11 Spanish Memes to Add Humor to Your Studies

If you’re a Spanish student who loves flexible Spanish learning tools and can’t resist a good laugh, Spanish memes might be just what you need to inject some fun into your study time.

Memes are fun pictures with brief, humorous text that constantly take the internet (and your social media newsfeeds) by storm.

This post contains 11 Spanish memes that will hopefully make you say, “q risa!” (How funny!)


1. Unpopular Opinion Puffin

Whenever you see El Puffin de Opiniones Impopulares, you know the message is going to challenge a popular opinion.

No me gustan las pinturas de Frida Kahlo (I don’t like Frida Kahlo’s paintings)—gasp!

2. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

This meme was popular in English as well and translates directly into Spanish as Hombre Ridículamente Fotogénico.

Damn this handsome b*stard! If a meme features Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, then you know something good happens due to his uncommonly good looks.

Extra en una pelicula / gana un premio Oscar (Is an extra in a movie / wins an Oscar)

3. Philosoraptor

With the same title in English and Spanish, this pensive velociraptor is always sharing bizarre epiphanies and challenging things you thought you understood.

¿Qué pasaría si Pinocho dijera “Mi nariz crecerá ahora”? (What would happen if Pinocchio said, “My nose will grow now?”)

4. He is my shepherd

Some memes don’t belong to a pattern—some are uniquely hilarious.

In this one, a street vendor slices delicious pastor-style meat from the spit for eager customers, because who doesn’t understand having a borderline religious passion for good street food?

Él es mi pastor / Nada me faltará (He is my shepherd / I will lack nothing)

5. Eating habits

From the Facebook account Memeando comes this meme that references some pop culture television.

We’re often told to eat right, even as children, but it’s fair to say that Homer Simpson speaks some truth to many people.


Sé inteligente, ¡come sano! / Comeré lo que quiera (Be smart eat healthy! / I will eat what I want)

6. In My Time…

We’ve all heard the “Back in my day…” spiel from older relatives and acquaintances.

This meme from MemesBams is about the current generation and their affinity for taking pictures in places others may not understand.

spanish memes

En mis tiempos el baño era para cagar / No para tomarse fotos (In my day the bathroom was for sh*tting / Not for taking photos)

7. After exercise

We all know how difficult it can be to convince ourselves to exercise. That’s why you deserve a nice reward after a good, long workout…

spanish memes

Yo después de hacer 15 minutos de ejercicio en mi casa. / Me lo merezco (Me after doing 15 minutes of exercise at home. / I deserve it)

8. SpongeBob explains

This meme perfectly describes the challenge you face when you have to explain a meme to someone who doesn’t understand, and doesn’t spend much time immersed in internet culture.


Cuando te toca hacer todo un recuento histórico para explicarle un meme a alguien que no frecuenta internet (When you have to do a whole historical outline to explain a meme to someone who doesn’t frequent the internet)

9. Dinner plans

We’ve all either experienced or heard friends’ stories of awkward dating moments, but you gotta hope this guy is just ready with the dad jokes.

spanish memes

Me lo he pasado genial, deberíamos cenar otra vez / Gracias, pero ya estoy lleno (I had a great time, we should have dinner again / Thanks, but I’m already full)

10. Forever Alone

Known in Spanish as Siempre solo, this one puts a little bit of a spin on the classic meme.

spanish memes forever alone

No sé si seré soltero para siempre / o solo hasta que me muera (I don’t know if I’ll be single forever / or just until I die)

11. With troll

Remember the “troll” face? It’s that face on the left control, and this meme uses some Spanish wordplay to get the joke across, since con means “with” and sin means “without.”

Control / Sin trol (With troll / Without troll)

Why Learn with Funny Memes in Spanish?

  • Spanish memes offer a quick, easy study tool. They don’t take long to read and usually use simple grammar and vocabulary. 
  • They are addictive and amusing! You might find yourself scrolling through them for hours, which only means more Spanish practice.
  • Memes are easily shareable. You can send them to friends or share them on social media to help your friends practice Spanish too!
  • Memes often use colloquial Spanish. That means you’ll see how native speakers use the language casually, including slang, abbreviations, etc.
  • You can create your own memes too! Express your humor while putting all that colloquial language you’ve learned into use and practicing your Spanish writing skills.
  • Memes in Spanish will help you learn more about wordplay. Since many memes focus on punny Spanish jokes, you’ll get some practice appreciating this advanced language skill.

A Few Notes About Studying Spanish Memes

Before you dive into Spanish memes, it’s important to note that some use crude and/or adult language and humor, so if you’re offended by such things, you might want to steer clear.

It’s also important to remember that memes in any language tend to use very informal language, so you will see plenty of purposeful misspellings and/or grammar errors meant to add to the overall feel.

Since memes often lean heavily on modern text and internet slang, you might want to brush up on your Spanish text message slang before embarking on your meme quest.

If you’re struggling to understand Spanish memes, you can always watch YouTube—specifically videos featuring Spanish comedic vloggers or Spanish comedians—to catch up on the latest internet slang. The humor in those clips will help you pick up slang and pop culture references, which is basically what memes are all about.

Other than YouTube, you can also check out Spanish comics and reality TV shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix

On video-based Spanish programs such as FluentU, you can spot colloquialisms and related vocab as they appear in clips of comedy series, stand-up shows and other native media.

The videos come with interactive subtitles that offer instant definitions and language notes so you can learn new terms in context.

spanish memes

Available as an iOS or Android app, FluentU can also be used as a video dictionary when you need to double-check any new words you encounter through memes. 


So go ahead and start scrolling through those Spanish memes!

Who knew that studying Spanish could be so fun?

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