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400 Spanish Words That Start with P (with Audio)

The Spanish P, which sounds the same as in English, is a labial consonant. This means you have to hold your lips together for a split second, and then quickly let out a tiny puff of air to make the sound. 

P is pretty well used in Spanish, occurring in almost 3% of all words. It’s the letter you need for some very important Spanish words like padre (father), persona (person) and paz  (peace). Now, read on to learn 400 Spanish words that start with P.


Spanish Nouns That Start with P

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Paciente Patient
Padre Father
Página Page
Paisaje Landscape
País Country
Pala Shovel
Palabra Word
Palacio Palace
Palma Palm
Palmera Palm tree
Palo Stick
Papel Paper
Papiamento Papiamento
Par Pair
Parada Stop
Paraguas Umbrella
Paralelo Parallel
Páramo Wasteland
Parcela Plot
Parecer Opinion
Pared Wall
Pareja Couple
Parentesco Relationship
Pariente Relative
Parque Park
Parte Part
Partida Departure
Participación Participation
Participante Participant
Partido Match
Partitura Score
Parto Birth
Pasado Past
Pasajero Passenger
Pase Pass
Paseo Walk
Pasión Passion
Pasillo Aisle
Paso Step
Pasta Pasta
Pastel Cake
Pastor Shepherd
Pata Paw
Pato Duck
Patrimonio Heritage
Patrón Pattern
Paz Peace
Peaje Toll
Pecado Sin
Pecho Chest
Pedazo Piece
Pediatra Pediatrician
Pediatría Pediatrics
Pedicura Pedicure
Pedo Fart
Pelea Fight
Película Film
Peligro Danger
Pelo Hair
Pelota Ball
Pena Pain
Pensamiento Thought
Pente Comb
Peña Rock
Pepita Seed
Pepino Cucumber
Percepción Perception
Percusión Percussion
Peregrino Pilgrim
Perejil Parsley
Pereza Laziness
Perfume Perfume
Periódico Newspaper
Perla Pearl
Permiso Permission
Perro Dog
Persona Person
Personalidad Personality
Personalidad Celebrity
Perspectiva Perspective
Pertenencia Belonging
Pesadilla Nightmare
Peso Weight
Pez Fish
Pezón Nipple
Piano Piano
Picadura Sting
Picaporte Doorknob
Picardía Trickery
Picaresca Rogueishness
Picardía Trickery
Pichón Squab
Pichón Fledgling
Pico Beak
Picor Itchiness
Piel Skin
Piel Hide
Pieza Piece
Pila Battery
Pila Pile
Piloto Pilot
Pincel Brush
Pino Pine tree
Pintor Painter
Pintura Painting
Piñón Pine nut
Piñón Sprocket
Piojo Louse
Pipa Pipe
Pirámide Pyramid
Pirata Pirate
Pirueta Somersault
Pista Track
Pistón Piston
Pito Whistle
Pizarra Blackboard
Placer Pleasure
Placenta Placenta
Plancha Iron
Plancha Griddle
Planta Plant
Platillo Dish
Plato Plate
Plaza Square
Plegaria Prayer
Plenitud Plenitude
Plomo Lead
Pluma Feather
Pluma Pen
Plural Plural
Población Population
Pobreza Poverty
Pozo Well
Precepto Precept
Precipicio Precipice
Precisión Precision
Pradera Meadow
Prado Field
Pragmatismo Pragmatism
Práctica Practice
Práctico Practical
Precio Price
Precipitación Precipitation
Precipicio Precipice
Precisión Precision
Precocidad Precocity
Predicción Prediction
Predicamento Predicament
Predicamento Predication
Predisposición Predisposition
Preferencia Preference
Prefijo Prefix
Prehistoria Prehistory
Preliminar Preliminary
Premio Prize
Premisa Premise
Preparación Preparation
Preposición Preposition
Presa Dam
Presbítero Priest
Presencia Presence
Presentación Presentation
Presentador Presenter
Presente Present
Presidente President
Presidio Prison
Presión Pressure
Preso Prisoner
Presunción Presumption
Pretensión Pretension
Prevención Prevention
Previsión Forecast
Previsión Foresight
Prima Cousin (female)
Primo Cousin (male)
Primavera Spring
Primate Primate
Primer ministro Prime Minister
Primero First
Primicia Scoop
Principio Principle
Prioridad Priority
Prisión Prison
Privación Deprivation
Privado Private
Privilegio Privilege
Problema Problem
Procedencia Origin
Proceso Process
Prodigio Prodigy
Producción Production
Productividad Productivity
Producto Product
Profesión Profession
Profesor Teacher
Profeta Prophet
Profesor universitario University Professor
Programa Program
Progreso Progress
Prohibición Prohibition
Promesa Promise
Promoción Promotion
Promotor Promoter
Prontitud Promptness
Propaganda Propaganda
Propiedad Property
Proporción Proportion
Propósito Purpose
Protección Protection
Protector Protector
Proteína Protein
Protesta Protest
Protocolo Protocol
Proyecto Project
Prueba Test
Prueba Proof
Público Public
Puchero Stew
Puchero Pot
Pueblo Town
Puente Bridge
Puerta Door
Puerto Port
Puesto Position

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Spanish Verbs That Start with P

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Pagar To pay
Parecer To seem
Parir To give birth
Participar To participate
Pasar To pass; to happen
Patear To kick
Pensar To think
Perder To lose
Percibir To perceive
Perdonar To forgive
Permitir To permit; to allow
Pesar To weigh
Picar To sting; to itch
Pintar To paint
Pisar To step on
Platicar To chat
Planear To plan
Plantar To plant
Poder To be able to; can
Poner To put; to place
Posar To pose
Practicar To practice
Preferir To prefer
Preguntar To ask
Preocupar To worry
Preparar To prepare
Prescindir To do without
Presentar To present
Presionar To press; to pressure
Prever To foresee
Pretender To intend
Prevenir To prevent
Privar To deprive
Producir To produce
Prohibir To prohibit
Pronunciar To pronounce
Proporcionar To provide
Proponer To propose
Proteger To protect
Proveer To provide
Pulir To polish
Pulverizar To pulverize
Puntuar To score
Purgar To purge
Purificar To purify
Purificar To purify

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Spanish Adjectives That Start with P

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Paciente Patient
Pálido Pale
Palpitante Throbbing
Panameño Panamanian
Parado Standing
Paralelo Parallel
Parco Frugal
Parecido Similar
Parroquial Parochial
Particular Particular
Particular Private
Pasajero Passenger
Paseante Walker
Paseante Stroller
Pasivo Passive
Pálido Faint
Pálido Pallid
Peligroso Dangerous
Pendiente Pending
Pendiente Slope
Penetrante Penetrating
Penoso Painful
Pensativo Thoughtful
Pensativo Pensive
Pensativo Reflective
Pensativo Contemplative
Pequeño Small
Perdido Lost
Perfecto Perfect
Permanente Permanent
Perruno Canine
Persa Persian
Personal Personal
Pesado Heavy
Pesado Annoying
Pezuña Hoofed
Piadoso Pious
Piadoso Merciful
Piadoso Compassionate
Pintoresco Picturesque
Pintoresco Quaint
Pionero Pioneer
Placentero Pleasant
Plano Flat
Plano Plan
Plano Map
Pleno Full
Pleno Complete
Pleno Plenary
Pobre Poor
Poblado Populated
Poblado Settled
Poblado Village
Poblano From Puebla
Poco Little; few
Poderoso Powerful
Poderoso Mighty
Poderoso Potent
Poderoso Strong
Polar Polar
Policíaco Police
Político Political
Polvoriento Dusty
Popular Popular
Poroso Porous
Portátil Portable
Portugués Portuguese
Positivo Positive; upbeat; content
Práctico Practical
Preferido Preferred
Prehistórico Prehistoric
Prematuro Premature
Presente Present
Preservado Preserved
Presidencial Presidential
Primario Primary
Primitivo Primitive
Privado Private
Procesal Procedural
Productivo Productive
Profesional Professional
Próximo Next
Prohibido Prohibited
Propio Own
Prospero Prosperous
Protegido Protected
Protector Protective
Prudente Prudent
Público Public

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with P

Spanish Word (with Audio)English Word
Paciente Patiently
Parcialmente Partially
Parecida Similarly
Parcialmente Partially
Perfectamente Perfectly
Personalmente Personally
Posiblemente Possibly
Precisamente Precisely
Próximamente Soon
Públicamente Publicly
Peligrosamente Dangerously
Permanentemente Permanently
Plenamente Fully
Preferentemente Preferably
Previo Previously
Presto Quickly
Probablemente Probably
Progresivamente Progressively
Prolongadamente Protractedly
Provisionalmente Provisionally
Públicamente Publicly
Pudorosamente Modestly
Pulcramente Neatly; Cleanly
Puntualmente Punctually
Puramente Purely; Absolutely

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Spanish P Words Quiz: Test Your Knowledge!

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What does the Spanish word "privado" mean?
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How do you say "to propose" in Spanish?
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What does "poder" mean?
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How do you say "precious bird" in Spanish?
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Well there you have it: 400 Spanish words that start with P. Are you excited to start using some of these gems in your next Spanish conversation? I would be, padre (father)!

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