Need a German Quiz for Beginners? Here Are 9+!

How far have you come on your German language journey?

If you still consider yourself a German beginner, you may be wondering how much progress you’ve made.

Or you may just be looking for a sign that you’re on the right path.

Well, internet quizzes are great online tools for seeing where you stand.

Reading a book written in German is all fine and good, but a quiz gives you an opportunity to see exactly where you are in terms of your German reading, comprehension and vocabulary.

The idea of a quiz may understandably make you want to cringe. You may think of a teacher who once surprised you with a pop quiz in class. But online quizzes can be fun and flexible. They can be taken at any time to evaluate how well you know a certain topic in German.

We’ve outlined German tests and quizzes in the past, and we’ve even taken a look at how you can score well on the German AP test. Evaluations are essential for gauging your progress along your journey to German fluency.

In this post, we’ll look at a few German quizzes that are especially good for beginners and that will allow you to get a clear idea of where you are.

What Can Beginner German Quizzes Tell You?

  • Are you ready? Quizzes show if you have the knowledge to start venturing into the intermediate German levels. Since these are all quizzes appropriate for German beginners, you get a chance to see if you’ve mastered the beginner level.
  • Is a more organized learning environment appropriate? Do you know where you would place when it comes to applying for a class or getting a tutor? A quiz gets you started in the right direction so you can make informed choices about your German education.
  • Is one topic getting you down? Quizzes assist with seeing which parts of the German language you still need to work on. German quizzes are short, so they often focus on one topic.
  • Have you lost your touch? Quizzes are also helpful for practicing and strengthening your basic German, since simply seeing words and speaking them out on a regular basis is wonderful for improvement. Even advanced German learners can benefit from beginner quizzes from time to time.

Once you see how beneficial the quiz format can be, you may just want to incorporate it into your everyday learning, which is easily accomplished with FluentU’s Learn Mode.

With fun quizzes based on the videos you watch, it will give you the preparation and confidence you need to progress in your German learning.

9+ Handy Quizzes for German Beginners to Test Their Progress

General German Knowledge with

This website is filled with content for you to improve your German. However, this page includes both short and long German quizzes. The short option has 30 questions covering everything from German orthography, to vocabulary, to grammar.

The goal is to get a decent score on a wide range of topics. You have eight minutes to complete the quiz, and it doesn’t require a password or account to try it out.

If you’re more interested in a long test, they have one on the same page. This requires a member account, and it reveals which of the five German levels you’re currently at. If you answer 80% of the questions right on one level, it sends you to the next level.

Vocabulary with

Since one of the true benefits of a beginner German quiz is to hone in on certain topics, we’re going to move on to this vocabulary quiz from

The website offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, but right now we’re focusing on the easier quiz. A word is provided in German, and a few multiple choice English answers pop up for you to select. The success rate is tracked, and the site reveals your average time for each question.

The quiz also monitors how many questions you get correct in a row, which is nice for seeing how consistent you are.

Common Phrases with Quibblo

Vocabulary quizzes often only offer questions with one-word translations, so we’re moving up a step with this common phrases quiz. This quiz is offered on Quibblo, and it asks simple questions like “What does [German phrase] mean?”

These are all multiple choice questions, so you get to choose from the translation below the question. A progress bar tracks how well you’re doing at the top, and a final score is provided at the end.

As an example, one of the questions asks how you say “Hello, my name is __” in German. Do you know the answer?

History and Culture with has tons of quizzes for you to choose from, but we selected a few that took a more alternative route to learning German. Since German history and culture are so important to understanding what the German language is all about, it’s essential to see if you can answer some basic questions about it.

The quizzes deliver a score and answer key once completed, and these are some of our favorites:

  • Quiz 1: Test yourself on German animal sounds.
  • Quiz 2: See if you know anything about Germany’s federal states.
  • Quiz 3: Examine your knowledge of Europe’s euro currency.
  • Quiz 4: Get festive with German holidays.

Genitive and Dative with

This quiz was created by an user, and she explains that she made the quiz because the genitive is one of the most difficult of the four cases. In addition, it’s more frequently replaced with the dative case, so she wants to cover the more modern options as well.

Use the quiz to see if you can sound more formal with the genitive case, while also evaluating if you can have a more casual conversation with the dative case.

German Colors with

German colors are great for getting accustomed to the German language, and this quiz has them all lined up for practice. Once again, this was created by an user, and it provides simple sentences that you fill in with German colors.

For example:

Blut ist __. (Blood is __.)

Do you know how to say “red” in German?

German Verbs with

Here’s a German verbs quiz created by a user on the A2 German level. It’s great for beginners, because you can quickly plow through a long set of verbs that are useful in many types of sentences.

The quiz has a timer of five minutes, along with 15 multiple choice verb questions. Each of the questions are in German, so the multiple choice answers are simply lists of German verbs to choose from. Quiz results are provided at the end, and you can always go back to reevaluate yourself if you feel like you didn’t perform well enough on the first try.

The quiz includes questions like this one:

Q: Putzen 

  • A. To threaten
  • B. To procrastinate
  • C. To endanger
  • D. To spoil
  • E. To clean

Numbers with Digital Dialects

Okay, this is more of a game than a quiz, but aren’t they pretty much the same thing? Since German numbers are crucial in the early learning phases, we wanted to highlight this game/quiz for those interested in freshening up on counting and numbers. The cool part about this quiz is that it has an interactive element to it.

You get to answer math questions, which really makes your mind think in a different way, as opposed to simply counting through the numbers.

Verb Conjugation with Digital Dialects

Learning about verbs is the first step, but beginners need to move on to the point where placing verbs in sentences is second nature.

  • Quiz 1 provides verb conjugations for a single verb. Subjects like du (you, informal), er (he), ihr (her) and Sie (you, formal) are listed below it. Your job is to fill in the proper verb conjugations for each one. Once again, this is somewhat of an interactive quiz, but it’s nice because you get a more visual quiz.
  • Quiz 2 is simply an extension of Quiz 1. So, the rules are the same, but you receive an additional set of verbs you can practice with.


What’s the subject you’re struggling with? Is it verb conjugations? Numbers? History?

Regardless of what you’re trying to test out or learn, these German quizzes for beginners are sure to provide a fun, quick way to test your knowledge.

Good luck!

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