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Do You Have a Green Thumb? Find Out While Learning 5 Uses of the German Infinitive


Let’s get down to basics.

The infinitive is one of the most fundamental building blocks of any language.

Even if you never had to diagram a sentence in school, chances are you know what an infinitive is: the unconjugated form …

Shopping for German Conversation Practice? 5 Go-to Scenarios and Sample Dialogues


Picture this.

You’ve mastered the Akkusativ, Nominativ and even the dreaded Dativ case.

You’re an expert on adjective endings.

You’re the queen of German word order and could explain it to someone in your sleep.

You believe you’ve …

From Montag to Sonntag: All About the Days of the Week in German


Say you’re in Germany, happily calling your language school to make an appointment for your evaluation to see what level you belong in.

“We have your evaluation scheduled for [indistinct sound],” the receptionist says.

What? What did he say? You …

Do You Know How to Write an Essay in German? It’s Not Too Different from English, Come Have a Look!


Remember when you were in middle school and you had to learn to write a five-paragraph essay?

Remember learning about thesis statements, opening paragraphs, conclusions and proving your point?

You remember? Good. Because now it’s time to learn how to

German Vocab for a Year’s Worth of Weather: 25+ Words for What Happens Outdoors


Germany is pretty much the antithesis of L.A.

The weather can and will do anything at any time of year.

Rain in summer? Sun in winter? Cold or hot in spring and autumn? Check, check, check.

You pretty much never …

Want to Learn Austrian German? 10 Unique Twists You’ll Need to Master


German is spoken in so many countries, right?

Germany, Austria and Switzerland, plus as a second language in many Eastern European nations.

You’re really getting a great deal by learning German, huh? Take that, French!

Not so fast.

Although it’s …

The Best German Vocab Workout: 5 Steps to Turn Your Daily Life into a Vocabulary Builder


Here’s the tragic secret about learning a foreign language.


At some point, you’ll just have to buckle down and memorize vocabulary.

Even if you’ve learned all the grammatical tricks—mastered German sentence structure, figured out the different cases