9 Advanced Spanish Podcasts That’ll Get You Fluent Faster

Listening is the key to understanding how a language works.

When the goal in mind is to speak like a native Spanish speaker, ambitious learners often get caught up trying to just talk all the time—but just talking isn’t necessary to achieve fluent Spanish speaking skills.

Oh no, quite the opposite: You have to listen, too.

To demonstrate, in this post, we’ve assembled nine of the very best Spanish podcasts out there. Every one is perfect if you’re approaching fluency, but just need that little extra push to get there.

Let’s get into it!


advanced spanish podcasts1. Spanish Obsessed

Topics: Culture and language

We’ve mentioned this brilliant podcast before, but now we’re focusing on their more advanced episodes. In these episodes you’ll find 100% natural, flowing Spanish conversations. These conversations are held between a range of Spanish speakers, with different accents and local lingo from Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Spain.

They cover a broad range of topics and publish one podcast per week. The podcasts are all available for download, along with their accompanying transcripts, after you’ve signed up.

advanced spanish podcasts2. Lightspeed Spanish

Topics: Grammar and a bunch of miscellaneous topics

Lightspeed offers free Spanish podcasts to take your Spanish to the next level.

They have different levels of podcasts, but you’ll probably want to focus on their Advanced Speaker podcast.

The podcasts themselves are a few years old, but they’re still bursting with language learning goodness. They deal with advanced tenses in the language, aspects of culture such as food and cooking and even interview a full-time Spanish footballer.

In later episodes they’ve got Spanish jokes and funny stories which will have you laughing and learning at the same time.

3. Nómadas Nomadas logo

Topics: Travel and culture

This amazing weekly RTVE podcast invites you to explore a different part of the world with each episode.

It’s one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in any language. Each episode is the next best thing to actually being present in the featured country.

You’ll be taken along on a vast virtual journey full of voices, sounds and music that allow your imagination to fill in the blanks with places, faces, aromas and flavors. They include every imaginable audio element from music to nature sounds, interviews, virtual tours, stories, histories as well as snippets of conversation in the local dialect.

My personal favorites are the episodes where they interview locals who speak Spanish as their second language. It’s very interesting to hear Spanish spoken with so many different accents!

A few interesting episodes to get you started: Las Seychelles: granito, selva y mar and Nueva York en Navidad.

Notes in Spanish logo 4. Notes in Spanish

Topics: Culture, politics and language

Notes In Spanish has nearly 100 advanced episodes on myriad different topics from adoptions cases in Argentina to a story about how a Royal cattle trail has unfortunately slipped into becoming a shanty town.

Ben and Marina deliver high level Spanish discussions covering culture, conversation and all the cool words they never teach you in class. With so many episodes, there’s surely something for everyone.

A top quality resource, this podcast has been mentioned in both The New York Times and Lonely Planet. Each episode is available for download directly from the website.

Un idioma sin fronteras logo 5. Un Idioma Sin Fronteras

Topics: The Spanish language around the world

In this podcast from RTVE’s Radio Exterior, the hosts deal with Spanish being a language without borders—a language spoken all over the world.

They focus on current information about the Spanish language and Spanish literature as well as news, culture, awards and conferences. The podcast also provides listeners with numerous tips on how to express themselves better in Castilian Spanish.

This podcast has been broadcasting daily for 14 years, so there’s a lot of material there for you to sink your teeth into.

Fallo de sistema logo 6. Fallo de Sistema

Topics: Comic books, science fiction and movies

For all the geeks out there, this podcast showcases all the very best comic books, video games, fantasy and science fiction novels and movies. Mixed in with these are interviews with authors, scientists and even philosophers. There’s always something different in each episode, from clips to movies, video games and interesting songs.

advanced spanish podcasts7. Radio Ambulante

Topics: Everyday people with a social justice slant

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish language podcast that tells stories of people and places throughout the United States and Latin America. They work with a community of storytellers and radio producers to bring these stories to life and to the air every week.

Radio Ambulante, which has episodes in many different varieties of New World Spanish, often focuses on social justice issues, such as this excellent episode about los deliveristas, those ubiquitous delivery workers on bicycles in cities all over the world. 

News in Slow Spanish logo

8. New in Slow Spanish (Advanced)

Topics: Current events around the world

The title really does say it all with this helpful and prolific podcast. They go over the news of the week with a slower than average speaking speed. We all know that some Spanish-speaking people speak a little faster than the average English speaker, and this slight change really helps to make sure you understand every word.

And since you’re an advanced Spanish learner, this is the time to do this. Every. Last. Word.

Doorway to Mexico logo 9. Doorway to Mexico

Topics: Mexican food and drink, travel and culture

The culture of Mexico is the star of this delightful podcast. Each conversational Spanish focused episode features restaurants, bars, shopping, beach and culture. There are also episodes on art, such as excellent episodes on Frida Kahlo.

For the foodies, a great place to start would be this episode on street food , which covers all the Mexican classics like tacos, plus the culture and history of these iconic dishes.


In addition to these wonderful podcasts, there are lots of other ways to work Spanish into your daily lives. You could swap out your workout music with Spanish pop hits, watch native-language videos on YouTube, listen to a Spanish-language podcast during your commute or binge-watch videos on a virtual immersion platform like FluentU.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

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As you immerse yourself in the language, the culture and the moments of everyday life captured in these podcasts, Spanish will become more and more firmly entrenched in your mind.

You might even find yourself merrily talking to yourself in Spanish while you finish off the dishes!

And One More Thing…

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