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Open, Close and up Your Nose! All About French Vowels

french vowels

Would you like to buy a vowel?

Or do you feel like when it comes to French vowels, you just can’t win?

You’ve probably noticed that they can be very odd and tricky.

If you’re an English speaker, that’s because …

The Best-kept Secret in French Learning: Feydeau’s Dialogues


Tired of the stilted dialogues in your French textbooks?

Eugène Ionesco famously mocked them by writing his absurdist comedy “La Cantatrice chauve” (“The Bald Soprano”) in the same style.

Check it out if you want an even more stilted …

How to Pronounce the French “Ou” and “U” Without Blushing

how to pronounce u in french

Are you in a world of hurt over pronouncing the French ou and u?

You’re not alone.

The distinction is a nightmare for most Anglos.

Il a rougi and il a rugi may sound exactly the same to English …

Vous vs. Tu: An In-depth Guide to Avoiding French Social Awkwardness

tu vs vous

French conversation is a delicate dance.

Just about every sentence you form takes into account formality, respect and familiarity.

In other words, you’re constantly making that choice between vous and tu (the formal and informal “you,” respectively).

Get it wrong …

43 French Vocabulary Words and Phrases for Chatting About the Weather

french weather vocabulary

I never carry an umbrella in Paris.

Sure, it rains, but you can always duck into a bar, order a Ricard (aniseed liquor), and share complaints with the assembled old drunks, comparing for example the sky to a pissing cow …

21 French Animal Sounds: Can You Neigh, Meow and Bark in Français?

french animal sounds

Maybe you need a break from learning to talk to Francophone businessmenquebecois and hoodlums.

You’re tired of falling in love with Frenchies and sharing their lovely food.

If, all told, you’ve had enough of francophone humans, …

29 Flirtatious French Phrases for Your Next Romantic Rendezvous

flirting in french

Oh, sure. You’re just learning French because you want to read Camus in the original.

You want to watch films by Jeunet without the distraction of subtitles. You want to converse with French intellectuals on their own linguistic turf.

That’s …