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Why You Should Learn French in Montreal, and Where to Do It


Time to celebrate!

What’s the occasion, you ask?

A better question might be, what isn’t the occasion?

The “city of festivals,” Montreal, is where the party never stops.

Not only does it continually bring people together in the name of

How to Speak Swiss French Like a Local: Vocab, Podcasts and More


Did you have that dream about Switzerland again?

The one with sweet, melting chocolate, sprawling views of the Alps, warm fondue, maybe a little yodeling…

And plenty of French, right?

But not exactly the French of France.

Yes, Switzerland …

Netflix and Skill: 12 Movies and Shows with French Subtitles for Learners


Ready for a guilt-free binge-watching session?

It’s time to turn Netflix into your favorite new French learning tool.

We’re calling this “Netflix and skill.” It’s a new trend. It’s a lot like your normal Netflix routine… except you’ve got …

The Best Way to Learn French at Home in 8 Lovely Steps


The best way to learn French starts right at home.

Think of your “spot” in your house.

You know, that chair you always sit in to watch TV. That side of the couch you gravitate to. That corner of your …

Traveling to France? Here’s How to Learn as Much French as Possible While You’re There


Do you know what it feels like to learn a language with all your senses?

You’ll know what I mean as soon as you set foot in France.

You’ll feel it when you listen to the ladies in …

A Francophile’s Guide to the 10 Best Places to Learn French


Are you a Francophile?

In other words, are you interested in and intrigued by anything and everything related to France?

A Francophile makes sure to taste all the different French cheeses, seek out classic French films, test out a …