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7 Invaluable Spanish Homework Help Resources for Succeeding in Your Class

Homework is extremely important for reviewing the day’s work, preparing for upcoming classwork, practicing grammar and memorizing vocabulary. 

And it doesn’t have to be a drag, especially when it comes to Spanish learning.

Check out these top-notch resources for Spanish homework help. 


Best for Homework Questions: Course Hero

Course Hero

Summary: Course Hero is a superb option if you only have a quick question about an assignment or need clarification on one subject.


Course Hero puts hundreds of potential tutors from all across the globe at your fingertips in their “Spanish Homework Help” section. Some speak only Spanish while some speak English and other languages, too. On this site, they’re here to help answer specific tricky questions you might have.

I know what you’re wondering. With so many tutors, how can you choose the “right” one?

Luckily, the site makes the process a snap. Just type your homework question into the box on the page (there’s even an FAQ section, so if you’re not sure how to form a question or complete any of the other steps, just peek there), assign a price you’re willing to pay for the help and wait.

Generally, the response time is just a few minutes, and you may get more than one reply. Choose your tutor, come to terms and begin! Course Hero guarantees satisfaction with the exchange, so if you’re not totally content with how things are going, you can contact them for help.

Best for Spanish Immersion: FluentU

Summary: FluentU helps you practice Spanish through advanced tools like a multimedia dictionary and comprehensive flashcards. 

FluentU is an excellent resource for Spanish homework help because it allows you to see various grammatical concepts and vocabulary in natural contexts.

The program offers short video clips from authentic Spanish media—movie trailers, music videos, news segments and more—complete with learning tools like interactive subtitles, flashcards and personalized vocabulary quizzes. 

You can easily search for content based on whatever grammar or vocabulary point you’re studying in class or a self-guided language course. Or, if you just want to boost your comprehension and learn common words and phrases, you can choose videos based on your skill level and interests. 

The program makes picking up new vocabulary easy and enjoyable, and since you’ll be consuming content made by and for native speakers, you’ll learn the language as it’s actually used in real life. 

Best for Tutoring with Detailed Feedback: Verbalplanet

Live Lingua Screenshot

Summary: Verbalplanet is an online tutoring platform that gives you feedback about your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

Verbalplanet Logo

Verbalplanet offers interactive Spanish language classes through video call. It’s free to sign up and create a profile.

You can look through several pages of tutors. Each tutor profile is personalized with a photograph, number of lessons taught, student ratings and per-session prices.

There’s a good range of pricing options, so if that’s important (and it definitely is!), take the time to look at multiple tutors before deciding on an initial contact. Most tutors offer discounts for trial sessions, so keep that in mind, too.

To set up a tutorial arrangement, send a message to the tutor you’ve chosen and book your sessions. It’s that easy!

Again, if you’re looking to get grammar details down or clarification on a particular topic, this might be a way to untangle those homework issues.

Best for Personalized Online Tutoring: Live Lingua

Live Lingua Screenshot

Summary: Live Lingua offers personalized one-on-one language lessons online with native Spanish tutors.

Live Lingua Logo

With teachers from around the world, Live Lingua is a super way to get pronunciation subtleties nailed down. When you sign up, you’re able to participate in a free class, so choosing a tutor who’s compatible with your learning style or someone you feel is competent to address your homework issues is more possible than ever.

The tutors on here have teaching credentials and are able to customize learning to suit individual needs. Choosing a tutor is just a matter of checking into each tutor’s experience, degrees and teaching philosophy—and since each tutor has a personalized introduction page, this is much less time-consuming than it sounds.

I was able to check out several tutors, compare their strengths and assess my personal criteria to locate a tutor in less than an hour. Live Lingua provides enough options that it’s not hard to find someone who’s able to provide the help you need.

This resource may be appealing to those who don’t want to wait for a particular homework snag to come up. Rather, you can start on a personalized program geared towards addressing individual issues as they arise, which definitely should make homework less stressful!

Best for Talking to Native Speakers: HiNative

HiNative Screenshot

Summary: HiNative allows you to ask questions about a language and get replies from native speakers.  


HiNative doesn’t provide one-on-one tutorial assistance but it does offer individualized Spanish language support. This is a global Q&A forum where native speakers are available to assist with almost any language issue and correct or assess material. They’re able to give feedback on writing assignments, including blog posts and creative writing.

From the simplest of questions to the most complicated grammar snafus, your homework issues are solvable here if you just wait for the right person to come along.

Ask the question, get your answer. All homework help should be so clear-cut, right?

One of the best parts is that this global homework help is completely free!

So no need to wonder if you’ll ever understand how to conjugate irregular verbs. There’s an answer for every question here, and most are from very reliable sources.

For more on HiNative, here’s an in-depth review.

Best for Crowdsourced Study Resources: Chegg

Chegg Screenshot

Summary: Chegg features comprehensive resources made by students, such as flashcards, notes and study guides. 

Chegg is a crowdsourced study library.

The first time I read that I wondered what exactly constitutes a “crowdsourced study library” and, more importantly, how such a thing could be applied to the homework grind.

I’m so glad I found out! Chegg is a resource made by and for students, with materials like exam prep materials and textbook explanations. Millions of students know about Chegg and are using the materials to learn not only languages like Spanish but other subjects as well.

This is an efficient resource for researching your homework problem to find an answer from someone who at one time probably had the same exact question you’re dealing with now! Researching to find homework help is also a great way to discover other Spanish cultural or language interests.

Honestly, every time I research one topic I find tangents that inspire or teach me. Expanding your inspiration for Spanish learning while getting your homework done? What’s not to love?

Best for In-Person Tutoring: Wyzant

Wyzant Screenshot

Summary: Wyzant allows you to connect with in-person Spanish tutors near your area along with online tutors. 


Look for local resources to get the job done. You can leave a “Spanish tutor wanted” flyer on message boards near your home, but you can also try out Wyzant, where you can find hundreds of Spanish language tutors.

The process is simple: Indicate your Spanish language needs, make a match with a tutor and schedule a lesson. You can even search for Spanish tutors near you by zip code and check their educational background, how much they charge and see reviews by other students.

The largest community of professional tutors is at your fingertips, and in many cases they’re in your neighborhood!


There are so many resources to help turn your homework woes into successes that singing the homework blues isn’t necessary.

Explore your options, choose the ones that fit your needs and do the work.

Be a Spanish homework winner!

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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