8 Supercharged Podcasts for Blasting Through Spanish

Imagine: You’re running around the park, waiting for an appointment or sipping on a latte. At the same time, you’re learning Spanish.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Spanish podcasts.

Podcasts provide a light and fun way of learning and give you the opportunity to keep progressing.

While podcasts are available for all levels of Spanish, they can offer an especially good boost for anyone who’s at an intermediate level or who wants to focus most strongly on conversational fluency.


1. Spanish Obsessed

intermediate spanish podcast

This Spanish podcast is hosted by Rob, an eager Spanish language learner (originally from the UK) and Liz, a native speaker (originally from Colombia). Rob’s efforts to learn Spanish teamed up with Liz’s firsthand knowledge make a great combo for learners to hear.

The fact that Rob’s Spanish is still not quite perfect is encouraging and reassuring for anyone tuning in, and Liz’s few interjections are undoubtedly helpful for anyone making similar mistakes.

The duo’s natural, personable and clear conversations around various themes (such as their travels to far-flung countries or love of coffee) provide great tools for improving your Spanish and make listening enjoyable. Plus, all the podcasts on this website are absolutely free, so you can listen to your heart’s content!

2. Coffee Break Spanish

intermediate spanish podcast

Coffee Break Spanish offers four different podcast “seasons,” taking learners from beginner level right through to advanced.

Season two is specific to intermediate level and it’s possible to either listen to the basic lessons for free or sign up for the premium version and its additional features, including bonus audio and notes.

What’s so great about Coffee Break Spanish is that each podcast is filled with really fun, unique and dynamic content, so you’ll never be bored. For example, one podcast begins with an extract from the site’s own soap opera, “Verano Español,” goes on to look at different cultures in Spanish-speaking countries and ends with a specific lesson on grammar.

3. SpanishPod101

intermediate spanish podcast

Once you’ve signed up as a member of SpanishPod101 or visited their iTunes page, you’ll have access to countless podcasts. Wonderful free audio and video lessons from a range of native Spanish speakers will be at your disposal, and if you’re keen to check out the premium membership, a 7-day free trial is available.

The perks of being a premium member include additional audio, quizzes, lesson transcripts and flashcards to help you with your learning.

The intermediate podcasts available really are quite unique, varying from conversations at a Spanish dinner party to sussing out your Spanish game plan.

4. Notes in Spanish

intermediate spanish podcast

What makes Notes in Spanish so great is that the podcasts are often related to pop culture and other areas learners will find useful when heading out into the “real” Spanish speaking world.

Topics range from the state of immigration to Spanish cinema to Facebook.

You’ll find all the intermediate podcasts for Notes in Spanish available to download for free on iTunes or by clicking here.

5. Lightspeed Spanish

intermediate spanish podcast

Lightspeed Spanish helpfully provides intermediate podcasts for both early and advanced intermediate learners, giving you the option to start slowly and work your way up.

This site also gives helpful background information for each subject area. For instance, in one session which focuses on the preterite tense, there’s a written explanation for the use and importance of this tense when learning Spanish.

In some cases, there are also free videos alongside the podcasts, and a membership fee gets you additional resources to supplement what you’re listening to.

Podcasts are typically 15-20 minutes—perfect timing for that mid-morning or afternoon tea/coffee break!

6. Study Spanish

intermediate spanish podcast

The list of podcast lessons under Unit 2 on Study Spanish’s podcast page are the most suitable and helpful for intermediate learners. Most of the podcasts are only available to premium members but are accessible as as part of a 12-month membership to Camino del Éxito, the website’s main learning resource.

The podcasts on this site focus mainly on grammar, including a 5-part series on the use of estar and ser, a look at the formation of questions and also a podcast on proper use of tener que/hay que.

7. Podcasts in Spanish

intermediate spanish podcast

These podcasts are hosted purely by native speakers, so there’s no doubt you’ll be picking up the most accurate pronunciations of words. The conversations also come across as very natural and seem to be among friends, so as a result they’re very relaxed and easy to listen to.

Unlike other podcast websites, there are no English speakers or translations throughout the conversations (judge for yourself if this is a good thing or not!) Despite this, the conversations are very clear, so you shouldn’t have a problem following along (although, maybe have a dictionary by your side just in case).

The podcasts range in subject matter from discussions about vecinos (neighbors), to discovering different cultures when traveling, to the football season in Spain.

These podcasts are just 2-3 minutes, so perfect for tuning in to if you find yourself needing to fill in a gap in your day.

As with other podcasts, there are worksheets and further resources available as a premium member, so be prepared to pay a bit extra for those.

8. Audiria

intermediate spanish podcast

Audiria offers great free podcasts and even lets you choose which subject areas you think you’d be most interested in listening to. For example, cooking, culture or art.

Additionally, there are podcasts with readings from well-known Spanish booksmovie trailers with subtitles in Spanish and further podcasts focusing on grammar (for those really eager to get down to some hardcore learning!).

For intermediate learners, the Level 2 podcasts are probably most suitable (or Level 3 for those who would consider themselves a bit more advanced).

Similar to Podcasts in Spanish (above), the sessions on Audiria are all in Spanish (with native Spanish speakers only) and are typically 2-3 minutes.

Additionally, there are exercises available, so you can test yourself on what you have just heard. For some podcasts, there are also really helpful written translations in English (done very professionally), which are probably most useful to refer to after you’ve listened to the podcast to check that you have understood everything correctly and to review any specific vocabulary.


So there you have it, a wide range of podcasts to make your next stage of learning Spanish a breeze!

Once you’ve chosen which ones work for you, you can make listening part of your daily routine—while you’re commuting, doing chores or just kicking back. You can even take it up a notch and find books and videos on the topics that the podcasts cover. This will allow you to have a well-rounded study session that includes listening and reading practice.

You can add typing and speaking practice into the mix with FluentU, a language learning program that tests your knowledge of vocabulary words through multimedia quizzes.

This program uses authentic Spanish-language videos like movie clips and music videos to teach the language naturally. You can add words to your flashcards for later study from any video just by clicking on them in the subtitles. Videos are organized by difficulty level, topic and format, so like with podcasts, you can learn with a topic that interests you.

Now tune in to your favorite podcast and learn to your heart’s content.


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