InstaFrench: How to Learn French with Instagram Every Single Day

The addictive pull of social media is growing stronger.

You can’t stop scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed.

The latest Instagram stories.

Your friends’ oh-so-entertaining (or oh-so-pointless) Snapstories.

Meanwhile, you’ve got a paper to finish, a deadline coming up at work, an interview you need to prepare for, an exam that you really should be studying for—and you haven’t studied French yet today.

We’ve all been there.

Social media is pretty amazing. It connects us with family friends around the world, and in so doing, it makes our massive world just a little bit smaller.

It’s also so. darn. distracting.

What if I told you that you can actually use social media in a valuable, productive way?

It’s true!

There’s a real way to study French on Instagram.

There are tons of Instagram accounts devoted specifically to increasing your productivity, furthering your education in any number of subjects and, yes, even language learning! Beyond that, there are plenty of native French speakers using Instagram personally and professionally.

With just a pinch of creativity and a smattering of initiative, you can tailor your Instagram to your French study routine.

Get inspired, be creative and start turning the act of endlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed into a—slightly—more productive, educational activity.

Before we get into the specifics, though, let’s chat a bit more about why learning French via Instagram is actually a pretty excellent idea.

Why Should You Learn French Via Instagram?

You Already Waste Time on Instagram.

Since you’re here, I’ll assume that you’re a fellow Instagram fan. You’re already using it.

So, you might as well put it to good use! Think about the many minutes—or hours… no judgment here, promise!—you spend just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Now imagine this: You’re scrolling through Instagram, clicking the little ♥ on your bestie’s pics, getting style tips from your fave bloggers, keeping up with the Kardashians—when suddenly, you scroll past a post with a colored background and some bold text that says “Le chat (the cat)” in large letters.

Or a quote that says “Une femme est comme un sachet de thé. Tu ne peux pas dire à quel point elle est forte jusqu’à ce que tu la mettes dans l’eau chaude.” (A woman is like a teabag. You cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.)

Or a beautiful Monet painting with a French-language description of the history of the work in the caption.

These are exactly the kinds of miniature French lessons you can expose yourself to by following a handful of French Instagram accounts.

You’ll Get Easily-digestible Mini French Lessons

Unlike that massive 500-page textbook sitting unopened on your desk, Instagram gives you easy-to-digest French lessons.

The minimalist, photo-focused Instagram post format makes for simple, manageable little French lessons.

It’s great for anyone who gets overwhelmed easily.

The way the app is designed, each post gets its own two seconds of stardom. Very little text appears—anything lengthy gets cut off after a certain word count, and you’ll need to click to read more if you so choose. There’s no overwhelming page full of information staring you in the face. Just miniature lessons in a simple, sleek format.

Seeing le chat (the cat) in a pretty Instagram post with a huge, adorable cat picture somehow makes the word a lot easier to memorize than seeing it in a big, fat list of vocabulary in a textbook.

For these reasons and more, Instagram offers you the perfect way to seamlessly incorporate a little bit of French into your daily life. No more procrastinating that study session. You’re on Instagram and—boom!—you’ve just unwittingly scrolled right into a quick, easy French lesson.

Your Favorite French Sites Probably Have an Instagram Account

We all have our favorite people, places and things.

And those people, places and things probably have Instagram accounts.

So, follow them and get them in your feed!

Beyond your existing favorites, it’s super easy to discover new French organizations, newspapers, musicians and the like on Instagram as well. Try searching for hashtags like #frenchvocabulary, #learningfrench and #frenchlanguage for starters. Then, get creative and search for even more relevant hashtags in French:


Do this, and you’ll uncover a plethora of inspirational and fun-to-follow French-language Instagram accounts.

You Can Share French Inspiration with Your Friends!

Instagram is a social platform, after all. It’s all about sharing.

So, share your favorite French quotes or news stories with your friends. Spread the love and make your followers’ Instagram feeds a little more French.

Language learning is way more fun with friends. And hey, sharing is caring!

Not only that, but once you’ve started sharing posts in French, you’ll have an easy way to look back on French lessons you’ve learned. You’ll be able to scroll through your own Instagram account any time to revisit the French quotes, stories, memes and videos you’ve shared.

Okay, so now that you’re totally convinced that Instagram can be a powerful tool for learning French, here’s a list of 11 awesome French Instagram accounts that can help you hit the ground running.

Enjoy, follow and share with a friend!

11 French Instagram Accounts to Follow ASAP

For Daily French Lessons


This Instagram account brings you daily French words, phrases, idioms and quotes in a sleek, easy-to-digest-as-you’re-scrolling-through-your-feed format.

View this post on Instagram

Cuisiner • To cook • /kɥi.zi.ne/ • Drawing: @merritkoek Au revoir, Monsieur Paul Bocuse • 1926—2018

A post shared by French Words (@frenchwords) on

The account will teach you everything to do with French vocabulary, from the very useful Ça Suffit (that’s enough) to the very French Merde (sh*t).


Learn French Easily is another language learning page, similar in concept to French Words

It just comes with the added bonus that some of the illustrations that accompany their little vocab Instas are simply adorable—and therefore easier to memorize too. Cute things just stick in our brains.

You’ll learn everything from practical phrases like puis-je voir le menu ? (can I see the menu?) to French translations that you’d just never guess, like “grapefruit” in French, which is pamplemousse.

By following both this and the French Words account, you’ll get two times your daily recommended dose of French vocab!


The focus of this Instagram account is to teach you how to speak in French.

Talk in French uses Instagram’s video feature to bring you not only French vocabulary lessons, but pronunciation lessons as well!

View this post on Instagram

#FrenchSlang of the week: Je n'ai rien mangé de la journée. Je crève de faim! – I didn't eat anything today. I'm starving! Mention that friend who is ALWAYS starving! You can also listen to the audio to practice your listening and pronunciation skills. Just tap 🔊 😊 🇫🇷 #French #LearnFrench #FLE #FrenchVocabulary #FrenchWords #FrenchLanguage #Paris #France #IloveFrench #Francophile #français #jetaimefrançaise

A post shared by Talk in French (@talkinfrench) on

You’ll learn how to tell someone that you didn’t eat anything today and you’re starving (“Je n’ai rien mangé de la journée. Je crève de faim!”) with a native flair, thanks to their perfectly clear pronunciation guide.

For Catching Up with the News


Yes, that’s right—the news can be found on Instagram, as odd as that may sound. Most major news organizations have their own Instagram accounts. Now you can get a little taste of the news with a focus on imagery and, if you choose the right news outlets, a focus on all things French.

For starters, you can follow the official Instagram account of the famous French newspaper Le Monde, which covers all manner of national and international events. 

View this post on Instagram

Les 6-17 ans passent plus de quatre heures par jour devant un écran, les 15-16 ans, plus de cinq heures ; soit une à deux heures de plus en moyenne qu’il y a dix ans, dont cinquante-huit minutes par jour pour le seul smartphone chez les 15-24 ans (Médiamétrie, avril 2017). Collés à leur smartphone, certains deviennent cyberaddicts tandis que les parents cherchent des solutions. Leur inquiétude ? Les nombreux problèmes liés à l’hyperconnexion : sédentarité, troubles du comportement, autodépréciation et harcèlement. — Photographie : Hero Images (@heroimages) / Plainpicture (@plainpicture_photography) — Lire notre article : http://lemde.fr/2Dpm5oq — #Smartphone #Adolescents #Addiction #Troubles

A post shared by Le Monde (@lemondefr) on


You can also follow the Instagram account of Le Figaro for even more news and high-quality images of the world at large.

All the images are captioned thoroughly, and often at length, in French, so be sure to read through them when they appear in your feed.

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🏄‍♀️🏄 La plage de Praia do Norte, à Nazare au Portugal, est entrée dans la légende depuis que l'Hawaïen Garret McNamara y a dompté, en 2011, une vague de plus de 27 mètres. Dès l'aube ce mi-janvier, une foule de curieux s'est massée autour du phare perché au sommet de la falaise pour admirer l'élite des surfeurs, ici l'Allemand Sebastian Steudtner, en quête des plus grosses vagues du monde. #surf #surfing #sea #sea🌊 #sea

A post shared by Le Figaro 🗞 (@lefigarofr) on

For an extra boost in reading comprehension practice, only look up French words when you absolutely must. This lets your brain try to figure out the meanings of new words—great practice for any language learner.


Following more news channels leads to more perspectives on what’s going on in the world. Follow a handful, including the TV5MONDE hub for French-language television programming.

This Instagram account goes a bit beyond the news and features everything that’s going on in the world of French TV.

For Beautiful French Inspiration


Instagram users love motivational and inspirational posts. And that’s exactly what you’ll get here.

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Life goes so fast. If you do not stop to look around from time to time, you may miss it.

A post shared by @ genie_francais on

Who doesn’t want to get pumped up for life with lovely French phrases like, faire de sa vie un rêve et de ses rêves une réalité (make your life a dream, and your dreams a reality).

As an added bonus for learners, there are English translations for all of the French phrases in the captions! It’s like they know exactly what we want.


It’s BuzzFeed, so this Instagram feed is exactly what you’d expect.

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Oups. . . . #BuzzFeed #BuzzFeedComics #YOLO

A post shared by BuzzFeed France (@buzzfeedfrance) on

Hilarious, relatable comics and images, like this one, all in French, direct from BuzzFeed France.


Dreaming of the Louvre?

Then you’ll adore this account loaded with beautiful images and fascinating tidbits of knowledge straight out of the Louvre.

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🇫🇷Ce joli tableau intitulé « Les Jeunes Grecques parant de fleurs l'Amour endormi » a été peint par Joseph-Marie Vien en 1777 et traite de l’amour. Il fait partie d’une série de quatre tableaux représentant les "progrès de l'amour dans le cœur des jeunes filles", commandés par la comtesse du Barry pour la décoration du salon en cul-de-four du pavillon de son château de Louveciennes. Vien était le maître du célèbre artiste Jacques-Louis David et c’est lui qui débuta, presque vingt années avant son illustre élève, le combat pour imposer la vision néoclassique en initiant le retour aux idéaux antiques. Les jeunes Grecques dans cette peinture qui déborde de couleur sont élégantes et gracieuses et vous souhaite une très #BonneSemaine ! – 🌍This wonderful painting “Young Greek Maidens Decking the Sleeping Cupid with Flowers” was painted by Joseph-Marie Vien in 1777. Commissioned by the Countess du Barry for a lodge in the grounds of her château in Louveciennes, it was made as part of a series of four works based on "love progressing in the hearts of young maidens". Interestingly, Vien was the teacher of the master Jacques-Louis David and it was he who started to return to the ideals of antiquity, introducing a neo-classical vision of art some twenty years before his illustrious student did. The young Greek maidens are beautifully depicted as they elegantly and graciously decorate Cupid with flowers whilst he is sleeping. We hope you all have a #GoodWeek! – 📷© RMN – Grand Palais (Musée du Louvre) / Philippe Fuzeau coupé/cropped #Louvre #MuseeDuLouvre #LouvreMuseum #instaLouvre #InstaMuseum #DuBarry #Cupid

A post shared by Musée du Louvre (@museelouvre) on

Captions are in both French and English, in case you need a little help understanding what’s being said. You’ll now have the opportunity to learn about painters like Alexis Grimou, who fancied a drink every now and again and so painted himself on numerous occasions.

This is a nice way to peek into the French language and its artistic culture.


Follow A NOUS Paris for stunning photos taken around the City of Light.

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Paris, la ville de l'amour
#paris #topparisphoto #instaparis #parislife #myparis #discoverparis #parigi #parismonamour #parisjetaime #loves_paris#hello_paris #hello_france #colorful#color #instagood #instapic #picoftheday #view #Igers #instadaily #beautiful #photography #sky #restaurant #city #sun #bird #love #sweet

A post shared by A NOUS Paris (@anousparis) on

You’ll get to see everything Parisian you’ve been dreaming of, from colorful murals to sidewalk cafés.mfr


If you’ve ever wondered how a French person visiting or living in the United States experiences the country, this is the account for you to follow.

It’s really quite entertaining to read about American culture in the French language—and to see all the little cultural tidbits that we may take for granted.

By following this account, you’ll get to read more in French and see how the account owner experiences the Lincoln Memorial, the 4th of July and Route 66. Fun, right?

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Feeling inspired?

Take that inspiration straight to Instagram now!

Start following, favoriting, liking and scrolling.

Not only will you be actively learning more French every day, it’ll make you feel a little better about yourself next time you realize you’ve just spent a solid hour scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Hey, you were studying!

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