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Venga! Over 180 Spanish Words That Start with V (with Audio)

The letter V in Spanish is pronounced exactly like the letter B—so you could consider V and B best friends in Spanish if you’d like.

They’re both pronounced like a slightly softer and quicker version of the English B, sort of like a sound halfway between V and B.

And now, without further explanation, read on to learn over 180 Spanish words that start with V, all with audio!


Spanish Nouns That Start with V

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Vaca Cow
Vaso Glass
Vestido Dress
Viento Wind
Viejo Old man
Vista View
Viña Vineyard
Vitamina Vitamin
Voz Voice
Vacación Vacation
Vacilación Hesitation
Vacuna Vaccine
Vagón Wagon
Valle Valley
Valor Value
Vanidad Vanity
Vara Rod
Variedad Variety
Vaso Cup
Vecindad Neighborhood
Vecino Neighbor
Vehículo Vehicle
Vejez Old age
Velero Sailboat
Vendedor Salesman
Ventaja Advantage
Vera Aloe
Verbena Verbena
Verano Summer
Verdad Truth
Vereda Path
Vergüenza Shame
Vergel Orchard
Versículo Verse
Verso Verse
Vestíbulo Vestibule
Veterano Veteran
Vez Time
Viaje Trip
Vía Railway
Vibración Vibration
Vicepresidente Vice President
Vicio Vice
Vida Life
Video Video
Vidrio Glass
Vientre Belly
Vino Wine
Violencia Violence
Virtud Virtue
Visión Vision
Vista Sight
Vivienda Housing
Vivir Life
Voluntad Will
Voto Vote
Vuelo Flight
Vulcano Volcano
Vulnerabilidad Vulnerability

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Spanish Verbs That Start with V

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Vaciar To empty
Validar To validate
Valorar To value
Vender To sell
Venir To come
Ventilar To ventilate
Ver To see
Verificar To verify
Vestir To dress
Viajar To travel
Vibrar To vibrate
Vigilar To watch over
Vincular To link
Visitar To visit
Visualizar To visualize
Vivir To live
Volar To fly
Volcar To overturn
Volver To return
Vomitar To vomit
Votar To vote
Vacilar To hesitate
Vacunarse To get vaccinated
Vacunar To vaccinate
Vadear To wade
Valorizar To valorize
Vapulear To beat up
Vaporizar To vaporize
Variar To vary
Vaticinar To predict
Vegetar To be a vegetarian
Vegetar To be sluggish
Vejar To torment
Velar To stay awake
Velar To watch over
Vencer To conquer
Vendar To bandage
Venderse To sell out
Venerar To venerate
Vengar To avenge
Vergonzar To shame
Versar To be about
Versificar To versify
Vestir To clothe
Veterinario To veterinary
Vetustar To age
Viabilizar To make viable
Viandar To dine
Vibrar To thrill
Victoriar To win
Vidriar To glaze
Viejar To travel
Viejear To grow old
Vigilar To watch over
Vilipendiar To vilify
Vindicar To vindicate
Violar To violate
Vipear To check
Viralizar To go viral
Virar To turn
Virtuar To virtualize
Visar To stamp
Visitar To visit
Visualizar To visualize
Vitalizar To vitalize
Vituperar To vituperate
Vivificar To vivify
Vocalizar To vocalize
Vociferar To vociferate

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with V

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Válido Valid
Valiente Brave
Valioso Valuable
Vano Vain
Variable Variable
Variado Varied
Variante Variant
Variopinto Variegated
Vasto Vast
Vehemente Vehement
Velado Veiled
Veloz Fast
Vencedor Victorious
Vencido Defeated
Venenoso Poisonous
Vengativo Vindictive
Venoso Venous
Ventajoso Advantageous
Ventoso Windy
Veraz Truthful
Verde Green
Verdoso Greenish
Verídico Truthful
Vergonzoso Shameful
Verídico Veracious
Verosímil Likely
Versátil Versatile
Vertical Vertical
Vespertino Evening
Vetusto Antique
Viario Roadlike
Vibrante Vibrant
Vocal Vocal
Vocacional Vocational
Volátil Volatile
Volcánico Volcanic
Volitivo Volitive
Voluminoso Bulky
Volvible Returnable
Voluble Voluble
Voluminoso Voluminous
Voluntario Voluntary
Voluptuoso Voluptuous
Vulgar Vulgar
Vulnerable Vulnerable
Vulgar Common

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with V

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Vagamente Vaguely
Vainamente Vainly
Valerosamente Bravely
Válidamente Validly
Valientemente Valiantly
Valiosamente Valuably
Vivamente Vividly
Voluntariamente Voluntarily
Vorazmente Voraciously

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Spanish Pronouns That Start with V

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Vosotros You all (informal; plural)
Vos You (informal singular in parts of Latin America)

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Spanish V Words Quiz: Test Yourself!

How do you say "brave" in Spanish?
Correct! Wrong!

When the weather is windy in Spanish, you would call the weather ________.
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What does the verb "vibrar" mean?
Correct! Wrong!

What does "vacilar" mean?
Correct! Wrong!

How do you say "to avenge" in Spanish
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If you move to a new city, the first thing you need is a place to live, which is called _________ in Spanish.
Correct! Wrong!

How do you say "old age" in Spanish
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If you want to go apple picking, you need to go to a _____________.
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How do you say "trip" in Spanish?
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What is the word for "life" in Spanish
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So, there you have it. Venga (go) and try some V words for yourself!



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