latin is the language of enlightenment, and French the language of love, what does that make German?

Well, to start with, the language of swine enthusiasts.

Pigs are significant in German culture, and common sayings are littered with mentions …

German Compliments: 16 Ways to Praise Someone on Their Shoes, Dog, Voice and More

german compliments

The compliment is one of the most useful social tools available to mankind.

Not only does it create an atmosphere of positive energy, it initiates friendships and good rapport.

Sometimes, doors and opportunities open that never would have been …

Impressive Improvement: How to Improve Your German in 7 Speedy Steps

how to improve your german

374 mph.

That’s how fast Japan’s maglev bullet train was recorded traveling during an experimental ride in April 2015—a new world record.

Unfortunately there’s no bullet train you can hop on to become fluent in German at world-record speeds.

While …

Permission to Selfie: 15 Easy German Sentences for Talking About #1

easy german sentences

Climate change.


Politics. Scientific advancement. If there’s life on other planets.

There are a lot of important topics in the world to discuss.

Yet what’s the topic we like to talk about the most?


It’s the subject …