What Is the Best App to Learn Spanish? We Couldn’t Just Pick One, Here Are 10!

So, spill it.

What’s your reason for learning Spanish?

Go on, you can tell us. We’re all friends here.

Me? I was born into the Spanish language but I’ve studied others, so I understand many different reasons.

I learned Italian for love. French for fun. German on a dare.

That last one unfortunately wasn’t the most successful venture.

But the point is, everyone has their own reason for learning a language—including Spanish.

The good news about all that language learning? There’s an app to support every reason!

In fact, there are so many, you’re probably wondering how to choose which ones to download. How will you ever figure out what app is the best for your Spanish learning needs?

No worries! Like I said—¡Somos amigos aquí! (We’re friends here!)

I’ve taken the legwork out of investigating Spanish language apps and have curated a super list of the best ones for any language learning goal. So all you’ve got to do is download one or two of these to get on your way to Spanish fluency!

Learn a foreign language with videos

How Can Spanish Apps Power up Language Skills?

You’ve heard the old Apple tagline: there’s an app for that.

Spanish learning is no exception. Maybe you want to prepare for an upcoming trip to South America. Maybe you want to order food or coffee in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood where you live. Or you might just want to increase your vocabulary or shore up your pronunciation.

There are apps that help you learn all that—and more. No matter what your learning goals are, you can find an app to achieve them.

Plus, the convenience of apps makes it a lot easier to fit Spanish practice into your daily routine. Use them in your down time, like standing in long lines or sitting in waiting rooms. If you turn that wasted time into study time, it’s not really wasted, is it?

You can also use apps to supplement more involved or focused study programs, like online Spanish courses. Treat the app as you would a textbook, homework assignment or any other Spanish practice tool. Devoting 20 minutes a day to an app that addresses a particular trouble spot is a great way to gain the upper hand on any aspect of language learning.

What Is the Best App to Learn Spanish? Depends! 10 Apps for Different Goals

Apps for Comprehensive Spanish Learning


Imagine the sounds of native Spanish all around you. Even if you can’t jump up and move to a Spanish-speaking region, FluentU makes it possible. FluentU provides real-world Spanish videos—like movie trailers, music videos, inspiring talks and more—that’ve been transformed into language learning experiences.

Unlike other apps that take a scripted approach, FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the Spanish language and culture over time. You’ll learn Spanish as it’s spoken in real life.

So how’s that work?

Each video comes with interactive captions you can click for an instant definition, visual learning aid and native pronunciation of any word. You’ll also see other videos that use the word, so you understand its usage in any context. You’ll get lots of other learning material to explore, tailor-made to each video, like full transcripts, flashcards and exercises.

The videos are organized by genre and learning level, so it’s always easy to find something that works for you. The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and it recommends examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, even if they’re watching the same video.

Ready to start learning Spanish from real soccer clips, hilarious YouTube videos and more? You can get started now with a free trial.

Mirai Spanish

This Spanish audio-tutoring app is suitable for all levels of learning, from beginner to advanced. The first 20 lessons are free so trying before buying is an option.

Native Spanish narrators teach sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary. Plus, you can create your own vocabulary lists using the words and phrases you encounter. There are flashcards to use and quizzes to take that give you a sense of how much progress you’re making.

The modeling of pronunciation by native speakers is an asset to any language learning tool. This is a solid app that’s so uncomplicated anyone can use it with ease.

This app is particularly appealing to people who favor structured learning programs.

Learn Spanish from Mondly

Mondly’s Learn Spanish app has a lot to offer, especially to beginning learners. There are daily lessons that teach core vocabulary, sentence building and the basics of conversational Spanish.

The user-friendly format ensures that even the least tech-savvy Spanish learners can access all the app’s features or track their learning progress.

This is a great introduction to Spanish or a supplement to any other Spanish program. Daily lessons to either teach new material or review what’s already been learned can be beneficial, especially to those interested in building a solid language foundation.

Vocabulary-focused Apps

Spanish in Context: Language Learning with Texts and Conversation

If you’re a texting fan (and who isn’t?) this free app is made for you.

If you’re looking for a way to make your pronunciation stronger, this app has you covered.

If you want to see authentic language used in context, you’re in the right place.

Spanish in Context delivers on all its promises. It’s teaches you Spanish through texts and conversation—and it’s more fun than most apps I’ve used. Most of us don’t mind spending time with something as long as it’s entertaining, do we?

Spanish audio is synchronized with the text on the screen so you’ll learn pronunciation along with new words. If you have any trouble understanding a word or phrase, just select the troublesome area and you’ll get an instant explanation.

The app uses informative articles and authentic conversations to teach basic Spanish. Its focus is on conversational skills so if you’re considering a trip or are a novice who wants to get the basics down, this is a great way to set yourself up for success.

Learn Spanish from LanguageCourse.net

Are you looking to gain a massive Spanish vocabulary? If you are, this is a great app to try!

There are 10,000 flashcards to work with on this one app. The huge vocabulary-building potential with all those flashcards is almost mind-boggling!

Personally, I had to download it just to check out this flashcard feature. I wasn’t disappointed.

It also offers a sleep-learning function (learn Spanish while you snore), a listening-only feature (listen while you drive) and offline learning (learn even when there’s no internet available) so it covers a lot of ground.

This app is recommended for children and adults as well as beginning learners to those who are more advanced. Anyone studying Spanish could benefit from the substantial vocabulary possibilities offered here!

Apps for Travelers and Fast-track Learners

Survival Spanish for Travel

The makers of this app contend that it can teach someone to speak Spanish in a week. While I don’t think that should be taken literally, this free crash course does pack a lot of basic vocabulary into it so it’s definitely a useful app to have handy.

200 of the most common Spanish words and phrases are presented on audio flashcards in foundational order. That is, the easy words appear first and as they’re learned, the content becomes more advanced.

The app uses an algorithm to avoid repetition so there’s little worry of seeing the same words over and over.

This is a fine app for a beginner or someone looking for a basic vocabulary. It does introduce conversational vocabulary, the kind you’d want to have under your belt if you’re heading to a place where Spanish is spoken. Devoting some study time to this app prior to packing your bags might give you a head start on talking like a local!

AccelaStudy Spanish

AccelaStudy’s app is great for anyone who wants to learn Spanish fast. The program is set up so you can understand and pronounce words quickly. There are over 2,400 basic and advanced vocabulary words and more than 200 commonly used verbs taught with this app.

It’s formatted so the focus is on retention, pronunciation and comprehension of the core vocabulary.

This app includes flashcards, a dictionary and quizzes that all help keep the focus on vocabulary acquisition. A statistics feature tracks progress so you don’t have to wonder how you’re doing—you’ll see your progress and stay motivated to keep working.

This is also great for anyone who wants to learn on the fly. Hands-free mode allows for learning while driving (or at the gym!) so its mobility feature can’t be beat.

Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade

Gamers who like to play while they learn will love this app.

There’s one free level to try and then you can unlock all 150-plus levels for just $1. Four games provide accelerated play for learners from beginner to advanced. This app is appropriate for all ages to enjoy, including young learners. It adheres to the “learn like a kid” tenet and turns vocabulary acquisition and other Spanish skills into pure fun!

Apps to Talk with Real Spanish Speakers

Wyzant — Find a Tutor

Want access to a Spanish tutor, wherever you are? Wyzant offers one-on-one Spanish tutoring lessons with its app as well as a browser platform.

Getting started is easy, since Wyzant asks you a few questions about your learning goals and availability. That way, they can vet and recommend tutors who meet your needs. You’ll make the final choice after reading the tutors’ profiles and reviews from other students.

You can quickly message your tutor and book lessons from the Wyzant app. But unlike standard tutoring platforms, Wyzant actually gives you the opportunity to learn either online or in-person. If you’ve got a super crammed schedule or just want to get to know your tutor first, you can meet over a web conference. Otherwise you can choose from tutors in your area, grab a coffee together and get learning!

Start exploring the full range of Wyzant Spanish tutors here.


HiNative is perfect for anyone who wants their app experience personalized. It’s basically a question-and-answer platform that’s used by speakers from over 170 countries. When learners ask questions, they get answers—from across the globe!

Actually, this is a really intriguing way to learn a language. With so many native speakers available to reply to questions, there should be some truly authentic answers and that opens the door to getting lingo and idiom exposure that doesn’t usually come firsthand in an app.

Audio uploads make it possible to ask questions and receive feedback on your pronunciation from native speakers. So while you’re having your language questions cleared up you’ll also get pointers on how well you’re actually speaking.

You can ask about anything you want! There are even question templates so you can get native speaker exposure no matter how recently you started learning Spanish.

In particular, I’d recommend asking about Spanish-speaking destinations you’re considering visiting. It’s possible that locals will advise you on customs, travel tips, share city-specific idioms and maybe even point you in the direction of the best restaurant to visit while on your trip!


So now that you’ve seen all these amazing Spanish apps, you’re ready to download a few, aren’t you?

Whatever your reason for learning, Spanish, apps are a beneficial part of a language program.

Check out these super options, choose a few that suit your needs and turn your Spanish language goals into reality!


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